Monday, 31 October 2005

Visit to Seaside

We had a trip to the Seaside to day - Had to go, as we had to see our accountant...and she happens to live by the Coast....It was a miserable day, Grey skies, Windy, and Raining - But the weather forecaster informed us that the day would improve by about 3 O'clock.

We arrived at our destination, When we had finished we decided to do some shopping....So parked in the Town - (Barney had his Muzzle on - so peace and quite).....

We nipped into the Bank,  A friend of Lyn's work there, and asking how he was , he said OK. ....the the girl sitting next to him said "He really isn't fine" - so he explained to us the problem he faces - The Bank is transferring him to another Branch..which will entail a 200 Mile round trip for the week.  He moved House when he got this job to be near to his Work...So he would not have to drive....This seems just so move him so far away......

When we left the Bank it was still raining, only a little harder than when we went in....So we nipped into the nearest Shop - where we bought a couple a Christmas presents.


As the car was close by, we decided to make our way we drove along, the rain still pelting down - we both agreed it was just the day for Ducks -

Lyn worked in the Cromer and Sheringham area. so decided to take me to see some Ducks, the Village we were heading for is East Runton, and apparently the Ducks have lived in this one place for years.....When we arrived  I really was surprised to see so many....

It was still raining when I got out of the car.....Took snaps as the wind and rain splashed the Lens of the camera ....the forth picture is of two more of Lyns birthday presents ...."Ducks"

 ..... they are in the hallway at home and must have sneaked in when I wasn't looking - because they have been there for several days !!!!....

We arrived home and it was well past 3 O'clock and it  was still raining - even harder - we unpacked the shopping - and got Barney and Nin indoors. We were both drenched .......

I think the weather forecaster got it wrong today !!!!!!



Sunday, 30 October 2005


To join the Pig Lyn got for her birthday (which is weeks away) these are some more she has acquired....early birthday presents......we will soon have to get a bigger house to make room for them,,,,Barney is in his favourite position when the wood burner is alight.....


Friday, 28 October 2005

Toffee Apple recipe

This is for Debs:

6 Cox's apples

6 wooden sticks - We used chop sticks

225g/8 ozs Granulated Sugar

110ml/4 fluid ozs water

30g/1 oz butter

2 table spoons golden syrup


Push the wooden sticks halfway into the apples at the stalk end

Put sugar and water into a thick bottemed pan and dissolve the sugar over a gentle heat.

Add the butter and syrup and bring to the boil.  Boil without stirring until toffee reaches the soft crack stage (290 c) we dont have a sugar thermometer and it took about 20 to 25 mins. boiling.

Remove from heat and dip apples into the toffee 1 at a time - leave to harden on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper...

Then eat and enjoy......Depending on how many you intend to make double or treble up ingredients....

 Please do try this recipe it is called the Impossible Pie

4 eggs

1/4 cup of margarine

1 cup white sugar

1/2 cup SR flour

1/4 teaspoon full salt

2 cups of milk

1 cup coconut

1 teaspoon full vanilla

Place all ingredients in blender at one time and blend until mixed together.

Pour into a buttered 10 inch pie dish.

Bake in 350 degree oven for 1 hour.

when done, crust will be on the bottom, custard in the middle,and coconut on the top - right where they belong !...... 






1 and 2 are of Barney in his muzzle

3 and 4 the View while waiting  for Lyn in the Vets Garden

5 Barney again in his muzzle   (Peace and quite Ahhhhh)

6 A sloe bush growing in the vets garden...(do you think he would mind if  I               picked a few)


Thursday, 27 October 2005


When I was working I met a lovely fellow called Robert, Married to Elaine and they have EIGHT Children...As you all know I am retired - but Robert gave me a call last week and invited me and Lyn round for coffee....

So last Friday armed with a map from Auto Route off we went...Now bear in mind Lyn knows the way to Wroxham - but Auto Route shows the shortest Route. HaHa !!!

We visited so many lovely little Villages - didn't even know they exsisted, obviously no one else knew either because there were very few signposts.

Now what would you do, you come to a T Junction - NO SIGN POST - which way shall we go left or right  - Decisions - Decisions...

Anyway we went right....we came to several T Junctions on the way - and just guessed at the way to go... and Lo and Behold all of a sudden Lyn saw a road she recognised - Hooray.

The rest of the journey was easy....Phoned Robert when we arrived in Wroxham, as he wanted to meet us there, to escort us to his house...

