Wednesday, 1 October 2008

new home


Just popping in to let you have my new HOME address ~ I do hope you will be joining me there ~ Ally x


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

away for a while

I will be away for a while ~ My Great Niece Emily has lost her fight against cancer her funeral is this coming Friday ~ my SIL and my Niece Glenda and Emily my Great Niece (Mother ~ Daughter and Granddaughter were all fighting Cancer together) ~ I will be back when I can ~

Ally x


Sunday, 14 September 2008

A nice day at Wolterton Hall


We had a lovely day out at Wolterton Hall today ~ they had a Textile day there and it was really very interesting ~

But it was the other stalls that I was interested in ~ and the Alpaca's I could willing take one of them home with me ~  they are just so cute ~

There were Basket making ~ Jewellery making ~ and all sorts of other stalls as well as food ~ I had the biggest piece of Sponge Cake and I did manage to eat it all :o)  with no difficulty :o)

The Children were doing Pond Dipping ~ putting a net into the pond and inspecting what they had brough out ~ there were Newts and something called water boat men ~ they were little bugs that looked like a boat with oars ~ really very interesting ~ and blood worms ~ you would not believe the things they got out of that pond :o)

The weather wasn't too bad either considering the bad weather we have been having ~  so it was a very pleasant day ~ We invited Roy our neighbour to join us as he lives on his own and just recently had to have his beloved Dog Brandy put to sleep as he had been very ill ~ then when we got home he joined us for dinner ~

Lyn had prepared a casserole before we wentout so it was ready when we got home ~ and it was delicious all that fresh air had made us all hungry :o)





Monday, 8 September 2008

Has Summer Gone already



It has been so long since I made an entry in my journal I hardly remember what to do :o)

One thing I forgot to mention was that I got my hearing back after I had seen the practioner nurse who kindly cleared my ears for me ~ it was awful not being able to hear properly ~

I had a wonderful time staying with my Sister Joy she is such a JOY to be with it is true what they say about Sisters they are always there for you ~ when I had Cancer she was there for me fighting for me in my corner ~ making sure I did not give up ~  

We didn't get out much but had lot's of visitors ~ as she lives in the heart of Norwich all the family calls in at some time during the week ~

So it was nice to catch up with everyone ~

We did find the owners of those two little dogs and they came and collected them and were so happy to have them back ~ to tell the truth I would have loved to keep both of them ~ they were a delight :o)

Monday, 28 July 2008



I am preparing to go visit my Sister Joy ~ we always spend some time together over the Summer Holidays ~ she lives in the heart of Norwich so there are lots of shops that we can visit ~ theatres and cinemas we can visit  so should be a fun packed week or so ~ 

When I went last year I could not contact my Blog so I hope this year I will be able to keep in contact ~ I will try :o)

But if not I will be back a week on Thursday  ~ I shall turn off my alerts but will get back as soon as I can ~ I know I shall miss you all ~


Monday, 21 July 2008

We did have our BBQ



Sunday the day we planned our BBQ  turned out to be a beautiful day ~ So the Children got to have a swim and it was nice to sit and enjoy the Sunshine ~

Thirteen of the villagers opened their gardens to the public ~ so I left the BBQ to go help my friend who had opened her Garden which is beautiful ~ this time I took the entrance fee's which was more interesting than folding raffle tickets :o)

The Village was packed with visitors many more than in past years ~ of course the lovely day helped ~ "C" my friend had baked cakes and scones the Kitchen table was full ~ and she was kept very busy serving the visitors ~

I have been told that over £2,000 was raised ~ so the Day was a good one and once again the Church benefits ~

When I arrived back home Lyn had cooked us all a Sunday Roast Dinner ~ Chicken with all the trimmings ~ Fresh Fruit and Icecream for sweet ~ there were Thirteen of us all together as a friend had brought a friend along with him ~ but it was a good day all in all ~


Tomorrow 22nd July my Journal will be 3 Years old ~ the time has just flown past ~ cannot imagine life without my Journal :o)~



