Saturday, 29 April 2006

Flowers and the Boys in the Garden

Saturday has come round quickly ~

Thursday Lyn ~ Tom ~ Cress and myself met up to have lunch at the Red Lion ~ really had a nice time chatting and enjoying each others company ~ must do that more often ~ and as the children were at school it was a nice 'no hurry' meal

Friday now what did I get up to Friday ~ went out in my little KA ~ and driving her didn't feel quite right ~ so pulled into a  Garage that we use just down the road from here~ M took her for a quick spin and came back told me the front brakes need new brake pads so that is booked in for Tuesday morning at 9am.

Was a bit concerned to learn Bird Flu has been found  just 6 miles  from here ~ One of the workers has caught it in the form of conjunctivis ~ they are telling us it is the milder form ~ Mild or not don't like to think of all those thousands of chickens having to be slaughtered ~

Today the Sun is shining ~ and will be going shopping later and for a drive round the coast perhaps have lunch "Fish and Chips "  in one of the many pubs along our coast line ~ may even go for a pub lunch and a pint (Shandy) of course

If Oddy (barry)  can do it so can I

Nin and Barney had to go in the bath every day this week




Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Visiting the Coast and other bits

We went for a drive yesterday it was quite a nice day the Sun came out ~and it was quite warm ~

We went to my Favourite shop Kerry's Pine it is an Aladin's Cave there are so many different thing's to look at besides Pine Furniture which they specialize in ~ there are trinkets of every kind ~

And then of course we went into the cafe' Which is opposite Kerry's Pine ~ for a cuppa and one of their delicious cakes ~ all home made ~

Ended up going to Sheringham a lovely little costal town which was very busy but did manage to get a parking space ~ and have a packet of Chips ~ just can't go there and not have chips ~

The pictures of the Crows that invade the garden they come in Droves and clear the Bird table of any food in no time at all ~

Don't think there is anyway of keeping them away ~ any advice ?




Sunday, 23 April 2006


Isn't it funny how some things can change your life ~ I lay awake last night as sleep wouldn't come ~ so I put my earpiece in and was listening to music ~ and I was thinking of JLand and the friends I had made since I logged on ~ and started my journal ~

At first I was dubious as to how much of my life anyone would be interested in ~ Or indeed how much of it I was prepared to divulge ~ I lead a pretty mundane life ~ and since Dick died a fairly lonely one ~ Not lonely in the sense of being alone because Lyn and I live together as her husband Richard died 4 years ago yesterday ~ and we decided to buy a big property together so we could have our own space and be with each other when we wanted to. ~ which works very well as we get along so well together ~ friends and well as being Mum and Daughter ~

When I think of Jland it is not the typing as I almost hear you speaking ~ I feel I know you so well ~ we laugh together ~ encourage each other when things arn't going well ~ and most of all care for each other ~ Listen/Read each other journals and make our comments ~

Then this morning when I logged on I had an e~mail from Jimmy ~ Stupidsheetguy

He had 'brushed up' my old photograph I had posted yesterday and made it look so much better ~ when I saw it just knowing he had bothered to do this for me because he wanted to gave me a great feeling of being one of this great big Jland family ~ just wanted to say thankyou for having me here ~

Saturday, 22 April 2006

Yesterday and today

Yesterday we went for a drive to Sheringham to drop some things off at the accountants ~ didn't go right into town as it was Friday and it is always so crowded ~ so went for a drive along the Coast ~

As Tom had a free day he came with us and we ended up going to the Red Lion for Lunch again ~ it is a lovely friendly place and the food is good ~ just like home roast ~ and you can take as much as you want ~ one man in front of me filled his plate so full ~ when he turned to go to his table he lost the Yorkshire puddings from the top of his plate ~ which I felt served him right for being so greedy ~


Reading some journals yesterday I came across one that was talking about Cosmos Ordering ~ it was very interesting so thought I would try it ~ I put my order in  "To win the Euro Lottery" and as I had ordered it I went and bought a Lucky Dip ticket ~ as without one I didn't stand a chance ~ well I did win £8.40p not exactly what I had in mind but a win is a win whichever way you look at it  and maybe just maybe I shouldn't have ordered money  ~ lol ~

So today I am wondering what to buy with my Big win ~

Thursday, 20 April 2006

Violets and other things

I took these pictures in the garden yesterday and to~day between the rain storms ~

I love Violets can remember as a child going into the woods to gather them to take a bunch home for Mum ~

They are such a delicate and tiny flower felt tempted to pick some but didn't as I am sure they will last longer in the ground ~

They seem to be appearing everywhere out the front ~ oddly enough none in the back garden ~

Tom is round today fitting a new fence along one side of the garden and cutting back the trees ~ the fence there is very low at the moment and Barney who always thinks the grass is greener on the other side will try to join our next door neighbours dog Brandy ~

They always growl at each other so don't know what would happen if they actually met ~

Lyn is tea and Coffee maker today so shall take my empty cup through to see if I can have another one ~




Tuesday, 18 April 2006

work from the workshop

When the previous owners built this bungalow V the carpenter did the building as well ~ he was a very gifted person ~ and went to many lengths to get it just as he wanted it ~

and did the work in the workshop ~

He also built the Kitchen and put big built in cupboards in all the other bedrooms ~

V Sadly took his own life ~ that is how come we bought all the machinery in the workshop when we bought the Bungalow ~

