Saturday, 25 February 2006

Is that what a Bull looks like Mum

Found some pictures of Nin when he was a puppy he is nearly eight years old now but still has that charming look ~

Roxy was a rescue dog ~ he was so obedient and really well behaved ~ he took to Nin the minute he saw him ~~ and they were great buddies.

Nins predessor was also a Jack Russell named Tiny he was 17 years old when he died ~  we were not going to replace him ~~

"So two weeks later we got Nin" lol.

We had to ~ as Roxy was missing his Buddy so much and was lost without him.

We took Roxy along and he chose Nin ~~ they were buddies for two years then Roxy Died.

We then did the same thing and took Nin along and he chose Barney - the Chap stood there holding 3 tiny puppies in his arms - Nin sniffed all three but Barney was his no 1choice.  By the time we got home Barney was this wet bundle of fur ~ where Nin had licked him from head to toe...and from that day on they have been like brothers.

Just slipped in this picture of Lyn ~ read the notice on the gate ~ made us smile...



Thursday, 23 February 2006

Raft Race


We were entered into a Charity Raft Race - and the apprentices were given the task of building it.....

This took place on a Sunday,  so wearing my best clothes - A Sack Dress and a Life Jacket - hair in pigtails went down to the River.

Climbed aboard the raft - and waited for the go signal.

As soon as we took off we were bombed with flour bags - it just covered us all and we looked liked ghosts.

as we made our way up river - the Fire Brigade were very helpful getting rid of the flour for us - they waited for us to come along side of them and hosed us down with water...It was so strong that it knocked me and a couple of the other girls into the water...

We had a Great day and although we didn't win there were a lot behind us....As I have been told many times it is not the winning but the taking part that counts...

After the event finished we all trundled into the Pub soaking wet but very happy...




Wednesday, 22 February 2006


Brian The Love Train did justice to the photo of me fishing

I had forgotten the true colours of the Photo.....Dennis -Dicks mate will be pleased to see that





My how photographs can bring back memories.....This was a day Match and a Sunny day as well - Otherwise I wouldn't have been fishing -

I only like Warm Sunny days - so you cannot call me a real fishing a real fishing persons brave all Kinds of weather...

Can recall so clearly my catch that day...not the tiddlers but my best catch of the Season..A Bream....

The Lake we are fishing is a very short drive away from where we now live only takes 5 minutes in the car to get there...

This particular Lake is in the grounds of a Pub..

The Lake belonged to Dicks employers "A Brewery" who also owned the Pub..

and the Fishing Club were lucky enough to be able to have sole use of it...


Tuesday, 21 February 2006


Manage My Reminders    Register a Mobile Phone




Don't Forget Task: Optician
Tuesday 21 February 2006   17:56

Here is a classic - as I get my appointments all wrong I decided to use the "Remind Me" on my Toolbar.......For the first time ever...

Above is a reminder for my Optician's appointment - tomorrow.

I asked for it a day early - so I would be prepared...

Funny thing is they offered me an earlier appointment last I now don't  need the reminder for to-morrow...

But it makes the future look brighter for my appointments - maybe, just maybe I will be on top of them all....

Monday, 20 February 2006

Proof if you need it


I have always believed that Children like Box's better than it's contents...and to prove my point the two pictures above clearly uphold my belief...

That Box was played with on every visit  the Grandchildren made.....It had a window so you could see out - and holes where the arms could go was carefully put in the Garage each time before they left  -

Until the next visit  when it was the first thing to come out to be played with - it was a "Space Ship" - a "Boat "-A "plane" a "train" and  "Tank" - but it fitted in to every game they played whatever they wanted it to be It became..

Until it eventually fell apart and was disguarded to the rubbish bin.

Now they are looking for another box seems they must have one to continue there games.. but the box needs to be a bit bigger than the last they have grown a few inches since then.

What fun they had with that old box...and their Grand dad





Sunday, 19 February 2006

St Peters Mancroft and other things

When I went to Norwich last week I took these photographs of the Street where I spent my youth....and some of the happiest days of my life.

St Peters Mancroft - The Forum and the house where I lived are all on the same Street..

I was walking in front of the Forum although it seems quite empty there were crowds of Children who were on Half-term from school.

They were playing on their Skate Boards - which really isn't allowed as it can be quite dangerous to the public..

I stood admiring the Forum it really is a lovely building.

