Friday, 30 September 2005

Sick Computer

Just a short entry - My Computer is going into hospital this morning - really suffering...picked up some nasty virus.....Antibiotics will cure it - I hope.......Ally

Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Drs. Surgery

Had an appointment at the Doctors this morning - just to see the nurse -nothing serious - But it was lucky I had an appointment I'll tell you why........Well Barney is a lovely little dog, BUT, as I have told you "THE POSTMANS RUN" his brain can only function on one thing at a time - Now our regular postman knows the score but the Lady who delivers our village magazine dosen't.......Now bear in mind as you walk in our garden we have the biggest RED postbox  ever - How anyone could miss it beats me, but she did.....

So the story goes Barney is in heaven, he is going to get that yellow magazine come what may...Now I was trying to hold the letter box shut so the Lady in question didn't loose all her digits. She was fighting to push it through , - I was fighting to stop her.   In the ensuing battle I felt a sharp pain and Barney was attached to my ring finger....I knew something was wrong when the blood gushed.......Lyn to the rescue. she unattached Barney with a stern telling off - but the magazine's OK..

So explained all to the nurse, Finger bandaged, got to keep an eye on it, and Barney is suitably ashamed of himself - and I can't do the washing up - Wahey...

Don't you just love the Kitty - he's not mine - wish he were.

Have shown this picture to Barney -and warned him he's out next time he doe's battle with me...Only kidding...

Must thank Jeannette for all her help with my Journal....

Have a nice evening...and Take care...Ally





Monday, 26 September 2005


Thats me sitting playing on my laptop..

For the last couple of days as we were driving down our lane - crossing our path was a Peacock.  We assume he comes from the wild life park - which is just at the end of the lane - before you come to the main road.

He is just so lovely - Tall and regal - and so colourful.

Just hope he do'es not wander out onto the main road, which is busy, with traffic going to Norwich and Fakenham.

Will try and take pic of him next time we see him. If of coarse we do see him again.

Had to go for my flu injection this morning - Ouch - Seriously though, it didn't hurt at all - I was waiting for - breath held - waiting....For the pain...which didn't come - Nurse just said well thats done for another year - and was out - back in the car and back home in 20 minutes.

Have a good day -  Ally


Friday, 23 September 2005


I was asked a question the other day - via my Journal - it went something like this....If I had been evacuated - and had every material thing I would need - what would be the three personal items  sentimel or otherwise would I want to take with me:

My Answers were :-

1)  The letters my Mum left for us and found after she died

2)  My Dads ring - I bought him for his 70th Birthday 

3) My Hubbys watch which still ticks even after two and a half years after he died

    Makes me feel he is still with me.....

Following is poem Mum Left :

Think of me at night when sleep is near, and I who loved you am so far away.

Think of me then, and I will come to you, Nor leave you until night turns to day.

Stretch forth thy hand, and through the depth of dark - another hand shall touch your fingertips.

And as of old my voice shall breath your name and press a kiss upon your sleeping lips.


I wonder what things you would take with you  ?....Ally

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Sloes and Gin

We have decided to make some Sloe Gin - So off we go in the field which is next door to our bungalow,  as we know there are some sloe bushes in the hedgerow and as little traffic pass by - So they should be OK to eat. or even drink in this instance.

 the odd tractor - Families riding by on their horses Mums Dads and their children  (why this made me smile I really dont know - young man came riding by on a beautiful Black horse - and he was using his Mobile phone )- I wanted to tell him it was against the law to use that when driving - but didn't know if he was driving or riding...Is there a difference ? Just seemed funny seeing him on the phone.                                                                                                                                

 Anyway, I didnt realise sloe bushes have such sharp thorns. "Ouch Oh Ouch".We wanted a pound in weight for this recipe we found - and it takes quite a few sloes to make a pound. We did eventually find a bush that had quite a lot on it.  So we gathered as .many as we could - took them home and weighed them - just under a pound, so back to the field to gather a few more.  Put them with the others on the scales - exactly a pound.

