Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Busy Tuesday

Had a busy day yesterday...went shopping, I waited in the car while Lyn did the Supermarket shopping.

Then ended up in the Hairdressers, as Lyn had booked a trim.

I just happened to have my camera with me so thought I would take a picture of her.

She was just round the corner so camera at the ready - I walked in front of her - She shielded her face with her hands and said "No Mum - Oh no not like this"  

Her hair hung round her shoulders, No make up on, and I thought it was perfect..

So I snapped and had the photograph all snug inside my camera.

I loaded it - or should I say tried to load it into my computer and it was not there... Just one I had taken previously of the snow we had the other day..

Now I know Lyn never touched my camera - so where did my picture go...

Perhaps it's a good thing - as she did say she wouldn't talk to me again if I used it here in J-land.....She also said she would get her own back on me.....Now I shiver in my shoes, as she does not know the picture never registered....

And unless she ever reads this I'm not telling her.....

thank you Sara

Sunday, 27 November 2005

Fishing trip

Pictures are of Horning Ferry (This was Douglas Bader's local during the second World War  he was a Pilot who lost both of his legs in an accident)

When Tom my grandson was old enough he became a fisherman and accompanied Dick his Grand-dad on countless  fishing matches and fishing trips.

On one occasion they decided to fish Horning Ferry, This is a big expanse of water with lots of holiday cruisers moored by the banks.

They fished it early evening - So armed with their Gear - Flasks - Tilly Lamps and picnic, off they set.

Dick could sit for hours on end, but Tom being only 10 years old couldn't sit still for very long and would wander along the bank.  Dick told him to sit down as he would scare the fish away (What a laugh with all the Holiday cruisers moored along the bank - and holiday makers wandering everywhere)...

You know fishermen you have to sit and be quite and watch the float...

It was now getting dark, so Tilly Lamps were lit - Sandwiches eaten and Tea drank. (How could they after putting maggots on their hooks Ughhh}

Tom sat quietly for a while and then started his wandering again - Dick looked up when he heard a sizzling noise - and Tom looked sheepish and asked if he could go and ask for a glass of water from the holiday makers moored just along the bank.

Dick said "No" - but as Tom looked a bit upset he told him to go - but kept his eye on him.

The people on board happily gave him a glass of water and chatted to him for quite a while - Dick couldn't understand why he hadn't drunk the water but had put his fingers into the glass instead.

It turned out Tom had touched the lid of the Tilly Lamp (remember I said Dick had heard a sizzling noise) Well Tom had burnt his fingers quite badly and didn't want Dick to know, as he had been warned so many times how hot Tilly Lamps can become.

On that fishing trip Tom learned a painful lesson - and Dick felt terrible knowing Tom didn't go to him straight away...So perhaps they both learnt a Lesson



Saturday, 26 November 2005

Name that Name

So you don't have to think about it over the weekend Jan's middle name and my first name is

Friday, 25 November 2005


Dear Santa if you come to see me Christmas Eve I would like some additional Power Points - Today I have plugged in The Camcorder - Digital Camera - Cell Phone - Electric Tooth brush - Electric Cooker - Kettle - Coffee Maker - PC - Laptop - Two Standard Lights - Six Lamps - Four Televisions - Electric Fire - Lady shaver - I'm sure there are some I have missed -

so please dear Santa unless you can supply the points

don't bring me anymore Electrical gadgets, because I can't cope with anymore



Thursday, 24 November 2005

Heating on Fire lit

The heating is on the fire is lit - so just guess where the boys are -

Right first time.....

1.  Curled up near the radiator

2.  Nin spread out in front of the wood burner

3.  Still spread out

4.  Joined by Barney....

Going back to what the vet was saying .....he said "maybe" about the boredom....but didn't think it likely - as Nin and Barney play together  - and are always in each others company.....

He veered more toward an alergy....and tried to explain why - had something to do with him chewing his paws....wish I had paid closer attention to what he was telling us....

But so relieved at the fact Nin didn't have a brain tumour...

So having explained that I shall go have my dinner....

PS.....Jan and I have discovered we have the same name Ally being my nick name and my first name and Jan's is her middle name we thought it might be a bit of fun if you tried to guess what our Name is.....


Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Nin's check up

Nin went for his check up at the Vets today, and it's good news all the way - His ear drum is not perforated, as he had suspected - It was so infected last time he could not see to the bottom, but it is now a little better, he has ruled out all the nasty things it could have been...and now thinks his behaviour is caused by an alergy.....or even Boredom...He informs us that dogs can get bored.  Barney can amuse himself all the time - he will play with a ball, or any other toy all on his own for hours, whereas Nin never has been one to chase a ball - his favourite pass time is lying on his back - and having a human - (he don't mind which human) tickle his Tum...he is in his seventh Doggie Heaven .....As for Barney as we always say The lights are on but there is no one at home, he seems to be in his own little world and is loving every minute of it....



Tuesday, 22 November 2005


1)   Barney voicing his disapproval at my new toy...

2)   Just don't move - ......Nothing moves here without my permission....

He just do'es not like anything that can make a noise louder than he can......


Friday, 18 November 2005

Nin and Barney

Barney Sound asleep in that position

Friends together

Nin on his pillow

Ohhhhh - Barneys on Nins pillow

Moved to another location

Thats a new little gadget I bought - an Electric carpet sweeper - Barneys licking it - don't know if that is a good or bad sign,  - maybe licking it to see if it's good enough to eat.  




Thursday, 17 November 2005

I have found my rainbow at the end of my garden

Taken yesterday afternoon during a sunny - rainy day - from my the top of the garden in the middle is a Potting Shed (New addition) to the right is the workshop - fully equiped with carpentry the left is the greenhouse out of sight behind the the foreground is a basket ball thingy that the children love to practice getting the ball through......


Saturday, 12 November 2005

Peace Perfect Peace

Nin and Barney have had such a hard day - Chasing the Birds - Digging Holes - Chasing the Leaves blown by the wind - as you can see they are having a well earned rest.......Barney does not fully close his eyes, he's afraid he might miss something...



Friday, 11 November 2005

driving home

Joan two of these pictures are for you, to cheer you up as your New Dishwasher wasn't delivered. (They are of Sheringham) the other one is a picture of the sky as we were driving home...really pretty....Ally

Wednesday, 9 November 2005

A pig of a Shopping trip

I went to visit my Sister today - I normally go on Thursday - but as I am off out to-morrow I changed my day...On the way I nipped into the Supermarket.

 I decided to take a Trolley rather than a basket, As my shopping normally ends in me buying more than I went in for.

The trolley was fine, while it was empty, but as I added groceries into it - it decided it would go its own merry way.   I pushed it one way - but it wanted to go somewhere else.

I decided to pull it, rather than push it - but this didn't help - I think it was programmed to drag customers to the aisles - where the store had items they really wanted to get rid of.

I don't know how I ever passed my driving test - because I certainly would have failed if I had taken it in that trolley.

After fifteen minutes of struggling round the store, I decided enough was enough.. and made my way to the check out point. It steered me there - no trouble at all. (see after my money) I just  knew it was automaticaly programmed  to take the customer to certain points in the store.

I complained about the trolley to the checkout girl...(unlike me) but I had noticed other ladies having trouble with stacked trollies. mine wasn't stacked,  far from it...and I surely was having problems....Check out girl said they had quite a few complaints and were looking into getting them fixed.

I decided to carry my shopping to the car, as I dreaded the thought of trying to steer it through  to where the car was parked.

....Oh to have the good old days back when you went into a shop and were served at a counter   - Sugar weighed and put into a Paper bag. Good old mucky carrots and potatoes...Apples of different shapes and sizes - as nature intended them to be,  and the same for tomatoes - I guess in those days everything was organic.

It's make me wonder if one day we will be buying square tomatoes - so they fit into sandwichs properly..

Somehow I can't imagine those days coming back....and listen to me going on I shop every week at the Supermarkets.


Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Barney and Nin

When we last took Nin to the Vets - he diagnosed a perforated eardrum..(If the first Vet we had seen had thought to look in his ears - treatment could have started much earlier)

He put Nin on very strong antibiotics......

Which really laid the poor little lad low - he has been very lethargic - not his usual bright self at all.

Barney is concerned - as he keeps near him,  where ever Nin go'es Barney is next to him...

.We also have been concerned - as they are both usually so full of the Joys of Spring...

We have to go back and see the Vet on 23th November...but were thinking of making an earlier appointment - Until this morning that is:-..