When all of a sudden I had this terrible pain in the back of my small lad was doing a spin and separated himself from his skate board which ended up hitting my leg..

He was of course full of apologies - and I could have cried (But I didn't)...

I was meeting Tom at two o'clock and only had a few minutes to get to our meeting place.

How I got there I really don't know, but I did..I then had a look at my leg which had already come up with a beautiful long Bruise..Which was turning to a horrible  purple colour.

Tom wanted to go back and have a go at the lad, but I was pretty sure he would have left the area. and they do not have anywhere to play on their skateboards. which is a shame as it leaves them no alternative but to play on the streets.

Anyway the bruising is subsiding now - still sore though...I was lucky as it could have broken my leg..(But it didn't)

The Children are back at school now so may make another visit soon.





Friday, 17 February 2006

Someone else's Cat

I have had a very lazy day to day ....Watched the DVD Nanny Mcphee and really rejoyed it  a pleasant two hours of fantacy....

Was talking to someone about cats today which reminded me of an incident that took place a few years ago.

It was Summer and going to bed opened the windows as it was very warm.

during the night was awakened by something pulling at the bed covers....then I heard the sound of purring...which was strange as I don't have anything that purrs.

Lady my little Yorkshire terrier who we had at the time certainly never purred - Barked - Yapped Yes but never purred...

Sitting up in bed I could see next-door-neighbours cat making a bed in the covers.

I quickly got up and closed the bedroom door as I knew if Lady saw the cat she would of course chase it - and it looked so comfortable and I hated to disturb it.

Anyway it decided to spend the night with me the sound of it's purring was quite comforting and it stretched out as cats do...I was quite sad when it decided it was in the wrong house and leapt out of the window .

Although I left the window open at other times it never did return ....

But while in the garden he would let me stroke him and was very friendly... but he never shared my bed with me again...

PS.   I do want to thank Stuart - Specimen days for all the help he has given me since I started my Journal  anything I needed to know he has always been there to help with advice and the right way to do all the things - that I as a beginner at blogs needed to know...I just need to thank him so  Thankyou Stuart....

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Planes and appointment.

The pictures of Diamond Lil are ones that Brian "The Love Train " made even clearer...and one he played with..changing the colour.....The others are ones I received in the post signed by the Crew.....I was so proud of them I had them framed and they hang in my Lounge....


The phone rang this morning and on answering it they asked for Lyn.. I said she was out... they asked if I was Mrs. W..... so I said yes      (As of course I am)  They asked me to tell Lyn her prescription was ready for collection....and would I like my appointment for this afternoon instead of next week...(Hang on a minute I never even knew I had an appointment next week)...but at least this is one appointment I am not going to miss. and I'm having it early today.

When Lyn came home I gave her the message...she was pleased as she wanted her new glasses.

A reading pair and a distance pair,  they are "Bling" whatever that means...but I must admit they are really smart.

I waited in the car while Lyn went to pick her glasses up - and as we were early, she came back to the car and tried on her new specs.   then she said "Mum these are supposed to be tinted" she has this allergy to bright lights. so have distance glasses tinted. for bright sunlight (Not that we get much of that) but she had paid for it so expected it to be done).

When I went in I mentioned this to the receptionist and she said it had been ordered and would Lyn take them back before we left

I had my eyes tested and and ordered a pair of reading glasses

went back to the car, and Lyn asked if I would take her glasses back "wear the old ones up first" I think was what she I took them back for her, and they had forgotten to tint them, so had to leave them to go back to be tinted....

can pick them up next week when I collect my new ones...




Sunday, 12 February 2006

Mirror in the car


I really must learn to close doors behind me - that's the second time Barney has rearranged the bedding - so I had to start all over again.

For the past couple of weeks Tom my g.son has been using my little KA.  I am glad he is as I don't like it to just sit in the Garage - when I am not using it myself...

The mirror had fallen off again I think it is because it had been standing and condensation had got behind it.  Tom is going to fix it for me. I don't like driving without being able to see what is behind me,

While out one day a lorry driving toward Tom Threw stones up and one hit the windscreen and made a hole in it - Now I am Fully comprehensive so am covered for windscreens - so called my insurance Company who gave me a telephone number to call...which I did and they arranged to come last Thursday....Tom was going to Birmingham so he parked my car in our driveway.

