Tuesday, 31 January 2006

January 31st


When this picture was taken I had a really good memory...which is more than I can say now....

But no I am not going to confess I got the time wrong for our Dental appointment today   (but I did) !!!!!!

Discussing the time we had to be at the Dentist I said  2pm...But as we had not written the time on the calendar we thought the wisest thing to do was to telephone and check.

Well it turned out Lyn's appointment was indeed for 2pm I thought mine was for 2.15pm

But it turned out mine was for 4 pm "although I did have the right day."

I don't mind sitting in the car for half and hour when we go to the Vets....I get entertained by the comings and goings - watching people with their different variety of pets.

But didn't fancy sitting outside the dentists for nearly two hours watching people possibly in pain - or maybe even having to be dragged in...oh I dont know though it might be quite a laugh...


So I'm left at home with Nin and Barney while Lyn goes for her appointment....The Dentist isn't very far down the road about 7 miles.

When She arrived home - smiling showing of her gleaming white teeth - she only had to have them polished.

I rushed into the bathroom and cleaned mine for the third time today....    and reluctantly left to go there myself......thinking as driving if my appointment had been for 2.15pm it would all have been done by now..

I arrived opened the door as my dentist opened his - ah he said ..... you can come straight through...didn't have time to sit and think about those needles and drills...He's South African our dentist, and he mumbled away to his nurse ...couldn't understand him he has a very strong accent.

So was delighted when he turned to me and said "You only need a polish"   Yipee thought I - he proceeded to scrape and dig and Brush - Crikey I thought thats the fourth time today. only took about 10 minutes....and the Bill was only £15.00.

I Realllly do like my dentist....







Saturday, 28 January 2006

old friends

Above  are two of our doggie friends Roxy and Tiny they were before Nin and Barney but just as precious Roxy was a Rescue dog and Tiny we had as a pup but a better pair you could not find .  they were so close as you can 



thank you Sara

Changed Sidebar

I changed the appearance of my sidebar today - and with the help of Brian from "The Love Train" who sized the picture of me (Thanks Brian)  I love it....



Thursday, 26 January 2006

Fishing and other things

Old photo of me holding my prize catch - this one didn't get away...I did put him back into the water and he disappeared with a splash of his tail....


Last night getting quite late, we had a helipoter hovering right above the bungalow, if the pilot had put his hand out of the window I could have given him a cup of tea..

Lyn thinks it landed in the field right next to us, .. shortly afterwards it came back, it was so low,  it seemed to be circling quite a wide area.   It was too dark to see what colour it was - the only thing that could be seen was a flashing light - I was glad when it disappeared and I couldn't hear the noise it made.  I found it quite scary...

Had to sneak Barneys picture in - dusting around found these in different rooms


Tuesday, 24 January 2006

Busy Busy

We have had quite a busy day to-day - we went to Sheringham to collect some things we had to take back to the Accountant in Brinningham - Tom my Grandson came with us - and he did the driving - So I sat in the back with Nin and Barney, and Lyn sat in the front with Tom.

We followed the coast road road via Cley and Salthouse (one of Joans Favourite birdwatching spots) The pictures at the top I took for you Joan.

There were quite a few Birdwatchers with their binoculars pointed  skyward -  we saw several Ramblers on the road as well - although it was quite cold the Sun was out and it was quite a pleasant day.

We followed the road through to Brinningham.

Tom had to take a left turning which was quite sharp - and stopped the car just in time - in front of us a car lay in the road up-side-down and next to it another car right side up, obviously they had hit each other - No one appeard to be hurt the Chap in the up-turned car was on his mobile - a car in front of them had stopped to give aide and direct traffic.

There were a couple of people there who seemed to be in control of what had happened...

And we were beckoned on...with just enough room to get past.

We arrived at Brinningham and did our business with our Accountant... and then drove home.

The rest of the journey was uneventful - thank goodness -

We stopped at our favourite little Village shop in Bawdeswell - bought one of the big strawberry swiss rolls - and arrived home to a nice cup of tea and a slice of that cake.....

Sunday, 22 January 2006



While going through my old photographs I came across these old pictures of Lyn's cottage before and during renovation..She don't live there anymore, but I know she found it hard to leave when she sold it...


Lyns cottage on the farm was originally lived in by one of the farm workers....It had been  neglected - as no one had lived in it for years....but the foundations were sound.

