Thursday, 26 April 2007

On the go again


Since it has been such wonderful weather we have been out and about quite a lot ~ far too nice to stay indoors ~

We went to Sheringham I love this little seaside town there is so much packed into the High Street there are shops of all shapes and sizes selling almost everything you could possibly want ~

I especially like the Chippie there ~ you can go in and sit down to have your meal ~ and the sea views are lovely ~

we then went on to Cromer another seaside town just along our coast line they have some really cute little shops there as the pictures show ~ did a little bit of shopping just something to have for tea ~ and a few groceries ~ and yes we did have an icecream it wouldn't be a visit to the seaside without your icecream ~

The other morning Lyn went into the Garage only to find our resident field mouse sitting at the bottom of a plastic storage tub ~ he had got in there but could not get out ~ but he wasn't perturbed as he sat there coolly washing his face and whiskers ~ I wish she had taken a photograph of him ~ if you remember I did get one of him sitting in the freezer in the garage ~ he was of course set free ~

It has been much cooler today and we had a little rain ~ but only a very small amount ~ we havn't had any rain here for the last 26 days ~ so the Garden could really do with a nice downpour ~ A nice gentle downpour ~ "Please"

Sunday, 15 April 2007

visit to Norwich


Visited my Sister Joy on Saturday but before I went there I took a ride into Norwich ~ my favourite City this is where I grew up ~ the Market place was just at the end of Bethel street where I lived until I got married ~

Joy and me used to go through the Market everyday on our way to work and Roger the little dog we had at the time would follow us ~ we used to hide among the stalls till we thought it was safe to go on our way ~ we honestly thought we had lost him ~

But usually when we arrived at work Roger would be close behind us and one of us had to take him home ~ we should have thought to do that in the first place ~ but when you are young we just never thought ~


I seem to be having problems with this entry so will save and hope you can read it You know what AOHell is like seems to be playing me up at the moment ~

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Village school


I live in a very small village ~ you can drive through it and around it in less than 15 minutes ~ We have no Local Pub and no Local Shop ~ we do have a village school room which is no longer used as a school ~ but village meetings and other events are held there now ~ can you imagine those children over 150 years ago attending school there ~

I love the peace and quiet ~ not a lot of traffic ~ and the road is used by people exercising their Horses I love to hear clip clop of their hooves as they canter by ~


I just popped in to wish everyone A Happy and Blessed Easter ~ off out into the Garden the Sun is shining and Lyn is already out there working hard ~ so will go make us a cup of tea and sit and watch her :o)