Saturday, 1 October 2005

my computer

It's Saturday and my computer is still unwell - using Lyn's at the moment...thank goodness I can still get to my files...and other things...anyway Gary the computer Doctor said I had gathered 2,600 different virus's - because my laptop didn't have any virus protection..So it was a matter of life and death...and he said we had just saved it in time....we are having a few teething problems - but it is going in for its last consultation on Monday, So am hoping it will be passed fit and well and ready to start work again.. anyone wishing to send a get well soon card - please send to Gary - The Computer Shop, Fakenham. He He....

My finger has healed well from "Barneys Bite" and the cuts are so small - you would really laugh at them ....but with a bandage on didn't realise how small they were - where did such a lot of blood come from such small cuts - Felt quite ashamed when I did take the bandage off - didn't really like to show them to anyone - but  "Wehay" I didn't have to do the washing up for three days..

Hope you all have a good weekend....Ally


jeadie05 said...

Do hope the computer makes a complete and speedy recovery,like your finger I bet it was a huge gash really, its just that you are a fast healer !!Well done with the washing up,keep it up you dont want to open up that huge gash again ,DO YOU !!Jan xx

nedmoh said...

Ally good for you getting out of the washing up!!Please Doctor Gary make Allys computer friend better again.Good that you can use Lyns computer. Enjoy the weekend. Jeanx

lifeseensideways said...

That was an infestation on your PC ... get a firewall and anti-virus and keep them updated. I learned that a while back when it happened to me.

Fingers always bleed a lot, like ears ... it's always dramatic! They hurt a lot too, all those nerve endings, so put your feet up in case you reopen the wounds! /:¬)


jeanno43 said...

Wow, that certainly is a lot of viruses.  I have Systemworks, firewall, trojan destroyer, spybot. In fact I have so much protection it is a wonder that ANYTHING gets through lol.  Glad your finger is better.

clareswhisper said...

I hope that your computer soon gets a clean bill of health>. I also wish i could get out of the washing up with such class anyway take care love xx and wishes keep smiling clare  

sarajanesmiles said...

Aww, poor poorly computer :o(
(note to self, run virus check!)
I knew nothing about virus checks or firewall or cookies or anything when I first got my computer.  They don't tell you when you buy do they!  At least it is getting fixed now though, and will be all better soon.
Sorry to hear about your poorly finger too, no washing up until it's completely healed ;o)
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

I have just about every virus protection and then some.  Your poor computer...I hope he/she wasn`t in too much pain... the same with your poor!  (sorry, shouldn`t laugh... slap on wrist!)  :-)

Sandra xxxx

grahamfarmga said...

That little cut came in handy!  Poor computer! It was very sick. Dose your AOL not have virus protection? you can up grade for free to the one that has it.