Friday, 28 September 2007

Going away for a few days


Can you see that little spider ~ he was spinning a web between my Horse ornament and my Halogen lamp ~  he was tiny so I left him to it ~

The main reason for doing an entry today is that I shall be away all of next week ~ am going to spend the week with my Sister Joy as my Niece and Nephew are going abroad on holiday and Joy dosn't like being on her own in such a big house ~

I may be able to come on line as they have three computers in the house so I can't imagine not using one of them :o)

Anyway I shall take my leave for now and if I don't see you before I shall be back  October 6th ~ not forgetting I have an appointment with my Dentist on Monday 8th October (Just a checkup) :o(








Sunday, 16 September 2007


Looks like today will be the last one this year for a swim in the pool ~  It is a nice sunny day with just a slight breeze ~ the sky is blue with not a cloud in sight  ~

The Children will be here soon  and they all want a swim as will the adults (Not me though :o)

Have you noticed how quickly the nights are pulling in ~ it is nearly dark here at 7.30pm in the evening ~ It's the time of the year I love ~ nice cosy wood fire ~ a good book to read ~ time to get the sewing machine out ~ and get back to the hobbies I don't have time to do in the Spring or Summer ~

My earache is better and I would say I am fighting fit

I just hope all of my friends in JLand who have health problems soon get back to good health ~