Wednesday, 28 June 2006

a bitter pill to take

I had to go see my Doctor over a month ago now to get my prescription signed ~ while there he suggested I would be a prime candidate for a pill to help my bones ~ it only has to be taken once a week so I didn't mind that ~ anyway I picked up a packet on my way out of the Surgery ~ and took one the next morning
 I didn't expect to feel any different I think it is supposed to help bone structure ~ But as he had suggested I take them I did so
 ~ after the third week I was feeling really grotty ~ I had a pain just under my right arm and could not get comfortable whichever way I tried to lay or sit ~ and was having a little bit of difficulty breathing deeply ~ so was having to use my inhaler more often than I would normally ~
after a few days the pain moved sides and was now under my left arm but still just as painfull ~ and I ached in places I didn't know existed ~ and I dare not go too far from the bathroom
~ Reading the side effects  they claim they are very rare well I think I have just about suffered half of them ~ bearing in mind when I went to the Doctors I was feeling just fine
~ I have been reading journals and commenting but we have had so many problems with aol I don't know if half of them got through ~ I get half way through commenting and get cut off from aol ~ then can't get into a journal to make a comment ~ I am on the mend now so perhaps will be able to concentrate better ~ So please forgive me if my comment went amiss

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Leos party and other things

Leo's party went very well ~ and the field was a brilliant idea as people brought their caravans and tents with them to spend the night there ~ which saved looking for somewhere to park our caravan ~

I tell you Anna had thought of everything ~ Leo got 2 Sandpits both different so Anna is going to have sand in one and water in the other one ~ that should be fun ~ each child got a goodie bag with chocolate and other bits and pieces and each one got a small bubble blower so my present didn't see the light of day ~ never mind Leo will have fun with it I am sure ~

 There was plenty of food both for the little ones and the adults ~ a lovely chocolate birthday cake for Leo ~ and lots of games for them to play ~ there was one frantic moment when one of a little pair of twins went missing ~ but thankfully he was found in a very short time ~ and was OK ~ there are lots of Lakes there so for a minute that was a worry

~ everyone had a really good time ~ It was nice when the Children went to bed and the adults got together for a good old natter ~ We didn't know a lot of Anna's friends but they were a very sociable crowd of people ~ and we had a good time ~ and a good laugh ~

Lyn and I were out earlier today and Lyn decided to open the back windows forgetting the Flags were there ~ well they are not there anymore as they fell off in the middle of a very busy Road ~ lol ~ so will have get some more ~

Thursday, 15 June 2006

visit to the Mall and burning money


Visited the Mall yesterday to buy a birthday present for Leo ~ Lyn's Godson ~ he will be 1 Year old on the 20th June ~ my how time fly's seems such a short time ago Anna his Mum rang to tell us she was pregnant ~ went into the Early Learning Centre and Lyn bought him a sand pit ~ I got him a Bubble Maker worked by batteries ~ the assistant was demonstrating them and they looked really good ~ am going to buy him a little outfit to go with it ~

Anna his Mum is giving him a birthday party and has hired a field in Emberton park in Northampton where they live ~ we are assured there is every facility there for Birthday Parties ~

A field seemed an odd place to me ~ but could have its advantages if the weather is good ~ because the children can run amok ~ (well perhaps not Leo who is only toddling at the moment) ~ there will be adults there as well ~

Can't wait to see how it all goes ~

Back to that £20.00 note ~ Money burns a hole in my purse ~ but I never thought I would actually burn money ~ It is very tempting to have something that looks so real ~ so to overcome the temptation of spending it ~ with tears in my eyes I put a match to it and now it is just ashes ~ and Lyn and I watched it burn to the very end ~

Almost felt like putting the flag at half mast lol ~

We did go out and have Lunch at the Red Lion yesterday and it was my turn to pay ~ but Lyn wouldn't let me ~ so I feel I havn't lost anything now ~


Monday, 12 June 2006

twenty pound note

I have banked with the Halifax Building Society for as long as I can remember ~ got our first mortgage through them ~ and even had my pay cheques put straight into my account ~ plus other different savings accounts ~

on the 8th June I went into the branch I always use in Norwich and wanted to withdraw £700.00 ~ was told I could only draw £600.00 ~ but I needed £700 ~ so drew £100 from another account

Spent some in different shops here and there as you would when money burns a hole in your purse ~

Anyway had a bill for £450.00 that had to be paid ~ I gave the cash to Gary to check the amount was correct counting through it he gave me a £20.00 note back telling me it was a forgery ~ I have never seen a forged note and it looked perfectly good to me ~ but Gary pointed out the differences and I could clearly see them ~

I telephoned the Halifax on returning home explaining to them I had no other money in my possession only that which had been given to me at my branch ~ I was told to take the note back to the Branch where I had drawn the money out ~ and my Book showing I had made a withdrawal and they would reimburse me with a nice real £20.00 note

