Wednesday, 23 April 2008

day of disaster well not quite :o)



How can I describe Monday ~ Other than to say it was a day of pitfalls ~

We were going to the Coast to do some business ~ really just to collect some printing we had done

but on our way I realised I had lost my Bank card ~ we decided to go into Sheringham to my Bank to make sure it was cancelled ~ when we arrived at the Bank it was Lunch time and there was only one young girl dealing with everything

She ordered me a new card ~ but did not cancel the lost one ~ saying that my old card would stop when I received the new one ~ I felt sorry for her as there was a queue of people waiting to be served ~ she gave me a phone number to call to cancel my old card myself  ~ getting on the mobile outside the bank phoned the number she had given me but could not understand the person who answered the call  it was a terrible line ~ later I ended up going back into the Bank and spoke to the Manager who had returned from her Lunch break ~ she sorted it all out in less than 10 minutes ~

Then we went to pick up the printing we had ordered ~ when Lyn checked the order she found that they had printed our www web number incorrectly ~ he asked us to return about an hour and a half later and he would have them ready for us ~ so we Drove into Cromer and looked around the shops ~

we went into one where I reached up to get a battery and a hugh heavy battery fell from the shelf right onto my right foot ~ you would not believe the bump that appeared on my foot it was huge ~ I was really near to tears ~ but the woman serving us was only intent on taking the money for my purchase and didn't ask if I was OK ~ that is one shop I won't go into again

We went back to collect the printing and you wouldn't believe it they had done it wrong again ~ the Chap apologised and said he would do them again and put them in the post for us ~ (which we actually received this morning)

what other disaster happened ~ OH YES ~ Lyn went in the shower when we arrived home and asked me to turn the spaghetti that was on the stove off ~ without looking I accidentally turned it up so burnt the saucepan

Lyn reckons I am becoming accident prone ~ what with burning my hand with the hot coffee ~ my accident I had a few weeks ago and Monday ~ I am beginning to agree with her ~ but they say things come in three's so perhaps that is the last of my accidents ~ I really do hope so

Friday, 18 April 2008

this and that


Today Lyn and I both had a visit booked at the Dentist ~ neither of us wanted to go ~ BUT KNEW WE REALLY HAD TO ~ we did eventually manage to arrive before our appointed time and when the dentist had seen us both we were glad we had kept our appointment  ~ Lyn just had a scale and polish and I had one filling and a scale and polish ~ and do not have to go to see him for another nine months ~

The weather here has been very cold and lots of rain so have not been able to get out into the garden ~ and the grass on the lawn must be at least 4/5  inches tall  and really does need to be cut ~ so if anyone can spare the time would be glad of any help to get it cut :o)

Henry the Pheasant really has taken up residence in the garden and has brought his wife with him ~ which is a bit of a worry as Barney is very interested in finding out where he is ~ so we have to keep the Garden gate closed before we can let the boys into the Garden we do not want the Pheasant hurt in any way

Tom my Grandson celebrated his Birthday on the 13th April ~ we had eleven people round here ~ Nin and Barney were shut away for a while ~ but we let them come through later ~ we had a nice time and Tom loved his birthday cake ~ which Lyn had baked for him ~ so a nice time was had by all ~ 


Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Snow and Sunshine


Our Garden looked like a Winter Wonderland just over a week ago ~ yet yesterday I sat out there and it was Sunny and warm ~ 

Henry as we have named our Pheasant spends a great deal of time at the bird feeder ~ well after all he is a bird so I suppose he has every right ~

Barney spotted him the other day and made chase but Henry managed to clear the fence before Barney could grab him ~

Last Saturday we went to the Spring Bazaar at the school room in the village ~ Lyn and I always enjoy these events ~ they have a cake stall and sell lots of odds and ends and Books of all sorts ~ and have raffles

Lyn bought lots of books about 20 in all ~ I bought a pretty little cup and saucer for Abbie and some little bits and pieces for the children ~ we also bought some raffle tickets but did not think we had won anything ~ until today ~

We were just leaving the house to go to Aylsham when this lady approached our back door ~ she didn't notice us in the car but I called out to her and she turned round and brought over these raffle prizes we had won ~ me a bottle of red wine from Australia and Lyn a Boots gift pack of all lavender products which was a nice surprise ~

The School room is so tiny ~ I always imagine what it must have been like to attend School there way back when ~ this is such a tiny village but I am sure those children must have had a wonderful education in that little school house ~ and I hope lots of fun ~