After coffee and biscuits we all got chatting, about Halloween - and Elaine wondered if there was anything we could do to help with her Halloween party..She is very much part of "The Helping Hands Residents Association"  if interested visit

Good ole Lyn she has good intent and offered to make toffee apples for the event, No problems until she made the first batch of toffee, she got a Scottish recipe off the internet - sounded lovely - Demera Sugar all melted down with golden syrup - but it turned to Sugar Ice...You know what I mean like the little pink and white mice we bought as children to hang on the Christmas tree... It  tasted nice, but not what we wanted.

We knew we had a recipe written in an old cookery book - but where was that book...Searched high and low - had a fabulous time - we spent the afternoon in the book cupboard.....That may sound funny,  but we do have a small room full of books - tapes - video's - etc..we got so side tracked - finding things in there we had  long forgotten about,.... but eventually we found the old book...So with our old tried and tested English recipe - we set to work again - we had forty apples - about 60 chopsticks (for the handles)  And this absolutely wonderful toffee (tasted like werthers originals) lovely and buttery.....

We coated the apples - and let them harden - and then set to wrap them...whenwe had finished Lyn promised me she would not make toffee apples again (until next time)   We had sticky worktops - sticky fingers - but the finished result looked OK and we were pleased with them.....What do you think ?????


Monday, 24 October 2005


I went to see my sister Joy last Thursday and a Nephew of mine happened to be there with his dog...Friendly little chap...But Bengy my nephew said when out on his lead he can be a little horror, and produced from his pocket a little gadget  which he attached to his muzzle- it was made of Nylon and stopped him barking he could still lap water and breath OK...

Well this thought crossed my mind, "Barney" when we take him out in the car - anyone and everyone gets barked at, and because he barks Nin joins in, Nin don't know what he's barking for - but the two of them together is utter bedlam...

So on my way home I dropped into the Garden Centre where there is a pet store and purchased one of Bengys Gadgets...

When I arrived home I gave it to Lyn, she put it on Barney, but had gotten it upside down, so it completely obliterated Barneys face and covered his eyes, well we thought that's not right, so put it on the other way up - and all we could see then was his tongue and eyes. he didn't look very happy. ears down tail between his legs..

He did his best to get it off ... he is an escape artist, when we put his harness on he do'es a quick twist and turn and is free.  but try as he may he could not remove the muzzle.. Miracles do still happen.!!

So we loaded both dogs into the car, anxious to try out our new found peace while driving.

Turning round in my seat to have a look at him - he turned his back on me - laid down and whined...and can he sounded like it came from his soul....(felt terribly guilty) but that was better than his barking...and Nin just sat and looked a bit bewildered ...But we all had a nice quiet journey - so as much as he do'es not like it - I'm afraid Barney is stuck with it....


PS - Note from Barney....I'm taking my mistress to court for taking away my "FREEDOM OF  SPEECH".GRRRRR WOOF WOOF  GRRRRRR.......










Friday, 21 October 2005


It seems appropriate to have this Christmas Reindeer here today - as 3 times today I have been reminded there is only 60 odd days to Christmas - 60 Odd days Thats nearly 2 months away...and I saw first TV advert about Christmas.Went into Garden centre and they are absolutely stocked out with Trees - Cards - Decorations etc.....well I though if you can't beat em - join em.....ROLL ON CHRISYMAS......Ally

Wednesday, 19 October 2005


is everyone having trouble with sending e-mails - mine have been out nearly all day.... Ally   ????    Cant even read my comments ...ah well perhaps all will be well later ?????????

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Lost little pig

When I posted pictures earlier - I lost picture of the new addition to our family -  just now he popped up on my screen - and I don't know from where....I thought I had posted him earlier with Nin and Barney pics, can anyone explain this ????

Anyway Please meet "Bert" he is one of Lyn's early Birthday presents.....When we placed him on the floor Nin squared up to him - thought they were going to have a had to put him up the corner....It is made from wrought Iron and is a money box.....



Some pictures I took this morning

1 - Barney tempting Nin to play....

2 - Barney with his two favourite toys....

3 - Nin with his friend.....His Toy dog friend...

4 - Nin is in there somewhere - always curled up with his furry friend....

5 - Kissing cousins - always play fighting like little puppies.....

In June of this year, we took Nin to the Vet's - had a bit of a scare for a time - repeatedly took him saw two different vet's - who gave two different diagnosis....