They decided to have work done on it - so they could live there.

It took nearly a year to complete all the work from renovating the outside, and fitting all the necessary things needed inside...Kitchen, Bathroom/Shower room....as it was totally empty, except for the Huge big black cooking range - which filled one end of the room...but once it was taken out it made a lovely nook for the Fireplace....

It must have been a hard life for farm workers,

I would have liked to see the range when it was alight...there were ovens to one side so imaged they cooked and lived in this room.

Upstairs were two bedrooms which were very large.  

When all the work had been completed - and the garden planted..it really look very smart 

Saturday, 21 January 2006

Pictures New and Old

Old photos seem to be the order of the day.....Pic no 1 is of Dick and myself at my Mums and Dads 50th Wedding anniversay party -  it was arranged without their knowledge...didn't we have a great time that night ....Mum sang "I'll Walk Beside you" she had such a wonderful voice - I have recordings of her so often listen to them to just hear her again.

The second pic is of my two Great granddaughters Amber and Abbie they are two delightful little girls who are a pleasure to be with.

And I did enjoy going through my old photographs such memories. even found my Wedding Album.


Friday, 20 January 2006

Kept appointment


Pictures are of Nin and Barney patiently waiting for their lunch to be prepared - and eating it....

Yesterday I actually got the time and date right for our Doctors appointment - nothing wrong - we just had to re-register back at Doctors we went to when first moved to this area.

We were told by a well meaning neighbour, that there was one a lot closer to home, one and a half miles down the road as compared to Five miles - so we thought it best to change.

Which we did a year ago....

Then realised we had made a big mistake - as the surgery down the road only opens one day a week and the odd afternoon...so if you needed to go to see a Doctor any other time we then had to drive to Mattishall which is about 10 miles from home.

Hence the change back.

We arrived early, but when I went into see the Doctor he didn't realise we hadn't been with him for a year, he still had all of my notes on his computer..said he would be glad to have me back...which was exactly what he told Lyn.

Now let me think when is my next appointment, Oh yes I remember it's the Dentist 31st January..






Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Injections and other things

Today we had two appointments and kept them both right on time right venue...  Yea....!!!

First appointment took us to Sheringham - Seaside town on the North Norfolk Coast... Pictures above are ones I took this afternoon - the sea was quite calm, and it was a lovely day...the white specs on the beach  in some of the pictures are seagulls...there were masses of them all around us...

The Town was quiet today - normally it is crowded with holiday makers...but it was nice just to be able to get around without being jostled by the crowds.

Did a bit of shopping - and Lyn bought a nice evening top for a party she is going to next week.

The second appointment was Barneys injections  We arrived at the surgery on time.....

Barney made it known clearly he was not happy to be there - and as we didn't have his muzzle he came over loud and clear.

I sat in the car with Nin - who unlike Barney never barked at every car that came into the carpark....

But lo and behold a car drew up beside us, and it was the white poodle - immaculate as last week as was her mistresses hair...I wondered if perhaps they had come last week on the wrong day,  no of course they didn't it is only me that muddle up appointments.

Looked to see if any more pansies had been planted, but there were still only two...

Lyn came out with Barney - who looked really dejected. (And Quiet) she told me he had sat on her knee and was shaking like a leaf....even the person she was sitting next to remarked how frightened he looked....but luckily the vet called Lyn in first so he didn't have long to wait.

The Vet told Lyn he was in tip top condition, and said he was a handsome chap... I don't think that made Barney feel any better...

So my brave little Barney who fights the vacuum cleaner, chases next doors cat,  does the postman run....isn't quite as brave as he thinks he is....



Monday, 16 January 2006

Driving round the countryside

Lyn and I had to go see the accountant today - appointment was not until 3 o'clock.   we left home and went for a drive before arriving in Brinningham - which is where the accountant lives -  It is a beautiful little village here in Norfolk really old world...narrow streets and most of the houses are built with cobble/flint stones

We got held up in a line of traffic - when we arrived at what was causing the delay it was a beautiful Horse being driven by one man on a small cart.  he was prancing along and seemed very happy I just wished I had picked up my camera before we left home...but of course I hadn't.

We did our business with the accountant which didn't take to long, and made our way home.  calling in at the village store at Bawburgh - this is a lovely little shop...far superior to most village stores and the staff are so friendly it is a pleasure to shop there.

