Tuesday, 30 May 2006


Lyn had visitors yesterday and Barney thinks everyone who visits us come especially to see him ~ but not everyone wants a little jack russell wrapped round their shoulders ~ or one sitting on their lap which is Barneys favourite place ~ he is such a loving little boy and he does like close contact ~

So Nin and Barney were confined in the small sitting room ~ much to their distain ~ and just sat near the door until Lyn's visitors left ~

Didn't get to do much over the Holiday weekend as the weather was atrocious ~ we did go shopping for some new curtains and a roller blind for the kitchen but came away empty handed as we couldn't make our minds up which ones to buy ~ decided we would go to Aldous's in Fakenham during the week ~

Sammy went to see the Consultant that operated on him ~ and  has passed him fit ~ so he is back in training much to his delight ~ although the Season has  finished they still train ~ Jake thought his team he plays for had disbanded ~ but someone else has taken over the training ~ so he is happy about that ~ and they have the World Cup to look forward to  ~

Hope everyone had a good Memorial/Bank Holiday mine was very quiet ~



Saturday, 27 May 2006

addition to Mish Mash


The first year we moved here I was in the garden I saw what I thought was a bit of tissue paper on one of the bushes  ~ when I went over to remove it I found it was this lovely flower ~ this is the first one out as yet this year ~ but in a day or two and with a bit of Sunshine it will be covered with blossom ~ and it looks beautiful ~ no idea of it's name though ~


Friday, 26 May 2006

Mish Mash ~



I hope you will all be pleased I found that trolley at the Supermarket that only goes where it wants to ~ and I've disposed of it ~ so hopefully in future we won't come across it again ~ Or will we !!!!

We went to the Chicken farm yesterday to buy fresh eggs ~ and it was nice to see them out in the fields  after the Bird Flu scare ~

I loved the picture of the red sky against the black ~ "Red sky at night shepherds delight" That old saying was proved wrong as it rained all the next day ~

We had a nice day out driving around the countryside and doing a bit of shopping ~ and of course throwing that trolley in the boot of the car lol ~

We ended up a nice trip by going to the Red Lion for lunch ~ that was nice ~




Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Melons ~ Peppers and other things

The Greenhouse in Lyn's territory ~ it is her Haven ~ and she just loves to spend time in there ~ she is learning about plants and enjoying doing so ~

Do you remember all the bunches of grapes I got last year ~ well it looks like we are going to have a good crop this year as well ~

Colin from the Gardening page told us how to prune them ~ and it really is looking good ~ "Thanks Colin"

The Woodpecker that comes to feed on the peanuts has been there nearly all day ~ he seems to be getting used to me opening the window and trying and take his picture ~ but the Green one is more elusive it takes off at the slightest noise ~

hopefully he will get used to me as well so I will be able to get a picture of him too ~ he is really a handsome bird ~

Last year we had tomato's cucumbers and lettuces for weeks and they are so much nicer when you have grown them yourself ~

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Joy and Sorrow

To~day 9 years ago was a time of great gladness as Amber my first Great Grandaughter was born ~

It was also a day of great sadness as it was the day of my Mother's funeral

So you can see why Amber is so special to me ~ she is like her Great Great Grandma she loves to sing and dance and takes great pleasure in entertaining us ~ The Tiara she has on was bought by another one of her grandma's I don't think she will ever take it off ~

she belongs to a drama group and has been in some productions ~ we went to see her at the Theatre Royal last year ~ remember this is a proud Gt.Grandmother talking ~ the whole audience was made up of brothers ~ sisters ~ Uncles ~ Aunts ~ grandparents and their friends ~

But I enjoyed every minute of it ~

The present in the box was a Spa which you lower into the Bath tub and it makes bubbles she had wanted one of these for ages ~ and they had drastically reduced them in price ~

The Bike she knew nothing about and Lyn and I had great pleasure in giving it to her ~ It was a picture to see the surprize on her face ~ she immediately told Abbie she could have her old one ~ which Abbie was really pleased about ~

so there were two happy little girls to~day ~

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Laburnum and Wild strawberries

So many different things are popping up in the garden ~ the wild stawberries are growing here there and everywhere ~ and are tiny but edible ~ they would be nice to eat  if you could get to them before the birds do ~

Thursday is normally the day I visit my sister Joy ~ but as my niece and her daughter planned on visiting us to ~day I have put Joy's visit off until tomorrow ~

So we had a nice afternoon catching up on everything that has been going on with them ~ you know what four women can be like sitting in the kitchen having a lovely lunch Lyn had prepared for us ~ As Emma my Great niece is on a diet she brought her own Lunch with her ~a Banana Smoothie and a small bowl of nuts and raisins ~ I felt terrible as I tucked into Ham ~ Crab ~ new potato's and lots of salad ~ then Chocolate cheesecake covered in thick cream ~ But Emma never wavered ~ she really looked like she enjoyed what she had ~

She has invited us over to her's for lunch ~ I hope we don't have to have what she had today ~ I nibble those sort of things in between meals ~

Couldn't get out into the garden today ~ we had a little rain but the sky was so dark it looked like we were about to have a storm ~ and it has been rumbling on all day ~


Before I go I would like to point you in the direction of a young mans journal ~Leigh is sixteen and started his journal a short time ago and is getting disheartened as he hasn't had many comments ~ go pay him a visitand say hello I am sure you will enjoy what you read ~



PS Lyn is chuffed tonight shes just come in from the greenhouse and remember the melon plants which were deleaved by the snail ~ Well guess what they are sprouting new little ones ~ Wayhay !!!!!

