Tuesday, 23 September 2008

away for a while

I will be away for a while ~ My Great Niece Emily has lost her fight against cancer her funeral is this coming Friday ~ my SIL and my Niece Glenda and Emily my Great Niece (Mother ~ Daughter and Granddaughter were all fighting Cancer together) ~ I will be back when I can ~

Ally x


Sunday, 14 September 2008

A nice day at Wolterton Hall


We had a lovely day out at Wolterton Hall today ~ they had a Textile day there and it was really very interesting ~

But it was the other stalls that I was interested in ~ and the Alpaca's I could willing take one of them home with me ~  they are just so cute ~

There were Basket making ~ Jewellery making ~ and all sorts of other stalls as well as food ~ I had the biggest piece of Sponge Cake and I did manage to eat it all :o)  with no difficulty :o)

The Children were doing Pond Dipping ~ putting a net into the pond and inspecting what they had brough out ~ there were Newts and something called water boat men ~ they were little bugs that looked like a boat with oars ~ really very interesting ~ and blood worms ~ you would not believe the things they got out of that pond :o)

The weather wasn't too bad either considering the bad weather we have been having ~  so it was a very pleasant day ~ We invited Roy our neighbour to join us as he lives on his own and just recently had to have his beloved Dog Brandy put to sleep as he had been very ill ~ then when we got home he joined us for dinner ~

Lyn had prepared a casserole before we wentout so it was ready when we got home ~ and it was delicious all that fresh air had made us all hungry :o)





Monday, 8 September 2008

Has Summer Gone already



It has been so long since I made an entry in my journal I hardly remember what to do :o)

One thing I forgot to mention was that I got my hearing back after I had seen the practioner nurse who kindly cleared my ears for me ~ it was awful not being able to hear properly ~

I had a wonderful time staying with my Sister Joy she is such a JOY to be with it is true what they say about Sisters they are always there for you ~ when I had Cancer she was there for me fighting for me in my corner ~ making sure I did not give up ~  

We didn't get out much but had lot's of visitors ~ as she lives in the heart of Norwich all the family calls in at some time during the week ~

So it was nice to catch up with everyone ~

We did find the owners of those two little dogs and they came and collected them and were so happy to have them back ~ to tell the truth I would have loved to keep both of them ~ they were a delight :o)