Had visitors tonight so all in all we had a very nice day...Nin and Barney came for a ride with us, and other than barking at the accountants cat which did insist on jumping on the bonnet of the car,they were quite well behaved...which for Barney is a first.

We did have a Doctors appointment - at 4pm but when we arrived we had once again got the wrong date not the 16th but the 19th. we really must get ourselves sorted out with these dates.

Hope your day went well......


Sunday, 15 January 2006

Clearing out


I was clearing out an old handbag to day  - I found lots of odds and ends  - an old gold bracelet with charms on ......A blood Donars card...old photographs, some premium bonds (Which to my knowlege have never won anything) must check them out....

I did find the following little verse tucked away in one corner of a pocket....I had cut it from a magazine many moons ago.

Just thought you might like to share it:-


"Hug me Better"

 had just had some medical treatment

and was feeling a bit low when my granddaughter  sent me a

small gingham 'Survival sack' inside was one birthday candle

one length of string - a glass marble - one penny - one eraser -

and one cardboard heart with HUG written in the centre.

this verse was attached to the heart.

We all have those days

When we feel a bit blue

but this bag contains things

to help see you through

an eraser to rub out

mistakes with one swipe

A candle to light up the gloomist night

cash when you feel that

your backs to the wall

a marble to make sure

you don't loose them all

string to stop everything falling apart

and a Hug full of warmth that come

straight from the heart.

It certainly cheered me up

                                         Nora Besnard Newton Aycliffe


It cheered me up too....


Thank you Sara

Saturday, 14 January 2006

Injections and other things

Picture is of Amber my third youngest granddaughter - in her little hide-a-way playing games on her computer.


Yesterday Barney should have had his injections,  but as we had a problem with Nin and couldn't get him in for a visit as well, we booked Barney in next week and Nin had his appointment instead.

Nin is still biting his paws and is not quite himself...well £37.00 lighter and armed with a bottle of special shampoo (only to be used on his paws and has to be left on for 20 minutes) before being rinsed off...

I'm thinking of making a special harness where we can put Nins legs through and hang him up somewhere to dry - can you imagine him running around for 20 minutes with wet paws...

This time the Vet thinks he is allergic to something in the garden - as this only started when we moved here... well now, this is a big garden so just cannot think how we can find out what he is allergic to..

He has also put him on a course of steroids... We are Just hoping this will help him....


I sat in the car with Barney while Lyn took Nin into see the Vet...a car pulled up beside us and they had a little white poodle - he/she looked immaculate - I should think they had just come from the poodle parlour - What amused me was the lady carrying him/her had the exact same colour hair as her dog and from behind you couldn't tell the dogs head from hers...

they say owners look alike -

another car followed and this Big chap got out carrying a tortoise -(they didn't look a bit alike)   I just sat there wondering "Had the tortoise woken early from his winter hibernation - or had he been hurt in some way....I find myself just thinking these things especially when in the grounds at the Vets.

It still looked bleak with no leaves on the trees - but looking down on the ground - just very close to a bush I espied two pansies - one was a  very pale yellow and the other a dark yellow and purple.....I wonder if they survived our winter or had they just been planted...I dont think they had just been planted as I am sure there would have been more than two...

We have to come back with Barney next week so I can see if there are any more.......



Thursday, 12 January 2006

Med Ball


Pictures are of Barney trying to stay on the Med. Ball... he is not comfortable but won't give up trying....I'm just waiting for the day he can stand up and walk  across the room on it... Then I can enter him on Clever Pets...

Feet belong to Lyn - you can see how seriously she takes her exercising...

Visited my Sister to-day - and yet again big hold ups on the Main Road...

All due to Roadworks... there were a gang of workmen about 15 in all, couple of them leaning on posts - I guess they were the overseers, seemed to wait for ages before we could move on... thought to myself "I hope they have finished by the time I come Home"

Had a lovely visit with Joy, had lots to say to each other. you know what sisters are yap yap yapity yap....I left laden with Christmas cake and mince pies...

Workmen still there on the way home - still had to wait for what seemed ages to move on - but eventually arrived home safe and sound ... and my little Blue Ka did start first time as I knew she would If I spoke nicely to her.....

