Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Visiting the Coast and other bits

We went for a drive yesterday it was quite a nice day the Sun came out ~and it was quite warm ~

We went to my Favourite shop Kerry's Pine it is an Aladin's Cave there are so many different thing's to look at besides Pine Furniture which they specialize in ~ there are trinkets of every kind ~

And then of course we went into the cafe' Which is opposite Kerry's Pine ~ for a cuppa and one of their delicious cakes ~ all home made ~

Ended up going to Sheringham a lovely little costal town which was very busy but did manage to get a parking space ~ and have a packet of Chips ~ just can't go there and not have chips ~

The pictures of the Crows that invade the garden they come in Droves and clear the Bird table of any food in no time at all ~

Don't think there is anyway of keeping them away ~ any advice ?





jeanno43 said...

Oh I would love to go into Kerry's Pine and have a good rootle around especially for trinkets.  I have your ladybird next to me now.  Never been to Sheringham, it looks very nice and my kind of place.  Lovely photos, thank for sharing them. As for crows, we do not get them around here only in the woodland. Rarely see one in the garden and then it is usually flying over.  I would say a scarecrow but that would frighten the other birds away as would silver paper or CD roms hanging on strings.  Obviously you want to keep the other birds.  Hmm, maybe a shotgun lol

mllevl said...

That would have been fun rooting around in Kerrys Pine. There was a super junk shop we visited in one of the towns just along from Blakeney . It was a great place at least 3 stories of interesting stuff. I remember too in the same town a fantastic tea shop and also a corner shop that sold more edible goodies......making myself hungry just thinking about it!! Can't help with the ideas other than a few big cats....Eve

sdrogerson said...

Crows are nice ;)

sdrogerson said...

Asked wife and she wants to know what you are feeding the birds

msecz said...

the crows usually only come around here for a few weeks in the spring and then again in the fall so we just tolerate them.... Looks like you had a wonderful day and those flowers sure were pretty. Hope today is a good one too, Sandra

nedmoh said...

Hi Ally ,pleased you had a good time at Kerrys pine and Sheringham.Your photos are lovely. Sorry you are troubled with crows on the bird table,they are such greedy birds and frighten the little ones away........Jeanx

pricesc93 said...

Sheringham looks like a lovely place, I know what you mean about having to have some chips! It's funny how we associate places with things like eating chips, we are creatures of habit.  Haven't got a clue about the crows, my neighbour has the same problem. I hate shopping but I do love shops like Kerry's Pine although I describe them as being a 'Pandoras Box', but I don't really know where that term comes from(?)xx

rachealcarol said...

Ally that looks a wonderful place, quaint and pleasant to stroll round.  I can see you would have had a brilliant time there.  I have nesting crows, just one pair but I do love to see them........and totally scared when they swoop, they're so huge, I've no idea how to stop them eating your bird seed, my two only take what they've got the starving relations by the sound of it :)

jeadie05 said...

How lovely a trip to Sheringham ,what a nuisance those crows must be we fortunately dont see any here,I wasnt able to see all the pictures ,the ones Idid see were lovely with the flowers all blooming .........Jan xx

jaymact1 said...

Just been looking at your pictures could see the bakers where I alway go when we are down, its getting so close now I can't wait. Is kerry pine in Sherringham?

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Ally ~ glad you had a lovely day trip ~ and chips, a must have lol !!
Not sure what to suggest about the crows ~ I never really see any round here, and not on my bird table as far as I know. How lovely you can still get home made cakes in the cafe ~ wish my cafe did them !!
take care, hugs Debbie ~xxx~

plieck30 said...

What no fish with those chips? You take the nicest drives. Have no idea about those crows. Any idea I have would chase the other birds too. Paula

topchelseagirl said...

Homemade cakes - yum! Sheringham is lovely, I love Cromer too. You are so lucky living in Norfolk Ally, it is my favourite county.

mtrib2 said...

You might be able to have the feeder placed inside a wire fence material with  opening's which only smaller birds could get through.   A wire mesh could have opening's cut in it from smaller mesh.    Just a thought.     The Sheringham architecture is fantastic.    mark

ora4uk said...

The more I read your journal....the more I am wanting to come to is such a beautiful place to very different from the States....course we have some nice places too...but I love England....Hugs from KY....Ora

sexkitten198511 said...

Hi Ally

To be honest i don't think there is anyway of stopping the crows unfortunatly. I'm glad you enjoyed you trip to sherringham

lsfp1960 said...

Those darn crows..they are a thorn in everyone's side. I've seen them snatch baby birds right out of my birdhouses.  But on the other hand if you come near where they have a nest...they go crazy.  There's a tree in front of my office where they have a nest and when their babies hatch, they actually dive bomb unsuspecting people walking by on the sidewalk. They are very smart & cunning creatures.  Lovely pictures and I'm glad you had a nice day for a drive.  Linda

elainey2465 said...

Hi Ally, sounds like you had a lovely outing - I love tea rooms!!! especially tea and cake!! I have passed through Sheringham! We didnt stop - cant remember now what we were up to! Love Laine xxx p.s. Ive booked my hotel we are going to stay at the Chestnut Grove in Newmarket Road - just round the corner from my brother! xxxxxx thanks for your help xxxx

edwardssoapy said...