Friday, 14 April 2006

Welcome to the workshop

I would like to wish all my Jland friends a very happy and Blessed Easter

The workshop as you can see is packed with tools ~ and boxes of bits and pieces ~ I just love to go in there and look at them ~ and imagine how many things had been made there in the past ~ I love to undo the draws and see all the little gadgets laid neatly side by side ~

It will take some clearing out ~ one of my Nephews is a carpenter and is laying claim to some of the machinery ~

It is very big inside and when done hope it will make a nice holiday home ~ or even somewhere to sneak off to for a quiet day ~

Plans and permission to be passed ~ those things take time ~ But we will get the go ahead eventually ~


Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Shopping ~ and bits

 Well it isn't raining this hard ~ but it is raining and it is cold ~ and the wind is blowing ~ in fact a perfect April day ~

Well it wouldn't surprize me to see penguins walk across the lawn  ~ should be the Easter Bunny but I think he's keeping warm down his burrow ~

Just have a quick taste of my Easter Bunny ~

Yesterday went to Kerry's Pine ~ I love to go shopping there they have all kinds of Knick~Knacks and could spend ages in there just browsing ~ "in fact we did"~ after buying a few odds and ends we crossed the road ~ and headed for what used to be the railway station ~ but is now a cafe ~ had a scone and a sausage roll and sat outside in the garden ~ yes it was a nice day yesterday ~ wherever  did the sunshine go ~


Havn't done much to~day a bit of grocery shopping posted a couple of packages ~ read lots of journals ~ Done a bit of dusting ~ Hovering ~ Ironing ~ cooking ~ you know the usual things that help pass the time ~ Tom came to see us and had lunch with him ~ It's his Birthday on the 13th April ~ have got a card and a pressie for him but we will take them round to him on his birthday ~

Well I think Barney wants to play with his ball ~ must keep him happy ~




Sunday, 9 April 2006

Rainbows and Norwich

    It is a sometimes forgotten fact that Norwich has two cathedrals. St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral stands on one of the highest points in Norwich on Unthank Road and is an imposing sight. The building work on St. John’s was started in 1882 and financed by Henry Fitzalan Howard, the 15th Duke of Norfolk, who offered the money as an act of his thanksgiving for his happy marriage to his wife, Lady Flora. She is even commemorated in the St. Joseph’s Chapel where each window depicts one of her names.

Thought you might like to see some pictures of my home City

 Thats where that little field mouse went  ~   didn't realize Barney had chased it up a tree ~


PS Just had to sneak in the Rainbow pictures ~

Saturday, 8 April 2006

Bugs Bunny


I think you all know me too well ~ as most of you said the loo ~ which is where Bugs Bunny hangs out all the time !!


Friday, 7 April 2006

Bugs Bunny and that blackbird

Where has the week gone ~ I seem to have been doing a lot but getting nowhere ~

The picture of Bugs Bunny belonged to my Mother in Law it was painted by Jim an American service man ~ ~who she was friendly with during the war ~ she used to baby sit for him and his wife Rita ~ their two children were Peter and Annette ~ they all moved back to the States after the war ~(We were told Jim painted the picture on a piece of perspex taken from a downed plane ~ but who knows !  it also has the original piece of string to hold it up) ~

(Just a little Quiz ~ Guess where bugs bunny is hanging in our house)

The ones of the blackbirds I took this morning ~ they actually come right up to my window ~ then wait for me to throw out a pear and some sultanas ~ which they really seem to enjoy ~ and as they are collecting the sultanas I assume they must be feeding their babies ~ As Lyn say's they have got me well trained ~

Yesterday I visited my Sister Joy ~ and had a nice time as some of my neices and nephews were there ~ so it was a good get to~gether ~

Driving into Norwich the Fakenham Road has a lot of Road works going on at the moment ~ and it being a very busy Road ~ there were a lots of hold ups ~ must find another way home ~

The violets will soon be coming through the lawn in the front garden ~ we always have lots of them ~ and they do look so pretty ~ seems a shame to have to cut the grass ~ but amazingly enough they are all back within a few days ~



Monday, 3 April 2006

Nin and Barney and other things

We let Nin and Barney up the Garden as it was such a lovely day ~ but when they came in they had both been rolling in "Heaven knows what" and had to go in the bath ~ I would have taken a before picture of them ~ but they both looked so disgusting I didn't. they certainly didn't come in smelling of Roses ~


The Collar Necked Dove sitting on the table I thought at first was unwell ~ but he eventually flew off and seemed OK ~

Surprising how much neater the garden looks after the lawn had it's first cut ~ lot more to do out there though ~


I can't resist taking pictures of rainbows  I always think they look so pretty ~ and seem to hold a promise of good things to come ~

And last but no means least is Oscar ~ he is filled with lavender and sits on the Radiators when they are on it makes the room smell just lovely ~   And must not forget my little blue KA she looks really nice with the sun shining on her ~ must get a better picture of Lyn's new car ~ I'll do that another day ~


Saturday, 1 April 2006

wartime in Norwich

When Dick first left school he went into an apprenticeship as cabinet maker ~ and worked in Heigham Street ~ in Norwich ~

I was at school "Heigham House" which was also in Heigham Street ~ we didn't know each other then ~

Dick tells this story ~ he was in work one day and looking up into the sky ~ he could see this airplane obviously in distress ~ and as it came lower ~ and lower just above the houses and getting nearer to his place of work it was so low he could see the crew members ~ at this point in time his boss literally threw Dick under the work bench ~ the plane just missing them ~ it crashed just further on where there were no houses ~ the hand written date at the top was when this article appeared in the newspapers ~


Dick always said he would never forget seeing that plane and those men inside ~