Monday, 15 May 2006

Sammy and the Rat ~Lyn and the snail


Living in the country we naturally have rats about ~ but this particular one was a bit cheeky ~ it had invaded the bird table and was having a feast hanging on the peanut holder ~ Sammy was outside playing ~ and happened to notice Ratty and approached the bird feeder ~

Normally they would run away but this one was determined it was going to finish it's lunch before it departed ~ and Sammy was nearly on top of it before it decided it was time to leave ~ He honestly thought he would be able to capture it ~ Goodness knows what he planned on doing with it ~ was he planning on keeping for a pet I wonder !!

Sammy has got over his Appendix Operation well but is not allowed to play football yet ~ but as the Season has finished it isn't so hard on him now~ he loves his football


Ratty came in from next door and our neighbour Roy is going to deal with it ~ meantime we have blocked it's entrace hole into our garden ~

Lyn went to the garden centre a couple of weeks ago and came home armed with all her new packets of seeds ~ Lettuce ~ Peppers ~ Chilli ~ and Melon ~ she thought she would give Melon a go ~ so planted the seeds in the propagator and was pleasantly surprised to see 7 of the seeds had grown ~

Sunday when she went to water them ~ all that was left were 7 green little sticks ~ sticking up out of the soil and there sitting amongst them was a snail looking very sated indeed ~ she had to laugh but removed the snail to the top of the garden ~ where she presumes in a couple of more  weeks it would have made it's way back to the greenhouse to feast on the new Melon seeds about to be planted ~

Saturday, 13 May 2006

chocolate box picture

Just had to share this picture of my garden that Brian from The Love Train did for me

I'm hoping that Cadbury's or Nestle' would like it for the lid of a chocolate box

Thank you Brian you are just so clever



Friday, 12 May 2006

Gardening and enjoying the sun

We were going to drive to the coast on Thursday as I wanted to get some pictures of the poppy fields ~ but as it was such a lovely day we decided gardening was more important ~ as the grass needed cutting and lots of other small jobs to do out there ~

So we made a quick trip into Norwich did some business there and hurried home ready to knuckle down ~ Lyn got the mower out ~ I made the tea ~ (I'm a good tea boy) ~ Tom joined us as he is painting the house for us ~ fitting it in between his own work ~

We let Nin and Barney up the garden and they immediately went for the mower ~ anything with an enginer is fair game for them ~ Lyn hadn't even started it up ~ so we let them have half an hour playing then put them indoors ~ Barney went to the window in the small sitting room voicing his disapproval at not being allowed to chase the mower ~ Nin just curled up and went to sleep ~

Today we have spent most of the time in the garden it has once again been a lovely day ~ they tell me it is going to be cooler perhaps some rain tomorrow ~ Yes of course it is Saturday so we expect nothing less ~ the garden could do with some rain so in a way I hope it does ~ but hope it is during the night ~ We had a Bar~b~Q and that was nice ~ always tastes nicer when you eat outside ~

Lyn not only cut the lawn out back ~ she did the one at the front as well ~ wish I had that amount of energy ~ but I do make a nice cup of tea ~

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

The water feature

It has been a lovely sunny day today and have spent a lot of time in the garden ~ didn't accomplish much gardening though ~ Tom and Cress dropped in for lunch and we had a nice Buffet ~

The other day I had the Pressure washer out and was having a go at cleaning the patio ~ I did intend to clean the water feature but my hands hurt so much from holding the handle down I never got round to it ~

Today Lyn was pottering about and called me to come have a look at what was in the water feature ~ Lyn was amazed to see tadpoles in the water ~ the only water in there was from when it rained and there wasn't much of that  ~ I told her I didn't think they were tadpoles but gnat lavae ~

 She was most disappointed as she was hoping to watch them grow into frogs ~ I could understand her thinking they were tadpoles as they have small tails just like tadpoles ~ but only time will tell ~ we will either have frogs or get bitten by gnats ~ think I will take the pressure washer up the garden tomorrow and give it a through clean ~

The two little bird box's on the front of the workshop are occupied by Bluetits ~ and they are so busy in and out all the time ~


Saturday, 6 May 2006

Brian thank you ~ you always brighten my day as well as my pictures Ally


See my last entry for comparison

bits of this and that

Once again yesterday we ended up at the Red Lion for Lunch ~ Tom had been painting the garage doors ~ 'a lovely Fern Green' ~ Lyn had been doing the same ~ painting the side door to the garage ~ me I was Tea and Coffee 'boy' ~ so asked them if they would like to go out for lunch ~ they both agreed that was the best idea I'd had all day ~

It was a beautiful day yesterday the Sun was shining and really warm ~ When Tom went home Lyn and I were in the garden ~ Lyn was weeding and I was supervising ~ Then I made a cup of tea and we both sat on the lawn looking up at the sky ~ there were quite a few swallows far above us ~ and we were making pictures from the white clouds (this can be a lot of fun) well it was for us lol ~

Today Nin and Barney were in the garden ~ Lyn was pottering about ~ I was tea 'boy' again ~ all of a sudden Barney saw a field mouse ~ well he thought he was a cat ~ he reared up on his hind legs and was about to pounce ~ but the mouse was wiser than him for it made a sudden dart through a hole in the fence ~ poor Barney stood there for ages waiting for it to make a reappearance ~ but of course it didn't it had more sense than to come back to do battle with Barney ~

Nin just don't have time for Barneys antics ~ although he did chase after the ball we threw for them but Barney is so quick Nin never stands a chance of getting there first ~ so he just runs back to sit near us ~ and watch as Barney try to tempt us to chase him for the ball which he will not let any of us have even if we catch him ~

Looks like we are just about to have a storm the sky has gone to a very black grey colour So I must go retrieve odds and ends left out in the garden ~

Since we moved the bird table nearer to the house the Crows don't seem to be coming here anymore ~ I hope I havn't spoken too soon ~