The men (seemed like boys to me) arrived and  because the hole was too big to repair fitted a new windscreen - and of course replaced the Mirror...   Which was still on the passenger seat of the car.

I had to pay £50 excess ( Think that is what they call it) so all is well again.

Lyn and I had to go to the shops - and driving along - I was in the passenger seat,  I glanced up at the Mirror - and without thinking I said to Lyn "Gosh that's a good way they have fitted my mirror back - not just glued to the windscreen"

Lyn took a quick sideways glance at me ..and said "Mum we are in my car not yours"...bear in mind her's is a four wheel drive you could put my car in her Boot.

Well we both started to Laugh her at me and me at myself, we could not stop, tears ran down our cheeks - even in the shop we were still giggling....

I said to Lyn please don't tell anyone I even made her promise..all she said was don't think I can - as she was still laughing....

Tom came and picked my KA up, and I thought Lyn will at some point tell him - so I went through to the lounge and said "Lyn - tell Tom what a stupid thing I did"...Tom's face went red and Lyn started to laugh again - You are right she had already told him..!!!!!....

I expect she has told half of Norwich already - so you may as well know too...

And Stuart I think perhaps I do need a PA   or   even a






Friday, 10 February 2006

Pressie buying and oldies

The pictures above are enjoying going through them ...bringing back happy memories...

Tomorrow is our friend R's birthday and we need to go buy his present...we have already bought Jeans a T shirt and a DVD. but need to get his main present.

So we've been to Fakenham this afternoon, it was a very cold and dreary day...Sleeting and quite miserable 

The  first shop we went into is Aldiss & Bettys of Fakenham. Wow they have a sale on.

We have been looking for Curtains for the front door at home and find a lovely pair with 50 percent off so we buy them.

We then find some lovely white pillow cases with 50 percent off so we buy four of them.

Browsing round the store Lyn comes across a Spode dish with Admiral Lord Nelson on it, well R is very interested in Nelson so we purchase that .

Then we come across a Lovely Silver cigarette lighter  - we both liked it so decided to get it as his main present.

Well thats it - everything bought in one store - so all we have to do now is drive home - then we realised we had not bought any wrapping paper, but never mind we have lots of Christmas wraping paper at home that will have to do.

I'm sure R won't even notice it is not birthday paper....I forgot to mention earlier the funniest thing of the day was when Lyn and myself came out of Aldiss's - these two little old ladies walking against the wind and sleet both with newly acquired washing up bowls both of them using them as umbrellas and they were doing a fine job as well !!! Shopping list for next week 1. a new washing up bowl /umbrella.....





Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Diamond Lil and other planes

Diamond Lil flew into Norwich Airport a few years ago - and Dick and I went to see her..

We had to queue as lots of other people had the same idea.

We were given a tour inside and it was fascinating...How it ever got into the Air is beyond me, it is held together by thousands of rivets.  

A history of Diamond Lil   The Commemorative Air Force owns and operates the oldest B-24 type aircraft in existence. It was the 25th of over 18,000 built.

Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, one of the companies merged over the years into what is now General Dynamics Corporation, produced the first B-24 Liberator bombers for the Royal Air Force of Great Britain. Early production models of the B-24 were delivered to the British with the first six off the line known as LB-30A's. This aircraft, the 18th LB-30 of an order of 20 for Great Britain, was involved in an accident on its delivery flight to Canada in 1941. Consolidated rebuilt it to a transport configuration and it was used as a company aircraft throughout World War II.

It flew on a scheduled basis between San Diego, Fort Worth and New York. From its Consolidated serial #AM-927, the plane became known along this route as "Old 927."

After the war, "Old 927" was sold to the Contintental Can Company, and flown as an executive transport for about 10 years. Then it was sold to Mexico's national oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), and flown in Latin America until the CAF acquired it in 1967.

Since her Ghost Squadron


Monday, 6 February 2006

Touched up

Isn't it much clearer now - Thank you Brian.....

see previous entry and compare the difference.....Ally

Oldies yet again


Ever since Joy and me were little, Mum used to make our clothes..and they always had to be the same, as you can see even into adolescene the skirts and cardies are the same...

There is only eighteen months between the two of us and we were and still are great friends.

I will never forget Roger - he would follow us to School and later to Work - we used to hide in the Market stalls trying to evade him coming with us.