Ranging from "Brain Tumour"  to something he probably had since he was a pup.(his right eye does not dilate)  Two weeks ago took him to see a third Vet...looked down his ear - informed us he had a really bad ear infection, which he treated - and now Nin has lost all the symptons - and now he is as right as ninepence..... The other Vet's never even looked in his ears....


Sunday, 16 October 2005

letter box


Lovely bunch of flowers plus vase received from Anna (Lyn's God-daughter} thanking us for a lovely few days they stayed with us.....We should thank them for coming....-

(all the packets on the dresser under the television = are ingredients for christmas puddings - they made eight in all so we are fully stocked with puds). and now have a nice clear

Picture 2 is The Big Red Letter box - how could our lady who delivers the magazine have missed it...... Ally

Friday, 14 October 2005

The Saga of the Bubble Gum Machine

My husband Dick was in partnership with Barry his brother-in-law, they had a deep litter business with approx 200 hundred chickens we raised them from tiny fluffy chicks and  eventually when fully grown we would collect the eggs and they were sold on to the then milk marketing was a very lucrative but small business. Both Dick and Barry had their day jobs. Now these two were always up for a challenge to make a bit of extra cash hence the saga of the bubble gum machines. Do you remember the old bubble gum machines, they always stood on the pavement outside your favourite sweet shop, and you needed one old penny to put in the slot - turn the handle - and your lovely colourful round ball of bubble gum would drop into your hand. 

One evening Barry was reading the news paper the headline said "Easy way to make money" well, he was drawn to this and read on, it sounded great. The people advertising would find a nice position , outside a local shop and this is where your bubble gum machine would be placed. So Barry armed with all this information came to our house to discuss it with Dick, well, to be honest they were as bad as each other, and soon decided this was an opportunity not to be missed so Barry made arrangements and the man would come to our house to tie it all up.

Back then when this was all being sorted out remember we didn't have a telephone or a car so these two were biking back and forth to each others houses planning what they were going to do with all the money they were going to make.....perhaps a new car or shall we increase the chicken population in our deep littter shed or you name it they suggested it !!!

Well the night arrived for the big meeting, it was about 7 o'clock when the doorbell rang, l was busy making dolls clothes for Lyns doll. Dick went to the door and invited two men in. Have you ever seen the" Godfather.".well, they could have been out of that film. All l could think of was Mafia and Gangsters and whatever have these two got into now.

Barry was very keen on the idea - and sold it to Dick, who agreed (I think against his beter judgement)  But the Mafia knew how to sell their products...and a deal was struck..,,,A few days before the cash was to be handed over this very pleasant young man called, he worked for the Mafia, and it seemed to me he was trying to dissuade them, but they were carried away with their dream of big profits and nothing was going to stop them.

The cash was handed over, and a few days later bags of bubble gum arrived and they were told where the Machine had been sited, Heigham Street - a quiet part of Norwich - about 4 miles from our house. Bikes to the ready and off they went to fill the machine with the gum. All filled and Barry took an old penny inserted it into the slot turned the handle and out came his lovely colourful bubble gum.

A few days passed and anxious to see what a florishing business they had, Dick decided to take a ride down by himself and have a look.   It was a dark night and raining by the time he got there, no street lighting and was finding it difficult trying to find the keyhole, when a policeman approached and shone his torch at Dick and wanted to know what he was up to, Dick told him the machine was his and was just emptying it - and asked him if he would shine his torch so he could see the keyhole - the policeman oblidged  with that Dick did the business, and in the cash box was ONE penny.

Dick hurried round to Barry's and he told Dick he had been to the bubble gum machine earlier that evening, emptied it of the money "ONE PENNY" which he duly put back in. So it turned out that nobody had used it - Only Barry !!!

There is a nice ending to this saga - as it was a well known paper - and we certainly were not happy with the results of our venture, we wrote too them - And not expecting  any results, we were pleasantly surprised when the lady got in touch with us from the paper - and fought our corner - after quite a few weeks we received a letter and were reimbursed with all our outlay.....We did send her a box of chocolates for her trouble - but out of the profits of our chickens - and not the Bubble gum machine.....





Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Fishing Trip - Pike Match - another episode

This must have been in the 1980's - Dick was now Secretary of the fishing club...And a Pike Match had been arranged for this particular Sunday morning.   They all meet up at the Dog Public House - to have a snifter before they started their match (A nice Whisky helped them to warm up for the day ahead - well that is what they told me !!).....