Now Demijohn at the ready - Sloes washed - Sugar and 1 bottle of gin added, then Lyn tells me that the Sloes had to be pierced before they went in - and guess who got this job, yes you are right me.  Now bear in mind that sloes are much the same size as peas -

So armed with a fork and a dish - I started my task.  One, two, three, I gave up counting after 50. and as  I pierced each one I added it to the Sugar and gin, by the time I finished I actually had cramp in my fingers.

I have never tasted Sloe Gin - but I'm hoping it will be delicious, if only for the work I did on them Sloes...Ally 




Wednesday, 21 September 2005

our visit to the vets and other things

Visit to Vets went OK Nin went in first and he was in there for a long time - half of which was waiting ...he does have a few problems which the vet is trying to sort out.. I sat in the car with Barney.

He did is usual 40 laps around his cage, a bark here a whine there. a wimper. then he settled down - for at least a minute.  He greeted every car that arrived, barked as is his wont, didn't get any return greetings though.

Most of the dogs that arrived were puppies.  The odd cat or two.  Some chappie came out of the surgery with a small gift  my first though was "wonder what he's got in there" Settled that it must be a prescription bag - was to small for a pet.

It amazing what you see sitting in a car outside a vets surgery.

Back to Barney - He's an odd little character he has what I call - Postmans Run - Cats Run - And The Hoover.

Postmans run - he hears the postmans van long before we do, he runs from room to room looking out of the window - when the van eventually arrives at our drive - it's upstairs he goes - he must get a better view from the upstairs windows. we had to put a letter box at the front of our drive, as when the postie put the letters through our letter box, they would be shredded if we didn't get there first. and he is much faster than us. once the van drives off  - because Barney has got rid of him he settles down.

Next is the cats Run - Just about the same as the Postmans run - but just confined to the back of the house. How he knows the cat is out there is beyond us.

Next but no means last is the hoover - where-ever you are in the house, just touch a Hoover, you don't need to move it - He's there, ready for battle - the Hoover Monster who dares to enter our house is fair game to him - we now find putting him in the car outside is much easier for us to work.

Back to the vet.  Lyn brought Nin out and took Barney in - he wasn't in there for 10 minutes.  Lyn came out looking Harassed - Barney looking very pleased with himself.  He hasn't got to go again vet very pleased with him - so alls well.  Ally

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Nin and Barney

Tomorrow Wednesday have got to take both the boys to the vets - have decided we will take them in one at a time - they both have an aversion to cats and there is always a cat in the surgery... Nin is so good when he meets the vet, but Barney well what can I tell you about Barney - he has an aversion to cats and vets - having said that - he was a good boy when rushed to the emergency vet - wonder what he will be like tomorrow.  Will keep you updated, but they both  seem to be very much better....Barneys Butt washed twice a day seems OK not causing him any pain. Oh the Joys of pet ownership - and that we had taken out  Pet insurance ,but we did not and vet advised it was unnecessary as Jack Russells are strong little dogs  and as they are 5 and 6 years old We probably have not spent as much as if we had insurance - working it out he is right - I am glad to say...will update you tomorrow....Ally

Monday, 19 September 2005

The Cat

Some of the e-mails I receive really tickle my sense of humour - As this one did. so I'm sharing it with you.

Saturday, 17 September 2005

Nin and Barney

Update to last entry - it's now 10pm Barney just arrived home with a lanced butt. looking really pleased with himself - Nin had a great reunion they are both now lying together as they always do.  So its Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to bed I go feeling much happier.....Ally

Nin and Barney

What a week we have had- last Wednesday we had to take Nin to the vets as he had been out of sorts.  So we put the boys in cages in the car. and off we went.

We arrived at the vets and Lyn took Nin in - well Barney could not understand what he had done to be left in the car. So he howled - tried to dig his way out of his cage - did a dozen circles - then he noticed a dog sitting very peacefully in the car next to us.

