Monday, 21 May 2007

another little visitor to the garden

Do you remember we had a little Rabbit in the Garden last year ~ Nin and Barney are very interested in this one !!!!!

When I let the boys into the garden this little chap shoots through a gap into the wood pile where he is very safe away from them ~

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

AOL who else !!!!!!


What have AOL done to our pictures and can someone tell me where the Captions have gone ~ I like Captions they tell me what I am looking at ~

Lilac in the Garden

I mean would you have known that was Lilac if I had not put a caption there :o)

And you never would have known these are Cherries growing on the Tree we planted last year without this caption ~ :o)

Have just been playing around with pictures and realise if you click onto a moving picture it does become large with the caption added ~ which is quite good ~

What do you think !!!!!!!!!>

Sunday, 6 May 2007



Is this a coincidence or what ! ~ Tom and Cress came to visit us last Friday and as they were leaving Tom going first followed by me and as Lyn went to go out the door of she tripped on the step and went down~ hitting her head ~ sprained her wrist ~ grazed both knees ~ twisted her ankle ~ with a few other cuts and bruises ~ Tom not seeing what had happened turned round to see his Mum on her knees and rushed to help her up ~

We went back into the house and had a cup of tea (Our cure all treatment for anything) ~ Lyn was in quite a bit of pain ~ she pointed out that she could move all her fingers so didn't think she had broken her wrist ~ after a while Tom left but they returned Saturday with a big bunch of flowers and a big bar of chocolate for Lyn and to make sure she was OK ~

Lyn had a Birthday party to go to Saturday night ~ she did make it to the party but didn't do any dancing ~

 Sunday Lyn and I were in the garden came through the gate leading to the side door ~ me leading the way and I tripped and went down ending up in exactly the same spot Lyn had fallen on the Friday ~ I hurt my left leg ~ A few tiny cuts on my hand ~ and scrapped my toes which were bleeding on my right leg and scuffed my knee which was very red but painless ~ painless because that is my Numb leg damaged when I had Radiotherapy so it didn't hurt at all :o)

 My Mum always said things come in threes and she would always snap a match stick in two to stop the run of bad luck ~ Now I am not superstitious but then I don't believe in tempting fate ~ so after hunting for a match stick and snapping it into two pieces ~ we should now feel safe going out of that door and coming in that Gate next time :o) ~