Wednesday, 11 January 2006


Took these pictures a short time ago - Barney has made himself at home in the spare bedroom as we were changing bedding for friends coming to stay...- and he has his head buried on the silk cushion that Lyn bought me for Christmas..- he seems to think the spare room is his territory - he had three of his balls buried among the bed sheets,...but I cannot find it my heart to be angry with him....Well not today  maybe tomorrow - when he finds something else to dig up and bring indoors...and some titbit to steal that he should have shared with Nin...he is such a happy contented little dog  and finds amusement just playing with his toys - chasing the postman - and next doors cat...and the lady that delivers the monthly magazine...but who among us would deny him these little pleasures......


Tuesday, 10 January 2006

visiting friends

Visited friends a while back Christine  is totally blind and has been since birth-  - Ivan is partially sighted - and uses a white stick and is registered Blind.

Christine is a telephonist at a big bank in the city.

 Ivan is a qualified Engineer - and builds Automatic wrapping machinery.

He is visited at his workplace and any new technology to help him in his work is passed on to him...

They both used to live on the same road as I did when I lived in Norwich..

When we arrived at their house - first we had to be introduced to Christines guide dog,  A beautiful big Golden Labrador - (Her other guide dog had died,  and we had not met the new one). but he seemed to approve of us - and let us in..

We chatted about work and other things that were going on at the time, - 

Ivan poured us a drink - and we chatted some more.

At the time they were redecorating their bath room, and got on to the Colours - and the two of them were arguing about what colour they wanted - Christine said she didn't want Green and Ivan didn't want blue

It was so hard to realise they are blind - I asked Why she didn't want green - her reply "Because there are too many shades of green she wouldn't be sure what green they had got"....(How can she even begin to know what colours are)

Her Beautiful guide dog laid at her feet the whole  evening.

We had a lovely time and I came away feeling refreshed - and thankful that they are so happy.




Monday, 9 January 2006

Sloe Gin

Sloe Gin   -  Really delicious - meant to tell you how much I enjoyed it.....I am going to make some more for next Christmas....am told the longer it is left the better it is: -

Following is the recipe.......


  Ingredients:1 lb. (450 g) sloes
3 cups (710 ml) gin or vodka
1 1/2 cup (350 g) sugar

Wash and dry the fruit, remove all stems, and freeze the sloes for at least a couple of days (not necessary if they are picked after the first frost). Place the fruit in a suitable container, add gin or vodka, and shake twice a week for 4-8 weeks. Transfer most of the liquid to a bottle. Add the sugar to the remaining sloes. Shake twice a day until all sugar has dissolved; this may take up to two weeks. Mix this sweet syrup with the first unsweetened liquid. After three months strain the liqueur thru a muslin cloth. Add some more sugar if necessary. The liqueur should mellow for 6 months before used.

As an alternative you can mix the sloes, gin/vodka and sugar at the same time, but then use slightly less sugar. If preparing the sloe gin/liqueur this way you will also get a delicious flavor, however, the total volume of liqueur will be less because more liquid will remain within the fruit.

Sloes are the fruit of blackthorn and are actually a wild type of plums. The flavor of the fruit is bitter, so the small plums are not suitable for eating. However, the effect of frost makes them milder. The bitter flavor is lost when making liqueurs.

Sloe gin is traditionally made in Ireland and Britain. Sloe liqueur is also made in Scandinavia, Germany, France and Spain. This delicious liqueur has a flavor similar to plum liqueur and the color is dark red. It is best served in small amounts as an after-dinner drink with or without ice.

Sunday, 8 January 2006

Barneys injections

Friday we dropped into the Vets to book Barneys injections - when we went last year the apple trees were full of fruit ....the bushes were full of sloes.  the Trees had their beautiful Autum Blossom.



Driving into the park how different everything looked  - The trees were bare = as were the bushes, everything looked bleak and dull

It seems impossible that in a few weeks time everything will burst into life. and Spring will be here with it's promise of New life..

The first signs of spring are the snowdrops - I really look forward to seeing them poke there little heads through the hard ground.  such small flowers with such strength...and such beauty when they flower...

followed by the trees coming into bud - and making the bleak countryside look alive again. turning this dark wintertime into a new world full of promise...and full of hope for the future..



