Saturday, 15 July 2006

See how your greenhouse grows

Wednesday I visited my Sister Joy and spent the whole day with her ~ we channel hopped on the TV and couldn't find much that we wanted to watch ~ we did find the discovery channel and learnt how they came to make crisps ~ No honestly it really was interesting lol !!! ~


We did have a nice day though we had Scampi and Chips for lunch and they were lovely ~

Driving home was a nightmare as there was so much traffic on the roads ~ I was glad when I left Norwich behind me and hit the country roads ~ I think I got caught up in  leaving off time as most of Norwich were on the Roads ~

My Nephew and his wife bought me a plant for my Birthday so that will go in the garden next to the plant they bought me last year ~ they are both keen gardeners and went to a lot of trouble to get me a plant they both knew I had wanted for a long time ~ when and if it blossoms this year I will take a picture of it ~


We went to Sheringham Friday ~Dropped off paper work at the accountants ~ but it was so crowded with tourists ~ cars and Coaches we took a shortcut out of town and headed home ~

Tonight Lyn is off to a reunion with some of her school friends ~ one of the girls is over from Australia ~ so quite a few of them are meeting at one of their houses ~ to talk about school days and all the things they got up to in those days ~




lsfp1960 said...

Oh...the more pictures I see and the more I read the journals of my dear UK friends, the more I know I want to come to England.  And I love your graphics Ally, very cute !  Linda in WA

bbartle3 said...

Your family cohesion must be a
joy and a blessing. It's an object
lesson to read how you nurture
the bonds. It's risky to mention
this for the first time to anyone,
but my wife found out by a drug
store (pharmacy) testing kit that
she is pregnant. If all goes well it
will be our fourth. A GYN Doc told
me on the phone that she won't
see Elsa until enough time has passed
(seven weeks) for the heart beat
to be heard. Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
Ha ha ha ha. It's funny, but I don't need
to hear the heart beat: Elsa's face
has softened as if she'd received an


edwardssoapy said...

Lovely photos and graphics in this entry Ally.  Hope Lyn has a good time at the school reunion tonight, I am off to the cinema to watch a film with Nan. Have a lovely evening.

Leigh xxxxx"

plieck30 said...

You are always junin' around a lot too, aren't you? Thats good. I love to hear about where you went. Don't let any grass grow under your feet, thats what I say. lol Paula

jeadie05 said...

Hi ALLY .Pleased you had a nice day with Joy ,Put me down for three cartons of crisps when you start producing ..well by the looks of things you are producing some lovely things, grapes and look at those lovely onions ,Look at Barney! are you going to sign him up when classes start again in Sptember ,for PC  lessons  ...........Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Ally,  Love the photos, I didn`t realise that Barney was such a whizz on the computer, perhaps he should start his own blog!   I`m glad you had such a nice day with your sister, even though you couldn`t find much on the TV.  Weren`t crisps made by accident originally?  mmm...Scampi and chips are delicious, my favourite fish dish when I eat out.  Sheringham is that pretty little town on the coast isn`t it?  I`m sure you posted some photos of it before.  Have a nice evening. :o)

Sandra xxxx

jaymact1 said...

Love you pictures, Barney looks like he knows what he is doing.  Your grapes are doing well are you going to make wine? Everywhere seems to be very busy just now but we just have to wait till it passes. Love Joan.

oddb0dkins said...

So glad you had a nice time for your birthday. What's Barney up to - a dog blog maybe? Love the pics, I like red wine when you start producing your own. ;O)  B. x

jlocorriere05 said...

Is Barney having his own journal? I'm sure Nina would like to read it! Your grapes look lovely Ally as do you spring onions. Aren't you clever for growing all this stuff. I hope Lyn enjoys the reunion tonight! Jeannette xx  

lindachapmanuk said...

Ally I enjoyed your entry, a mix of everything, lovely pics and graphics. Barney really does look busy lol Linda xx

salonrose123 said...

Just love the picture of cute!!  What a great couple of days you've had.  Look forward to seeing the picture of your new plant.
Hope Lyn has a ball at her school reunion tonight.....will be nice to catch up on old times.

faircolleen said...

LOL at Barney. . .those spring onions look nice and tasty.

sdoscher458 said...