So he decided to bark at it...Well he returned Barney's with the loudest Bark I have heard followed by a howl - Barney sat down and was quite for at least 5 minutes -

I was glad when Lyn came out prescription in hand and we went home.

Well tonight Saturday Barney was in pain and couldn't sit down and after lyn felt all around found his gland on his butt was very swoolen - rang the vet - Said they would see him as he was in pain so off  Lyn has taken him - quite a drive away from our usual Vets Surgery.

Well  Nin couldn't understand why he couldn't go. and sat near the door and Howled - keeps coming back to me then returning to the door - poor love - they do hate to be apart.   Lyn has been gone nearly an hour and a half and Nin is now sitting near the door waiting for him to return...Hurry home Lyn - then Nin will settle down for the night....And so can I  -  Ally

Friday, 16 September 2005

Funny Face

Just caught sight of these two pictures and they made me laugh - hope they give you a smile...Ally

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

The TAIL of a mouse

This a picture of "Blue" my grandsons dog (one Blue eye) hence the name..


Our kitchen was invaded by one small mouse - we knew we had one at least - because it left a trail behind it - chewed packets of biscuits - well anything it could get it's teeth into - it had a go at. and he had to go.

And we never did find out how he managed to get into so many cupboards.

So mouse trap was bought. and as we had a big walk in pantry that was where we decided to put it.

This was a Sunday and Dick my husband set the mousetrap - we put a piece of chocolate in for bait. being told this was better than cheese.

Well off  Dick went fishing - which was his regular Sunday  pass time - as he belonged to a fishing club....but that's another story. back to our mouse.  It was getting quite late in the afternoon and I was sitting in the lounge very peaceful and very quite.  When I heard a Click - didn't register what it was at first. Then it dawned on me omg the mouse trap - going very gingerly into the pantry first thing I saw was this tiny mouse with the longest tail I have seen - trouble was the very end of his tail was caught in the trap - otherwise he was unharmed.  He looked as scared of me as I was of him.  but I couldn't leave it there - could I.  So I went and got a towel and put it over him (I say him) not sure if it wasn't a her. and took him into the garden gently putting him on the ground managed to release his tail. he sat there for what seemed ages taking his tail in his front paws and rubbing them up and down his tail.  I expect that was to ease the pain.  you can tell how small he was as the wind blew a leaf from the pear tree and it covered him.   I thought please go away - don't just sit there - but he did for another 5 minutes - then he scurried off.. I won't tell you what Dick said when he got home - but knowing him as I did I am sure he would have done the same thing.. Funnily he didn't come back to our house. cant understand why....Ally

Saturday, 10 September 2005


I forgot to mention the lad in the pictures below is my Greatgrand son Jake with his Dog Blue (Blue actually has one blue eye) hence the name - He is the one who wrote a Blog for you...Ally

Nin and Barney - Grapevine

Friday, 9 September 2005

7 things to do

Forgot my 7 Celebrities :

1   -   Mario Lanza

2   -   Hugh Grant

3   -   Colin Firth 

4   -   Johnny Depp

5   -   Brad Pitt

6   -   Richard E Grant

7   -   Keanu Reeves                                                                                                    

7 things I plan to do


1    -     Board and Areoplane -" I may never do this".

2    -     Get the garden straight

3    -     Meet someone famous - dont mind who.

4    -     Paint a beautiful picture.

5     -    Have it hung in an art gallery.

6     -    See my Greatgrand Children go to Uni.

7     -    Live till i'm over a hundred.



1    -    Cook

2    -    grow my finger nails

3    -    Be loyal to my friends

4    -    Knit

5    -    Sew - my sewing machine is my best friend

6    -    Have fun

7    -    Listen to others without interupting



1    -    Change a tyre

2    -    Go to sleep when I'm a passenger in a car.