Saturday, 7 January 2006

New J-Lander

Lyn came across this young man - trying to find out how he can launch his blog -

can we make him feel welcome......I know you always do it so well....  Ally



Friday, 6 January 2006

Dental Appointment

All psyched up to go to the Dentist this afternoon - just didn't seem possible it could be six months since we last went.

You know how it is - thinking back to my last appointment - that horrible stuff they push into your mouth to get an imprint to make a crown for a tooth - not once - not twice but three times he filled my mouth with stuff that resembled putty

Then told me to bite hard and keep my mouth shut (thats quite a job for me at any time)  He said it would only be for a short time....I would argue with him about that, it seemed more like an hour.

And you know how it is when you want to swallow, and can't... or even worse when you musn't.

Then of course we do not forget that diamond drill - that sounds as if it is trying to attack the brain.

These thoughts flittered thro' my mind as I was cleaning my teeth for the third time to-day...Trying to make them look all white and sparkly, so he would say "Lovely teeth - no nothing to do today" goodbye my dear see you in six months...

Well the dreaded time came , left home at 1.30pm... appt. Lyn for 2 o'clock and me for 2.15pm.

Arrived at the Surgery I was going to wait in the car until Lyn came out as we had the boys with us. and they bark less if there is someone with them.  

Lyn went to the door and it was locked - other people were waiting  we figured out they actually shut for Lunch. So we nipped down the road to the supermarket and did an odd bit of shopping.

When we arrived back at the surgery the door was open - so Lyn went in first - within 5 minutes she came out sheepish grin on her face...Our Appointment is not until the 31st January....omg I have to go through all that again....


Thursday, 5 January 2006


We had to have the plumber in before Christmas as we could not get any hot water,  we contacted one who lives in the village - found his name in the village magazine...

He managed to fix the problem - but told us the boiler needed  a service...

Well having lived here for over two years we were aware that it should be serviced every year.  so booked for him to come to us in January.

He arrived at 1pm the time agreed and set to work, he opened cupboards went back and forth into the Bath Room - Shower Room - Kitchen - undoing things putting in new little bits and pieces - Unscrewing things - screwing them up again.

Out into the Garden (And it was raining) as there is a box on the wall connected to the boiler... he did a through job - cleaning checking  - and Didn't accept a cup of tea until he had finished his work...

It took him more than two hours before he was satisfied every thing was OK.

He is a qualified Plumber with letters after his name. and the nice part was the Bill it was only half of what we paid in our other homes. and he left his card in case of any problems, no matter how small - but did say as he left, probably won't see you until january 2007....everything he did is guaranteed until the next service is due...Isn't it nice to meet someone so dedicated to leaving a job well done .....and a satisfied customer.....





Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Please forgive me for posting these they made me laugh so much I just had to share them

Classic excuses from parents! 

Their spelling....not mine! 

"Dear School: Please excuse John from being absent
 on Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and also 33."

"Please excuse Dianne from being absent yeaterday. 
She was in bed with gramps."

"Please excuse Johnnie for being.
 It was his father's fault."

"Chris will not be in school because 
he has an acre in his side."

"John has been absent because he 
had two teeth taken off his face."

"Excuse Gloria. She has been under the doctor."

"Lillie was absent from school yesterday 
because she had a going over."

"My son is under the doctor's care and should not
 take fizical ed. Please execute him."

"Carlos was absent yesterday because he 
was playing football. He was hit in the growing part."

"My daughter was absent yesterday because 
she was tired. She spent this weekend with the Marines."

"Please excuse Joyce from P.E. for a few days. 
Yesterday she fell off a tree and misplaced her hip."

"Please excuse Ray Friday from school. 
He has very loose vowels."

"Maryann was absent Dec. 11-16, because she
 had a fever, sore throat, headache, and upset stomach. 
Her sister was also sick, fever and sore 
throat, her brother had a low-grade fever. There must be the flu 
going around, her father even got hot last night."

"Please excuse Blanche from jim today. 
She is administrating."

"George was absent yesterday because he had a stomach."

"Ralph was absent yesterday because he had a sore trout."

"Please excuse Sara for being absent. 
She was sick and I had her shot."

"Please excuse Lupe. She is having problems with her ovals."

"Please excuse Pedro from being absent yesterday. 
He had Diah (*crossed out*), diahoah (*crossed out*), 
dyah (*crossed out*), the s****


Thank you Sara