Thursday, 30 August 2007

Have you ever wondered ?????


I was woken up during last night with Awful ~ Awful ~ Awful earache ~ I have never had earache before and never want it again :o( 

It was so bad I asked Lyn to ring the Doctors surgery for me ~ which is unheard of because at all costs I avoid the Doctors surgery ~

Every time I go there to collect prescriptions I read this little verse and it always tickles my sense of humour ~ so thought I would share it with you ~



Little pill here in my hand

I wonder how you understand,

Just what to do or where to go,

To stop the ache that hurts me so,

Within your covering lies relief,

You work alone to ease my grief,

You sink in regions there below,

As down my throat you quickly go !

But what I wonder, little pill,

Is how you know right where I'm ill ?

And just how do you really know,

exactly where you have to go ?

"author unknown"

Turns out it wasn't earache but a chest infection which the Doctor gave me antibiotics ~ and it feels a lot better already :o)


I am away staying with my Sister Joy for the weekend so will be back Monday  ~ Hope you all have a great weekend ~



Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Pool Party



About midweek last week the weather forecast promised us a Sunny weekend ~ so we thought we would have a pool party on Sunday ~ so we put the pool up and as it takes 48 hours to fill we got on with the job

There would be eleven of us all together so needed to get food in for a BBQ ~ we bought Hamburgers ~ Chicken wings ~ Sausages ~ mushrooms and plenty of salad ~ Ice cream and lots of different pastries ~ and not forgetting crisps and fruit

Saturday arrived and it was a beautiful sunny day ~ we started to get all the food prepared ~ Lyn prepared the salad ~ we had bought salad potatoes which we were going to steam ~ and make into potato salad

Sunday Morning was a bit overcast and I must admit I felt a bit let down but of course we can't control the weather ~ The family arrived and as they did the sun came out ~ the children couldn't wait to get in the pool ~ so all four of them put on their swimming costumes and were in the pool within a few minutes ~ the water was so cold but they didn't seem to notice that ~ they were followed by Tom ~ Lyn Russell Adam and Ella ~ Nin Barney and little Toby were playing in the garden and William the baby was asleep in his car seat ~ Me I preferred to stay in the Garden just enjoying watching them in the pool ~ although I did get splashed trying to take pictures ~

It turned out to be a perfect day and everyone enjoyed theirselves ~


As we packed everything away it decided it was going to rain and rain it did but our day had been perfect and even the rain could not spoil it ~  More memories to add to the ones we already have ~




Monday, 6 August 2007

Success :o) :o) :o)


As the weather has been so good we have been out and about in the car ~ we always manage to lose our way but do come across some lovely little places we otherwise may never see

Lyng Fishing Lakes are so calm ~ such a lovely place to just go sit and enjoy the scenery and all the wild life that goes on in there ~

I am going to try and save this in the hope I don't lose it again




Mish Mash


I see my last entry has totally disappeared  ~ anyone else having problems ~ just tried to add pictures but upload them it will not ~ will try again later after I have had my cup of tea ~ I feel like that Monday cat ~ after battling with aol :o) ~

       I am thinking good calm thoughts :o)