So to~day drove the 15 miles to my branch ~ only to be told No way could they take the note back ~ as they had no guarantee that it came from them ~ I told the girl I could guarantee it did come from them ~ she said she did remember serving me ~ but still would not change the note the Manager by this time was behind her agreeing with her"No can do" Saying I should not have been given that information from the phone call I had made ~

Well now I am an Honest person (sometimes to honest I am told) I have been known to put a few extra pounds in their change when I have done shopping for some old folk just to boast their pension ~

Do I try to palm this note off to some unsuspecting shopkeeper ~ I do not think I could live with my conscience if I tried to do that ~

and I suppose I am hurt to think they did not take my word ~

I know £20.00 isn't a fortune ~ who knows if there were any more in amongst the money that I had already spent ~ I am just surprized that the building society didn't check all their notes ~ and could hand over a forgery ~ to an unsuspecting customer ~ who trusted them implicitly ~ next time I go in to withdraw some cash I am  going to make her check every note before I accept them ~


Sunday, 11 June 2006

Tap Tap at the window


Have you ever been awakened by tapping noises ~ in what seemed like the middle of the night ~

I could hear this noise but was not fully awake and tried to shut it out as I was not ready to wake up yet ~

But the tapping got louder and sounded more desperate as the minutes ticked by

So dragging myself out of bed ~ put on my dressing gown ~ and looked at the clock ~ could it really be 7am ~ the curtains were drawn so didn't see the Sun shining outside until I opened them ~

The Tapping was still going on and  was coming from the little sitting room ~

as I opened the door could see this Jackdaw hammering at the window ~ he saw me and took off ~ I think the sight of me probably scared him as much as he had scared me ~

I realized  what it was after ~ (What amazed me was Nin nor Barney came rushing through ~ good guard dogs they turned out to be lol)

He was after the little red crystal heart that adorns one of the windows ~ I have moved it now as I think he may come back and try to get it again ~

And I do have an Alarm clock to wake me if I need it ~


Thursday, 8 June 2006

Dad ~and another road works hold up

We went for a drive yesterday and got held up in more roadworks ~ you can tell how long we were there the chap in the car in front of us got out and took his greyhound for a walk it took us 45 minutes to move about 2 miles ~


another fishing tale ~ on one occassion when Dad and Dick went fishing ~ this was again at Thorpe Green ~ it was a winters day and fishing had been a bit sparse ~ Dad had got his line caught up in a tree several times ~ so Dick would go over and give him a hand to get it down ~ somehow while retrieving the line from the tree the hook went through Dad's lip ~ it was a barbed hook so Dick went to his fishing basket to get a pair of pliers with the intention of cliping the barb off so Dad could pull the hook stem through without any pain ~ I don't know what he thought Dick was going to do with those pliers but he wasn't going to have any part of it and pulled the Hook plus the barb through his lip ~ it was very painful but my Dad was the best and biggest catch of the day that day !!!

Looking out of the window the other day noticed there were 3 woodpeckers on the feeders only managed to photo 2 of them as the other one flew away ~ don't know if this is unusual ~

Thank you sara 'for my name tag'


Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Baby Rabbit

I felt I had to share Monday with you it was sad, but every thing in this life is not good and we have to face the bad when it happens ~

Lyn was out very early Monday Morning giving someone a lift to work who had to start before the buses ran ~

She came home in tears ~ saying she had hit a baby rabbit with the car and was sure it was not dead ~

I was still in my dressing gown so putting a big coat on ~ I went with her down the lane hoping we would not find anything ~ but of course we did ~

This poor little baby rabbit trying to crawl up onto the grass verge ~ we stopped the car and Lyn got out ~ we had put a box filled with straw into the boat of the car Lyn picked the poor little soul up and could see it was very badly injured ~ We know you should not interfere with Nature ~ but could not leave it to the elements ~ so we took it home and put it in the garage ~

I think we both hoped it would be dead when we went to have a look at it ~ but it was still alive ~ curled up in the corner of the box looking as bright as a button ~ but its back legs were very badly injured ~

we decided to take it to our vets ~ which we did ~ the Vet who saw Lyn was most understanding ~ and agreed that we could not leave it lying in the lane ~ it was something she could not have done ~ she said she would take it straight through and put it to sleep as the injuries were so bad ~

Lyn did offer to pay for this ~ but the Vet said that it was not necessary ~ as she was not prepared to see it suffer and actually thanked Lyn for her concern ~ we both left the surgery in tears ~

Living in the Country we see a lot of this ~ but when you are the cause it really hits you hard and when so many baby rabbits and other wild life are running about it seems however slowly you go it is so easy to hit them