Wow, you are growing grapes?  I want to too, but right now I think it's too hot here in Florida.  I have to wait till fall to start them I think. Yours look great. My Greek grandfather used to pickle his own leaves and made greek grape leaves stuffed with rice & meat ...oh, yum.  Then my grandma would take some of the grapes and made home made jam which was to die for....oh, with these pictures you took me back to when I was a youngster...thanks....Sandi

rachealcarol said...

Ally you'd do well in the vineyards of France with a bumper crop like you have, they look temptingly nickable. Rache

grahamfarmga said...

I find it hard to find things worth watching an TV too.
I loved the paw prints cute!

zoepaul6968 said...

I bet the plant you got for your birthday will flower hun,you seem a much better gardener than I lol xxzoexx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Ally - Happy Belated Birthday Greetings...... wow, how those melons are coming along hope you eventually get to tasting them.    Spring onions look great, i have them in my salad everyday for lunch.... soooooo tasty!    LOL at Barney and B's comment about Blog Dog ....heheee.
Luv Jayne x

aniracj said...

Traffic was supposed to be very busy last week, especially Friday as a lot of schools were closing for the hols. Handy knowing short cuts, one of the benefits of a) being local & b) in my case an ex-taxi driver, LOL

stevietwain said...


Love your graphics hun.
I agree with you..those programmes on Discovery can be really interesting. I once sat and watched how they made tablets..It was!

Lv Stevie

astra1547 said...

Hi Ally...

Hope you had a great weekend and I hope you have a good week this week...take care!


nedmoh said...

Hi Ally so funny Barney on the computer ,will he give you a turn sometimes?
Lovely for you to spend the day with Joy .I shall go and visit Jan in the school holidays ,we break up on Friday.Hope Lyn enjoys her school reunion and your new plant does well ,all the ones on the photos look really well.....Love Jeanxx

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...too cute...Barney at the computer.  Your garden is growing quite well.  Can't wait to see your plant when it blooms.  My AOL was acting up again the other day.  I didn't see the card your granddaughter made sweet!  Aren't those the best cards to receive?  xxx Chris

ora4uk said...

sounds like someone is making some "happy memories" happy that you are able to get out and visit and keep in touch with everything around you....and I so love your journal do you do that??? LOL...Hugs from KY...Ora

rayne1123 said...


jeanno43 said...

Well done on the spring onions, they do look tasty.  I have never grown them, no room for veggies here although I used to grow some years ago.

djohn52 said...

Hi Ally!

Happy Belated Birthday!!!  Glad you had a wonderful day, even tho the traffic was bad.  I was out yesterday and the traffic here was awful too.  People cutting in front of people and driving on the wrong side in parking lots....too fast!  I almost saw a head on with a van and a small car.  BOTH of the wrong sides, but mostly in the middle!

Can't see pictures today, my computer is too slow to bring them up...then when I type it does it in bits.  Have to go get ready to go watch the kids, so I'll have to come back later to see your pictures.

Happy Birthday Again!!!


zoepaul6968 said...

awww Barney looks so sweet,I couldnt comment on your pics before as aol wasnt loading properly grr lol take care xxzoexx

icklemisssexpot said...

Ohhhhhh i want to pinch some of your grapes <ggg>  Like the pic of barney trying out the keyboard LOL...Hope lyn enjoyed the reunion :o)  Caff xxxx

wrigleyrachey said...

Hi Ally, great entry..I can remember going to Sheringham as a child, is it far from Burnam Overy where I was born? My mother was born in Saxlingham rectory, tiny village but whenever I smell honeysuckle, it reminds me of the lanes where we walked.

faveanti said...

Didn't know it was your birthday, Ally, but you obviously had a good one!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many of them. - love, Angie, x

happinessdreams said...

barney is soooo cute and smart! i love your garden!

mtrib2 said...

Barney must be interested in the dog photos in the journals.    Your grapes look like they will produce a good crop.    I had to remove the row of them that grew for years in my yard that the birds always got.     I have a mother deer with two fawns that come in the yard to eat the apples and pears.    One of the fawns is much braver than the other as it stays after the mother signals them to leave.    They seem more curious and I don't see them eating as the mother does.    mark