Friday, 23 September 2005


I was asked a question the other day - via my Journal - it went something like this....If I had been evacuated - and had every material thing I would need - what would be the three personal items  sentimel or otherwise would I want to take with me:

My Answers were :-

1)  The letters my Mum left for us and found after she died

2)  My Dads ring - I bought him for his 70th Birthday 

3) My Hubbys watch which still ticks even after two and a half years after he died

    Makes me feel he is still with me.....

Following is poem Mum Left :

Think of me at night when sleep is near, and I who loved you am so far away.

Think of me then, and I will come to you, Nor leave you until night turns to day.

Stretch forth thy hand, and through the depth of dark - another hand shall touch your fingertips.

And as of old my voice shall breath your name and press a kiss upon your sleeping lips.


I wonder what things you would take with you  ?....Ally


jeadie05 said...

When I stop crying at the poem Iwill give it some thought     Jan xx

jeanno43 said...

This brought tears springing to my eyes as I remembered my own dear parents.

I would take things left to me by Mum and Dad, some things left by Mike's Mum and Dad and all the family photographs and the family tree (plus my computer on which the family tree is stored.)

rjet33 said...

Oh wow, Ally.  Two-and-a-half years is not that long ago.  I know the loss is still very profound.  It has been six since my brother died, it still feels fresh.  You have my heartfelt sympathy.


labdancer51 said...

That`s lovely Ally, I really don`t know what I`d take...I`d have to think... I should be able to answer straight away...hmmm!

Sandra xxxx

rachealcarol said...

Ally that's a beautiful and touching poem, you should get that done in calligraphy on a favourite picture and framed or something........unless you already have. xxRache

dcmeyer420 said...

I live in hurricane alley so I am used to packing for evacuation. I always bring the kids, the dogs, my laptop and my cell phone. The sentimental stuff I take with me are the pictures of my kids and my family because they are irreplaceable.  

sarajanesmiles said...

I like your answers, and what a good question too.
I think I would have to bring my photo's, my Great Grandfathers clock and... erm... my Great Grandfathers rocking chair.  Though how I would make a speedy escape with those big bulky things I don't know!  They are the only things that are not replaceable, and really, as long as we all made it out safely that is the main thing.
Feel so terribly for all those people having to make this decision for real.
Sara   x

lifeseensideways said...

That is a very moving poem Ally. It must be a comfort to you to have that, and the watch. I would take family photographs and my Welsh oak longcase clock ... though how I would take anywhere with me, that is another question!


nedmoh said...

How very lovely that your Mum left letters for after she died.Your Husband watch that goes on ticking can be a comfort to you I am sure.
The poem your Mum Wrote is so moving. She loved you so.

grahamfarmga said...

Very pretty poem. I would take my children's baby pictures. My grandmother's wedding rings and the qult that hubby's great grandmother made.