What a lovely day out! Whenever I go to Cardiff I always like to call into a Starbucks coffee house for a latte and a cake for elevenses. My uncle used to take me in when we went on Christmas shopping expeditions ~ it's been a tradition ever since.

I don't think there is any way of stopping those nasty crows. Whenever my nan puts bread out for the birds the crows are always the first ones to venture! It's so funny what those birds get up to! Tell you about that another time.

Leigh xXx"

bbartle3 said...

"Don't think there is anyway of keeping
them away ~ any advice ?"

Yes, shoot them from ambush with
a small gauge rifle. Crows are dumb
and greedy, or at least they
were in Australia where as a boy I
shot five crows, by placing a fresh-laid
egg on top of one of the poles
holding up the hens, chickens and
rooster's wire netting.

P.S. I've just learned, from Rita
Simonson, in her 80's (oh oh but she's
fast) owner of several age division
swimming world records) that crows and
ravens in some parts of the world are almost
the same looking. One of them has a
wedged-shaped tail. Their call is different.
Ravens might be smarter, as they pretend
to fall from a great height to impress the
females, then at the very last second pull out.


labdancer51 said...

Hi Ally, Sheringham looks really pretty just like it`s name.  Thanks for sharing the photos.  You`re right, you must have chips at a coastal town, they always taste delicious there. :o)   Hmm...crows, flippin` nuisances.  How about getting a shot gun and blasting.........lolol! :o)

Sandra xxxx

oddb0dkins said...

Hide the bird table, lol. B. x

jlocorriere05 said...

Sheringham  looks lovely, I've never been to Norfolk, must get round to it one day! Don't think you can frighten off those crows! Jeannette.  

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Ally
Luv the pics, don't all the primroses look lovely.    As for chips, a girl has to have chippie chips when she can !!!
Luv Jayne

onemoretina said...

    Hey, Ally  ..... Sounds like a lovely visit to the coast, especially in the warmer weather.  
    So, the crows are giving you grief ?  My neighbor down the street put an owl decoy on the ledge of her upstairs window, and she says it has kept the birds from roosting there.  I don't know about crows in particular, but it could be worth a try.  Tina  

onej0nty said...

An old Dorset saying:
If you see a rook on it's own, it is a crow, and if you see a crowd of crows, they are rooks.
Don't know of any old Dorset sayings that keeps them away. Have met many people that claimed to have eaten 'rook pie'.

icklemisssexpot said...

My mum would always bang on the window at any crows or go out and throw water at them...It's seagulls we have a problem with here and they're a right pain...The flowers in the pics are so pretty i like primulas :o)  Caff xxx

deegleed said...

Hello Ally.
I am glad you enjoyed the ice sculpture pictures. i enjoyed looking at yours. i have been to Sheringham. We liked it very much. We sat on the front overlooking the sea for ages before we moved on.  We also love Cromer. Dan.

astra1547 said...

I used to go to Caister for our holidays,last time I went there was about 5-6 years ago now...It is really lovely around that area...My son and his family are going there tomorrow for the weekend...Oh! I wish I was going too...


rayne1123 said...

hi ally these are great  pictures..

happy you ha a good day

paul177600 said...

Hi Ally, thankyou for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment, Kerry

djohn52 said...

Ally....Sounds like a lovely outing!  Crows?  No, but we have scads of starlings..... they are so thick they darken the sky when they fly over.  And they LOVE my truck!  We also have geese around here that forgot how to go south for the winter!  They just fly from pond to pond. I went out last week and it looked like someone had spit a wad of tobacco on my truck!  That big! Took quite a few paper towels to clean that mess off!

Take care!

csandhollow said...

mtrib2 has the same advice I do. Put a wire mesh over the tope of it that the smaller birds can peck thru but the crows with their bigger beaks would have trouble with.

jacksj989 said...

Hi there,

It is a long time since I managed to do an indepth study of Crows but one thing I may be able to help you with is try putting the food out at different times of the day.

The study of Crows I did, where I was able to trace their way back to a roost that turned out to be in their thousands, is that they move out from their roosts, to open fields that are edged with trees, and they begin to feed.  

Some Crows move away from the roost, further than others, and it is all down to the availability of food.

You could try not putting any food out at all, for a few days- there is a good supply of food around at this time of year-and see if the Crows move somewhere else.

Just one other point though, if you do manage to shake off the Crows, do not put food out one hour before dust for the food may not be eaten by smaller birds and this may atract vermin.

I tend to watch and see what amount of food is eaten in one day and stick to that amount all the time.  

In our new home, where we are thankful to have our first decent sized garden, there are two cats, from next door, who love to try and catch the birds that visit our garden.  

The cats only come out at certain times of the day so I put the food out before the cats go out.

Another trick, for the Crows, is only to put food out, such as nuts, that Crows may not want to eat.  

The trouble with nuts, so you may well wish to purchase seeds at this time of year, is that they have been known to get trapped in some of the smaller chicks throats, such as Blue Tits.

I hope I have been of help to you.

By for now,


salonrose123 said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day.  Great photos!

rjet33 said...

Wonder if your chips are like our chips.  ::wink::  I love hearing about your different drives.  I get to see a new world through your eyes!  Thanks for sharing.


gaboatman said...

Great picutres, Ally!  I liked seeing the shots of Sheringham.  I would love to be able to visit there one day.