Saturday, 12 July 2008

A bit of this and a bit of that


Yesterday I celebrated my Birthday ~ I had a great day ~ starting off first thing in the morning when I opened the door to the little sitting room which is where my computer lives It was pretty well crammed with Balloons ~ :o)

On one chair there were some Birthday Presents ~ as you can probably see I got lots of things for the Birds~ Seed ~ peanuts ~ fat balls ~ as they know I love to feed them ~ and Russell made me a new Bird table which they took too at once ~ (The birds that is :o) and some DVD's ~

Lyn took me out for a Birthday Lunch and Tom joined us it was really lovely ~

and I just want to thank you for sending me Birthday Cards both through Snail Mail and e~mail ~ I was very touched at such thoughtfulness ~

The day before my birthday when I woke I realised I could not hear very well ~ when I put the TV on it was very odd as it was like listening through a tunnell ~ I rang the Nurse who when I went to see her she said both my ears needed syringing ~ I have never ever had any trouble with my hearing ~ I have to put this Olive Oil down both ears for a week ~ then she said next Wednesday she would give me my hearing back ~ Lyn and the receptionist were laughing as I couldn't hear what she was telling me ~ so she wrote me a note ~ and handed it to me ~

Went to see My Sister Joy this morning and she said she had noticed for a couple of weeks I didn't answer her when she spoke to me ~ (But she forgave me:o) being as I had not heard the questions ~ 

We hopefully are having a BBQ tomorrow if the weather holds out ~ and even a swim if it is warm enough ~ But if it is a nasty day will be having a Roast Sunday Dinner ~ there will be 12 of us ~ so that should be a fun day ~







Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sparham Garden party



Last Saturday our friend Carol opened her garden to host the "Sparham Garden Party" It was such a lovely day the Sun shone non stop and just a cloud or two in the sky ~

There were lots of people turned up more than in  past years ~ probably the weather had a lot to do with the turnout ~there were games for the children and many other games for the grown ups ~ stalls of all kinds ~

We had a raffle and a home made cake stall ~ two old vintage cars where you had to guess the mileage they had done ~

I had the most important :o) task of folding the raffle ticket stubs and there were many of them as you can see from the basket nearly full to the top ~

We made a great sixteen hundred pounds for the Church funds so everyone was pleased that the day went so well

We were entertained by a brass band ~and the children did a Maypole dance to entertain us ~

I really enjoy these Village Fetes ~ it is a good way of meeting other Village people ~ call me old fashioned but I do enjoy these times ~ they all add to stored memories of such happy times ~

Friday, 13 June 2008

Caring Barney



Barney is such a caring little chap ~ Nin was off colour and had snuggled up in my dressing gown ~ and Barney knew all was not well ~ He tried his best to get in with Nin but there just was not enough room for the two of them ~

So he ended up sitting on the edge of the chair keeping guard on his buddy ~

By Dinnertime Nin had perked up and today is as right as rain ~

The Honeysuckle bush at the top of the garden you can only see if you go through the arch ~ as it is hidden from view ~ but it looked and smelled to lovely I took it's picture :o)

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Nice few hours out

We went to Wolterton Hall on Sunday ~ they had an "Organic Garden Day" there and it was really enjoyable ~ lots of stalls selling lots of different things ~ Jewellery ~perfumes ~ soaps ~  One chap who was selling Honey was so interesting telling us where he takes his bees to get different flavoured honey ~ stalls selling Organic Vegetables ~ and of course there were the Aplaca's : Which I found fascinating ~
Do you remember my bank messing up my account last time I wrote ~ when I lost my plastic ~ well the following day a Huge big boquet was delivered for me from my Bank  with apologies ~ someone had managed to alter my Post code and aparently I had not received any mail from them since last November ( I hadn't even noticed :o) with on line and telephone banking you can keep in touch ~ so really no need for snail mail ~ until you are waiting the delivery of a new plastic banking card that dosn't arrive ~ :o)  then you realise something isn't quite right :o)