What a difference a day makes .....They have been galloping  around the house, like two little puppies - Chasing each other upstairs and downstairs..really having a good old Doggie time....they are both flaked out in their beds at the moment.....It is good to have Nin back to his playful self -

And Barney is no longer protecting him - Isn't it funny how they can hone in on the actual problem, if we had gone by Barney's actions in the first place, this is sniffing down Nin's ears more or less trying to tell us there was something wrong - but we just assumed it was Barney doing his usual thing looking after Nin.

Even though Barney is the youngest he is cetainly the carer of the two.

If Nin sneezes or has a dream - (where he is chasing that rabbit over the fields), Barney runs straight to him, looking very concerned - but the other way round Nin just looks up as if to say "What ever are you doing"

So hopefully things will carry on in this vein and we won't have to make that earlier appointment after all...





Sunday, 6 November 2005

Early Morning

This is the view I woke up to this morning - it was 6.35am...The Sun was so bright I could not look at it.  The clouds above were rolling and looked very menancing like a storm was on it's way.

So like any sensible person, I drew the blinds and went back to bed.....


Friday, 4 November 2005

Where do the boys go when we are out

The cat tickled my sense of humour - don't ask me why - I can't answer that. It was on my Digi. camera and I know I never took a picture of it so am a bit mystified as to how it got there.!!!!

The Pumpkin - OK I admit it - I bought that for Lyn....the light outside spoiled the effect of the candle burning inside the pumpkin...

and last but not least, we often wondered what the boy's got up to when we were out - now we know - arriving home they usually bark to greet us....

To-day no noise going in we kept as quiet as we could - and in the back bedroom - both of them were spread out on the bed - which looked like a tornado had hit it, Pillows on the floor - covers pulled all over the place...  We had to laugh though, as they lazily opened their eyes - and looked a bit sheepish (Or should that be Doggish)..



Thursday, 3 November 2005

Field Mouse in the Garage

Went into the Garage which is where I keep the bird seed and peanuts - as I wanted to fill the Nut holders and replenish the bird table, It's surprising how many birds seem to rely on this feed....

I had bought a new sack of seed - but knew there was still a little left in the old one.....Barney and Nin followed me into the Garage....

Before I go on - a few weeks ago we knew we had mice in the garage - but living near fields and woodland this is not unusual...We could see the signs of mice - and started to look for them....

We searched old boxes, - other things that had piled up...which we discarded to the Garage...waiting a Bonfire....couldn't find any.

On a shelf is a pair of Dr Martin boots, which Lyn picked up - and lo and behold a mouse had built a nest in one of them was very intricate - and very heavy ,to our surprise there was wood, nails nuts and bolts and little bits of cardboard and material, he or she was a strong little critter!.....Didn't put our hands in - just in case it was inhabited.

So gingerly returned the boot to the Shelf....the other boot was unoccupied...thank goodness...

We cleared the Garage of all the rubbish - and had a small bonfire..

OK back to Barney and Nin following me into the Garage,  I picked  up the old  seed bag - and could see just a small amount of seed in the bottom - so turned it upside down over a tub - but didn't notice the occupant until out tumbled this little field mouse...

This really freaked me out - throwing the bag into the air, I screamed - now don't get me wrong, I am not afraid of mice....It was just the shock of seeing it come out of the bag..

Well if that made me jump, You should have seen Barney - Catching sight of the mouse - I have never seen him move so quickly, that poor little mouse did not know which way to turn,  it made for the door - I was making my way to the door Barney was still running - Mousie jumped out of the door and just ran -it made the fence just a tails length in front of Barney....poor Barney I really felt sorry for him - He ran back into the Garage then back to where the mouse had disappeared..then back again......

But there go'es another mouse - wonder if that was the one - which built the nest in Lyn's boot........

Lyn had to by a new pair of Dr. Martins as they had used the linings from both boots to help with construction of their nest....








Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Booking Christmas Lunch

Pic.No 1 - Our car parked outside Lenwade Country Club.

Pic No 2 - Barney on Cat the back sitting room .I put the chair there for him - otherwise he jumps on the coffee table - and it has a glass top...

Pic No 3  Barney back again on lookout for cat.

Pic No 4 = Lenwade C.C. we went there to book our Christmas Lunch...

Pic No 5 - Nin composed as ever.....waiting for Barney to come flying back any minute now...

We decided to treat ourselves out to Christmas Lunch this year, save a lot of cooking ,,,,,,Hope we enjoy it, It will be the first time ever we have done this...

Hope your November will be a happy and tranquil Month for you....