Thursday, 22 September 2005

Sloes and Gin

We have decided to make some Sloe Gin - So off we go in the field which is next door to our bungalow,  as we know there are some sloe bushes in the hedgerow and as little traffic pass by - So they should be OK to eat. or even drink in this instance.

 the odd tractor - Families riding by on their horses Mums Dads and their children  (why this made me smile I really dont know - young man came riding by on a beautiful Black horse - and he was using his Mobile phone )- I wanted to tell him it was against the law to use that when driving - but didn't know if he was driving or riding...Is there a difference ? Just seemed funny seeing him on the phone.                                                                                                                                

 Anyway, I didnt realise sloe bushes have such sharp thorns. "Ouch Oh Ouch".We wanted a pound in weight for this recipe we found - and it takes quite a few sloes to make a pound. We did eventually find a bush that had quite a lot on it.  So we gathered as .many as we could - took them home and weighed them - just under a pound, so back to the field to gather a few more.  Put them with the others on the scales - exactly a pound.

Now Demijohn at the ready - Sloes washed - Sugar and 1 bottle of gin added, then Lyn tells me that the Sloes had to be pierced before they went in - and guess who got this job, yes you are right me.  Now bear in mind that sloes are much the same size as peas -

So armed with a fork and a dish - I started my task.  One, two, three, I gave up counting after 50. and as  I pierced each one I added it to the Sugar and gin, by the time I finished I actually had cramp in my fingers.

I have never tasted Sloe Gin - but I'm hoping it will be delicious, if only for the work I did on them Sloes...Ally 





lifeseensideways said...

It will be worth it. Fiddly now, very nice later! Enjoy!


jeadie05 said...

Ally my brother makes it and its delishuush,shave sum forr me Jan xx

jeanno43 said...

I have never tasted sloe gin afterwards and I do not envy you with having to do all that.  Seems such a shame, that man on the horse.  I mean what a way to relax, I used to love riding, just you and the animal and your daydreams, not the same when you are talking on the phone somehow. Well, you have been sloe gathering, someone else has been blackberry gathering and I have just been wool gathering as usual!

labdancer51 said...

I`ve never tasted sloe gin but I`ll bet it`s nice.  I hope you had fun with the slow piercing! :-)

Sandra xxxx

rachealcarol said...

It tastes fine........can be very potent if I remember right, never knew how you made it.  Enjoy, you did all the hard work it's derserved. xxRache

sarajanesmiles said...

What's a sloe?
Lol, honestly, I haven't a clue!!
Will go and google it :o)
Sara   x

sarajanesmiles said...

I now know what a sloe is ;o)
You learn something new every day!
Sara   x

nedmoh said...

Good for you having to prick all the sloes ,As Jan said our Brother makes it. hope it turns out well. Must admit I like a gin and bitter lemon.

grahamfarmga said...

I have never heard of sloes. I hope its good.

ryanagi said...

Sloe Gin! Wow...this brought back a funny memory.  I was visiting a friend back in 1983 or so. The drinking age was lower in her state than in mine. She took me to a local bar where I felt extremely out of place, awkward and I expected the bartender to ask me for ID at any moment. He didn't. He just asked me what I wanted. I probably should have just asked for a beer, but it didn't occur to me. I wracked my brains trying to think of the name of a mixed drink......ANY drink....and finally blurted out Sloe Gin Fizz! It's the first one I thought of. I had no clue what it would taste like. LOL