Thursday, 20 December 2007

very short break



We went shopping in Fakenham last Tuesday (and NO I didn't go to the Chocolate factory:o)

went to finish our Christmas shopping ~ then went for a cup of coffee ~ Tom Lyn and myself ~ Tom and I queued ~ coffee placed on tray  ~ then I touched the tray and somehow I managed to knock all three cups of boiling coffee over my right hand ~

Felt really stupid as the young cashier rushed  to my aid ~ getting a cold cloth to wrap round my hand ~ which had turned a brilliant red ~ Lyn got a bowl of cold water and there I sat with with my hand in this water as I drank another cup of coffee which Tom fetched ~

So I am giving my hand a rest will be back in a couple of days ~ will be about on the computer but not typing


Sunday, 16 December 2007

Bits of that and bits of this



Just looked at the date of my last entry into my journal ~ I cannot believe that amount of time has elapsed since I last wrote here ~

December 6th Lyn went to see her consultant and was told her operation would be done within the next 5 months  ~ maybe earlier ~ if there is a cancellation ~ time will tell ~ she is coping well that is the main thing ~

Lyn went to Babysit the other Saturday night when Tom and Cress went to London to celebrate a family members Pearl wedding anniversary  ~ we forgot to take anything out of the freezer for Sunday lunch ~ so we cheated just a little bit ~ there is a butchers just down the road that opens Sunday and sell ready cooked meat ~ gravy included ~ we bought a joint of beef and it was cooked to perfection (May do that again:o)

Earlier this month my Great Niece gave birth to a little girl ~ Eliza Ruby ~ havn't met her yet but will be doing that very soon ~ "that makes me a Great Great Auntie :o)"

Have been keeping up with reading journals I like to know what is going on in JLand ~ I hope anyone with health problems soon feel better  ~ there does seems to be a lot of bugs going round ~

I am looking forward to Christmas it is a time of the year I love ~ getting together with other family members ~ missing terribly those who are no longer with us but always remembering them with love and affection ~

Have been out and about Christmas shopping ~ that is just about finished ~ went to Fakenham and yes I did visit the Chocolate Factory again !!!!! ~ I should weigh a Tonne but unfortunately I do not put weight on easily ~ it really is just as hard as trying to lose weight ~