This particular Sunday morning was in winter and snowflakes were gently falling.... Before I go on any further I will give you a rough idea of the men in their team,  they were such characters all having their own nicknames...Blue eyes, for obvious reasons - FFFreddie (who stammered)  Rasher because his name was Bacon...and I could go on, but there were so many of them...

Now back to my story.....They all loaded their gear into the boats (two men per boat).....Started up their Evinrude engines, and off they went,  All bundled up in winter gear,  Woolie Hats - Scarves - the lot to keep warm.

After an hour or so, "Great Excitement" Big Billy (and he had his nickname for obvious reasons} had  a was a Pike and a big one at that,  he struck and reeled it in, got it to the side of the boat a couple of times but in the pandemonium and anxious to land his catch - he fell into the water.. He went under ,and as he  bobbed up to the surface his woolie hat was down over his nose, it probably would have slipped further, but his pipe which was still in his mouth prevented it covering his face totally....

His trousers had slipped down and his coat and sweaters had come adrift - showing his bare Belly....onto which the snowflakes were gently settling - much to the amusement of the other anglers.. but having said that they all started their engines and came to his rescue.. And just guess where they all ended up - you've got it  - "The Dog Public House".....This time a snifter to keep them warm after the match...

Being concerned about big Billy who was so cold that he shook - Luckily Dick always had spare clothing in the car,  So these were loaned to Big Billy - but bare in mind Dick was a couple sizes smaller than him, but at least they were dry and warm...

They hooked Big Billy's Boat to his car and sent him on his way home.....

Dick was concerned about him - and later that evening went  to see how hewas....Maidie his wife came to the door and Dick went inside - First words Billy spoke before Dick could say a thing was " Did you manage to get my Engine out of the water"....Dick was bemused, Billy had told his wife that the engine had fell off his boat and that he had dived in to retrieve it....... Dick went along with this story, as obviously Big Billy hadn't told her the exact truth....But that's fishermen for you....

And as for the Pike - Who know's....Never heard another word about it....But Big Billy's story was the talk of the fishermen for quite a while.....


Tuesday, 11 October 2005

my road

They tell me it is going to rain to-morrow - so nipped down my Road to take these :- 

              1st one is The Horse trails field being  prepared for the weekend..

              2nd  is Nin - rolling in I know not - and don't want to know either

               3rd is the lane I live in - just ahead to the right is my bungalow.

                4th is a field just down the lane - the farmer usually keeps sheep there -                      but like that elusive Peacock - there are none there today.


Monday, 10 October 2005

Grapes - Grapes and Sloe Gin

I harvestered my grapes today - so took Photograph of them - and they are sweet and lovely to the taste...(But are now all in a tub ready for wine making)  also 2 Pictures of Sloe gin - Lyn mowing the lawn this afternoon and last one Lyn with her God Childs son Leo....Who came to stay for a few days...

Sunday, 9 October 2005

Fishing trip and other things

Yet another picture of Barney - still on guard.

Update on Sloe Gin - it is now a lovely deep Red wine colour - can't wait till Christmas when it will be ready to drink..

When  we were children - my Dad would take us three youngest children with him on his fishing trips,  My young brother Ivor and my sister Joy.  We would have to catch the bus to Lenwade, as we didn't have a car.  When we arrived there Dad would set up his fishing gear, and tell us we must not make any noise, as the fish would not bite.   It was guaranteed as we sat there quietly a Robin would land on Dads maggots tub - and cheekily steal them - coming back time and again for more. Dad would sit for hours telling us about the wild life at the lake ..and pointing out all the different trees and flowers that were there..How I miss him...

In the years to come  Dick, and I spent most week-ends  going to  Great Yarmouth  where we would play bingo - eat doughnuts go on the big dipper and generally had a fab. time..... one Bingo win we choose as our prize was a childs fishing set - this led to a lifetime of coarse fishing as a hobby for my Husband. It started when we took Lyn our daughter who was then 8 years old  - we would go to Hellesdon Mill and spend the whole day there enjoying our new sport and obviously a Picnic.

This led to Dick wanting his own fishing gear, so off he would go to Tom Boltons and purchase everything a fisherman would need, this pleased my Dad as he now  had someone who could ferry him further afield on his fishing janunts - Hickling Broad - Ranworth Broads and of course all the rest of the broads, and Dick bought a boat so this was even better they could actually get into the middle and fish the choicest spots....You know where the BIG ones are hinding under the Lily pads..

