Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Just saying Hello

My Grape harvest ~ Tom is making some wine from them really looking forward to trying some of it ~ I said my Grape Harvest but Lyn looks after the vine so such a good crop is down to her
The Hornets nest had been build in a Blue Tits nesting box that we have on the workshop wall~ They are huge but we have been told unless we interfer with their nest they won't harm us ~
Russel took my computer to pieces and told me the new parts I needed ~ but when he put it back together it came on line and was working beautifully ~ I do have a new Key Board which is a present from Lyn ~ so I am back on line ~ (Thank Goodness )

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Dick's Camera

I had to make a note of what happened with Dick's Camera ~ it is now over six years since he left us and we miss him so very much ~ I knew where the camera was but never thought about what may be hidden inside ~ Tom my Grandson realised there was a spool stilll inside the camera so suggested we take it to the shop and get it developed ~ so we took it to a shop in Fakenham I never thought for one moment that it could still be developed ~ the man in the shop had difficulty removing the spool and told us the camera was broken ~ I suppose after six years of just laying around it had deteriorated ~ so I had little hope of any of the pictures coming out ~

The following week we returned to Fakenham and Tom went into the shop to pick the pictures up ~ I fully expected none of them to come out ~ But they did ~ each and everyone of them even some that Tom had taken to finish up spool up ~

They were mostly of the Grandchildren they were just babies but it was so good to see them and there was one of Dick and myself sitting on the Sofa celebrating one Christmas ~

You can imagine how pleased we were ~ Tom and I stood outside the shop looking at the pictures ~ we were just so pleased and happy I cannot tell you how pleased we both were ~

It was like having him back ~ I wonder if he planned this for us so long after he left us ~ I like to think he did ~

There was one very Happy Wife Daughter and Grandson ~ who could have thought such a small thing could bring so much happiness ~

Ally x