Sunday, 4 June 2006

My Dad


When we were very young children every Sunday morning Mum would make Dad take us three youngest ones fishing ~ Dad never complained because he loved his fishing ~

We would take a picnic and get the bus to Great Witchingham ~ when we arrived Dad would warn us to sit still so we didn't disturb the fish ~ he would set up a rod for us and we would sit for what seemed like ages ~ I can't remember if us children ever caught any fish ~

Fast forward a few years

It was my Dad that started Dick off fishing ~ once when we had saved and bought a car Dad talked Dick into going fishing with him one weekend and that was a start of a wonderful partnership ~ Dicks Father had left home when he was small so he never really had a Dad ~ and they got on so well together and fishing became a way of life for them ~ then we bought a boat and had a towbar added to the car ~

Dad was ecstatic it was a dream come true for him ~ and Dick was pretty happy about it as well ~ off they would go mostly Saturday or Sunday or both if my Dad got his way ~

I know one particular day they went to Thorpe Green a fishing spot just near Norwich they were fishing and admiring the wild life a Swan with her Cygnets came towards them ~ they had their lines cast out and normally the swans just swim past or over them ~ but one of the Cygnets decided to put his head into the water and unfortunately came up with my Dads hook in his mouth ~ The mother swan was not a happy lady and Dad had to reel the baby in to get the hook out of its mouth ~ Dick went over to give him a hand but by this time the Mother swan had mounted the bank and was set on getting her baby back into the water ~ Dick said he heard the sound of running footsteps and looked up only to see My Dad running towards the car ~ calling back he didn't want the Mother swan to break his legs and left Dick to set the baby free ~ which he did ~ But Dick never let him forget how he had run away and left him to face the consequences of an angry Mother ~

That didn't break their friendship I think it made them even closer ~ which made me very happy as my Dad was such a wonderful man and it was nice for me as the two most favourite men in my life really thought so much of each other ~

Saturday, 3 June 2006


Just made an entry and forgot to post the pic of the rabbit ~ 

Injections ~ Chip and Pin ~ and the Rabbits

Is it really a year since Nin had to have his injections I wasn't here a year ago ~ not doing a journal that is (but I was here of course) Lyn booked at the Vets and was told they were doing an offer on chip and pin being inserted to locate a dog if it went missing from home for £10 instead of £17
Well as Barney is what is best described as an escape artist she took them up on the offer ~ not for Nin though he knows when he is on to a good thing and never thinks the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.
But Barney is another kettle of fish ("another kettle of fish"~ where ever did that saying come from) reading it back it didn't make sense but I am sure I have heard that expression from somewhere ~ anyway we arrived at the Vets surgery and Lyn took Nin in first to have his injections ~ well Barney dos'n't  like to be separated from Nin and vocally announced to everyone he needed to be in the surgery with his mate ~ swivelling round in his cage trying to find a way out ~
Lyn wasn't gone too long and Nin settled down in his cage ~ Now it was Barneys turn ~ I looked at Lyn and wished her the best of Luck and she disappeared through the door ~ The Vet asked Lyn if Barney was a baby and Lyn said "Well he isn't to keen on injections" so the Vet said "There would probably be a bit of a squeal" and went ahead with insering the Chip ~ Lyn braced herself ready to keep Barney under control ~ but Barney never battered an eyelid ~ No squeal not even a squeak ~ the Vet then ran a little machine over where the chip had been inserted and on screen it came up with Barneys Name and address   ~  he now  has a smart little tag on his collar saying he has been chipped ~
At least one of those little rabbits has taken up residence in the garden ~ I took a picture of him sitting in the middle of the lawn last night but it is so dark you can hardly see him ~ then this morning I took a couple more of him ~ and noted he hopped into the woodpile which is surrounded by fencing so he will be safe from the boys in there  ~ don't really know how many of them may be living in there ~ the whole family may be for all I know ~ I would rather have them there than Ratty's ~

Thursday, 1 June 2006

posers and the cat next door

Looking out of the kitchen window today frolicking across the lawn was a little family of baby rabbits ~ they were hopping all over the place ~

I wonder what Nin and Barney will make out of the scent they leave behind ~ and I thought to myself I hope they can hop out of the garden quickly when the boys are let out ~

Or shall I go out first making a lot of noise so they scatter back into the field next door ~

Oh the decisions I have to make for the wild life that live here ~

Next doors cat was under one of the shrubs when I let the boys into the garden the other day ~ and Barney spotted it ~ now this cat is as big as Barney ~ it turned and clawed it's way up the apple tree ~ when it reached quite a way up it then jumped at least 4 foot onto the fence that separates our gardens and disappeared into the undergrowth ~

when Barney see's something he wants he can't forget it and he circled the garden so many times I felt quite weary for him ~ I hope the day never comes when he actually catches something ~