One beautiful Sunny Sunday morning Dick and I went together, me armed with my deck chair, Sunday papers and a box of chocolates.  Dick laden with his fishing gear..  I settled down to have a nice sun bathe, but Dick had other ideas and had set up a rod up for me,  no way was I going to put a maggot on the hook, so he did it for me, and even cast out, I sat there for what seemed like ages - hoping that no way would any fish take my bait,  but alack and alas my float disappeared under the water, and the line sped away..I screamed to Dick, and he came running over - tellingme what to do,

When the fish I had caught came to the surface he was BIG, and I remember the excitement of it, I was actually  shaking...but what a feeling..Wow it's one I shall never forget !!!!.... I stood there anticipating releasing the hook from this massive fellow....the photograph of me posing with him, what I would look like in The Angling Times next issue.......When Woosh with one swish of his tail he was gone..No longer on my hook, but from then on I was Hooked - never realised fishing could be so exciting.

Have many many more fishing tales !!!!!!!! which I will share with you in the future...


Fishermans Prayer ;

God grant that I may catch a fish

So Big that even I

When speaking of it afterwards

Will have no need to lie..........

Friday, 7 October 2005

The elusive Peacock

1st picture is one of my Bunches of grapes - there are quite a few bunches on the vine.

picture 2 is Barney laying in wait in case the Hoover starts - He is ready to attack.

picture 3 is My daughter Lyn with Nin

Picture 4 is the Horse Trials Field in early morning mist - at the end of the road where I live. 

   I have been down the lane dozens of times on the look out for that now elusive Pimpernel Oh sorry I mean Peacock.  I did see him on one occassion but he darted off into the bushes before I could get my camera out. but I will get a picture of him - if it is the last thing I do.

The Horse Trial field is very busy especially at the week-ends

sometimes its a trial in its self trying to drive past the Horse boxes.  As they are so big...  But they are lovely to watch with their riders trotting proudly round the field.

We have lots of nature around us with the Muntjac Deers - and lots of squirrels scurrying around I expect they are collecting food for the winter,

We have a lovely dark coloured fox - which prowls the lane at night and sometimes we have the privilege of meeting him face to face as we drive home, the only problem being it's the same lane where that Elusive Peacock was last seen.....umm.... I wonder !!!!

But seriously the Nature in the Breckland area is abundant we have so many different species of Birds and now I've got myself a new digi. camera I will post some later....

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.....


Wednesday, 5 October 2005

My computer

Thanks to Sara for Graphic

My computer is up and running again - I'm so happy to say...But I have got to reprogramme my Digi Camera Software and lots of other things,  but that will keep me quite for a little while.  and Lyn is happy as she has her computer back to herself.

She is out today doing a hygiene course.  As we are thinking of opening a small cafe'...  I have to do it too, but they were full today so I'll do the next one.

Nin and Barney are asleep next to me as I type away, if they were awake they would be pushing my hands off the keyboard as they think hands are for stroking them and not for typing.

I've got Norton - Firewall and goodness knows what else security on here now - so with a bit of luck I will stay Virus Free :o)

Must get back to reprogramming - So Take Care....Ally

Sunday, 2 October 2005

My computer

I think the checkup I have to have on my computer tomorrow may be OK...It certainly seems to be working OK now...I never realized I would miss it so much - Luckily for me I am guest on Lyn's computer so was still able to get my fix on your journals.  Which I really like to read and to comment on....If the picture comes out this time - it did not when I tried on Lyns Computer (don't know why) maybe it is because I am only a guest over on hers)...

But that is just how I felt...without my computer....Happy little chappie isn't he.

I'm back to washing the dishes as my finger has made a complete recovery...So as there are dishes to be done I will say bye...Take care...and have a lovely Sunday.....

Saturday, 1 October 2005

my computer

It's Saturday and my computer is still unwell - using Lyn's at the moment...thank goodness I can still get to my files...and other things...anyway Gary the computer Doctor said I had gathered 2,600 different virus's - because my laptop didn't have any virus protection..So it was a matter of life and death...and he said we had just saved it in time....we are having a few teething problems - but it is going in for its last consultation on Monday, So am hoping it will be passed fit and well and ready to start work again.. anyone wishing to send a get well soon card - please send to Gary - The Computer Shop, Fakenham. He He....

My finger has healed well from "Barneys Bite" and the cuts are so small - you would really laugh at them ....but with a bandage on didn't realise how small they were - where did such a lot of blood come from such small cuts - Felt quite ashamed when I did take the bandage off - didn't really like to show them to anyone - but  "Wehay" I didn't have to do the washing up for three days..

Hope you all have a good weekend....Ally