When we arrived at our destination thinking we had evaded him - there he would be wagging his tail, as if it was all a great game.

Then one of us would have to take him home shut the door and hurry back...I don't think we had the sense to do this before we left home,  or perhaps we enjoyed the game as well.

There wasn't as much traffic about as there is today - so he always came home from his adventures safe and sound...Sometimes carrying a marrow bone someone had given him. or perhaps he had dug up from somewhere, he had no intention of parting with it to anyone. but would eventually bury it in the garden.

Chapel Field was his favourite haunt and he would spend lots of time there ....many a time the Park Keeper would walk him home - as we lived one short street away from the park, I think the Park Keeper knew he would get a cup of tea and a sandwich when he returned him...

The picture is taken in Chapel Field Gardens ..which was one of our favourite places as well....


Thank you Sandra for the Ally tag..



Saturday, 4 February 2006

    For those who e-mailed me about Hetty Green - Took this from the internet...thought you might like to know something about her...glad she is not one of my ancestors...... There is plenty more about her on the net.


Hetty Green was a mean-spirited, tightfisted, shrewd woman! Born Henrietta Howland Robinson in 1835, she is listed in Guiness Book of World Records as the greatest of misers. Hetty's father, Edward Mott Robinson, and her aunt Sylvia Ann Howland both died in 1865, leaving her an inheritance of nearly $10 million (worth some $185 million in today's dollars). Hetty immediately began investing in the financial markets, scoring her first major success after the Civil War as she bought depreciated U.S. government bonds from skittish investors. Her philosophy was simple: "Buy cheap and sell dear"--and she had an instinct for knowing when which was which!

Hetty herself lived in cheap boarding houses in Manhattan and Brooklyn, taking public transportation to her Wall Street "office"--the vault of Chemical National Bank. There she sat, clipping coupons from her municipal bonds, and diligently pouring over financial reports and forecasts. Known as The Witch of Wall Street," Hetty's disposition was so repugnant that she had no friends and people avoided her.

Even Hetty's son was the recipient of her mean-spirited cheapness. When he injured his knee, Hetty refused to pay for a doctor and treated the injury herself. Two years later, when her son's knee still hadn't healed, Hetty dressed him in rags and pretended to be a charity case. When the doctor learned who she was and demanded payment, Hetty left his office in a rage. Several years later, the boy's leg had to be amputated.

Hetty herself lived off cold oatmeal because she was too stingy to heat it, and died of apoplexy in an argument over the virtues of skimmed milk. The year was 1916, and she left behind every penny of some $100 million (equal to about $1.5 billion today). Friendless and pathetic, Hetty Green was reputedly the wealthiest woman in the U.S. at that time.  


Friday, 3 February 2006

Barney hiding the remote control between his front legs.

As you can see Barney is having a busy day....the remote lays near his front legs..

Grandson Tom came round yesterday, and took me for a drive....Amber my g.g.daughter sat in the back seat...

From the time we left home she did not stop talking...and I noticed some of the expressions she was using.

Bear in mind she does watch childrens TV on sky and lots of these come from the U.S.A.

 Nappies are now Diapers...Rubbish is now Trash or Garbage...Tomato's are now Tomaytoes.....Garage with a total American twang.

The thing that struck me the most is when she speaks she actually sounds American...

Maybe it has something to do with ancestry - as Tom my Grandson is a decendant of The Pilgrim Fathers (on his other Grandmothers side her name was Norris before she married - and she is French). one of the people who comes to mind is Hetty Green, known as the worlds meanest woman...and also the name is all very interesting



Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Bright ideas and I love the tax man

Why I am showing the workshop at the top of the garden - We have decided to have all the carpenters tools removed and turn this into a holiday home.

We had a chappie in today to estimate what it would cost.

He said the building was very sound - the roof was good, and the floor inside is totally concreted and in good order.

It is very big inside - and was part of the original bungalow  that was on this site, before the new bungalow was built.

What we plan on doing is making it into a sitting room, a bedroom, a shower room, and toilet, and a kitchen equipped with cooker etc.

I am very excited about this venture and we are going ahead with it.....

we are going to make a walkway through if we get visitors they will be totally self contained ...and won't need our help at all....Well if they did we would be only to glad to help.


You may wonder why I like the tax man today, well he sent me a nice big cheque as I had overpaid..(I love my tax man and the Dentist) !!!!!