Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Pics and the vets



We had to take Nin and Barney to the Vet's yesterday ~ Nin was having his injections ~ Barney came along for the ride ~ when Lyn took Nin in Barney just sat and cried and scrabbled to get out of his cage ~ I sat in the car while Lyn went inside ~ I love to sit and watch the people going in and out ~ there was a real variety of different Dogs ~ A Great Dane ~ an Old English Sheepdog ~ a Westie ~ Yorkshire terrier and lots of Cats ~ there was one the image of Gabi who lives with Linda in Sunny Washington

With all the beautiful weather we have been having Lyn has been working hard in the garden ~ but today it has clouded over and is quite cold  hence it is a nice day to stay indoors ~

The pictures are mostly in our Garden ~ the shop window is Digbys' of Holt ~ they specialise in Weddings ~ and is such a lovely display ~ the shop is in the Royal Arcade in Norwich ~ but their Main shop is in Holt in Norfolk a beautiful Old English Town well worth a visit ~