3    -    Can't go into a shop without buying something.

4    -    Put on weight - even with cream cakes.

5    -    Listen to Gossip

6    -    Can't put down a good book.

7    -    Can't say no to anyone in need



1    -    Voice

2    -    Sense of  humour

3    - Their laugh

4    -  Their eyes

5    -   Kindness

6    -    Ears  lol

7    -    Teeth



1    -    Oh my Gosh

2     -    Be careful

3     -    No

4     -    That was lovely

5      -   Oh no ! Not football again

6      -   Take care

7      -  Yes help yourself .......................   Ally        

Thursday, 8 September 2005

War with the Moles

We had just one mole in our garden - and he wrecked havoc - we had advice from many different quarters on the best way to get rid of it - whenever we went in the garden it had made another mole hill - you would not think something so small could do such damage -  Advice ranged from soaking rope in parafin and putting down the hole....Putting the hose pipe down  and flooding him out -but I think moles must be able to swim because that did not deter him (more mole hills that ever) - suspect  he came up for air now and again - someone suggested we get a shot gun and fire it into one of the mole hills - couldnt do this - didnt have a shot gun....We tried mole traps, but thankfully never caught him in one....My Dad said when they had moles he would wait and as soon as he saw the soil start  to move  he quickly dug the fork in and threw the mole out - How horrible - didnt try that one either....I personally began to feel very sorry for the little chap - having just seen a picture of one - they have little hands or what look like hands....Hubby did eventually catch it alive - so we took it near the woods and set it free to cause havoc somewhere else...

A few days after this fiasco we were driving home along the same road we released him and there was this small creature right in the path of our car - a motor cyclist coming toward us also stopped - He was a very big chap but waited while I gingerly got out of the car newspaper in hand - in case it was something that might bite me. went and gathered it up in the paper - of all things it was a mole  -  they are so soft like velvet and really do have little hands - I quickly went to the kirb and released in the field - I like to think it was the one who wrecked our lawn - just stopping to say hello.....Ally


Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Sunny day

Its a lovely sunny day - the sky is as blue as my text - Sitting in the garden having a cup of coffee.   The dogs are playing under the garden hose - they really do need to as they have been rolling in goodness knows what.  Why do dogs do that ?...have now put the sprinkler on and the dogs are chasing the water and trying to catch in before it hits the ground.  now they are lying just letting the water drench them..They look to be in doggie heaven..I have taken pictures of them so will post them later..and I took pictures of My grape vine - you remember my grape WOW...Short and sweet today must get back to my coffee...Take care have a good day...Ally  



Sunday, 4 September 2005


Pictures were taken on holiday in Cornwall - My Favourite is the last one of my lovely daughter...Ally


Saturday, 3 September 2005

My Grape Vine

I must tell you about my grape vine - Well I never would have believed I could grow such a good one -  it is in the greenhouse so  that probably helps it..But the bunches of grapes - there must be a dozen at least are lovely and big, and have just started turning purple.. Now I am no gardiner - If  I  planted weeds I am sure they would not grow - But my Grapevine Well  WOW... -Where  ever I have lived I have always planted a grapevine - I had one in my first house - which grew really big, never had any fruit on it though - so I bought a big Bunch from the Market and tied them to the vine -  Meaning to show them to my hubby when he came home, but with Cooking evening meal  I forgot about them - later when I did remember and took him in the garden to show him the grapes on my vine - the birds had eaten  most them...Expensive meal they had that day.........Hope you all have a good weekend...Ally

Friday, 2 September 2005

Nin - isnt he a charmer

This is Nin front view - isn't he a charmer....

Thursday, 1 September 2005


Just a quickie - I just want to thank you for replying to my Grandsons blog. he so wanted to write one - and they are our blogers of to-morrow - he is well and truly hooked - and wanted me to say thanks - and  I thank you for the hugs  you sent for me -I enjoyed them....Ally