Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Barney and Dick's ring



File manager won't let me load any pictures into my Journal when I clicked on 'add pictures' it did not work ~ and I could not change the colour of my text but heyho !!! I don't think I am the only one having problems ~

Did manage to copy and paste some pictures though

Barney is back to being fighting fit

Can't resist those eyes

This is a picture of a ring I bought Dick many years ago he used to wear it on his little finger ~ I gave it to Lyn but just recently she wanted to pass it on to Tom ~ she had to have it resized as it was too small for Tom's finger ~ She picked it up from the Jeweller's last week and Tom was thrilled to have his Grandad's ring ~ I was so pleased to see him wearing it ~ must admit I did have a little tear remembering how proud Dick was wearing it


Thursday, 15 February 2007



Just a short entry as we are just off out to do some shopping ~ but just had to show you above picture ~ Poor Barney looks so sad ~ but am glad to say he is on the mend and is back to having fun in the garden ~

Monday, 12 February 2007

poorly Barney



We had to take Barney to the Vets this morning as he was unwell ~ we could not put a finger on what ailed him but knew something was amiss ~ although he is a loving little boy and likes to get close ~ this morning it was more than that ~ when we let Nin and Barney into the garden he would only walk beside Lyn normally he is into everything in and out of the shrubs ~ looking for something to chase ~ Lyn telephoned the Vets and they agreed to see him later in the day ~ but we were both concerned so Lyn rang again ~ we questioned each other wondering if we were over reacting ~ but as I said to Lyn to go with our gut reaction ~ the receptionist said to go straight away which we did ~ Normally Barney barks at every other dog ~ cat ~ and any other animal in the waiting room but today he sat very still and was actually shaking ~ the vet said he had picked up a virus and had a raging temperature ~ he gave Barney an antibiotic injection and a anti inflamitory one as well ~ and has put him on a 4 day course of anti biotics ~ he assured Lyn that as he was up to date with all his injections ~ that although he was a poorly little chap now he said he was sure it would clear up within the next few days ~

Poor Nin was nearly beside himself waiting in the car and whined until he saw them coming toward the car ~ they are such close buddies ~



Friday, 9 February 2007

have just caught up



No you havn't accidentally come to e~bay these are just a few of the broaches I have collected (well not actually collected) they have been bought for me for Birthdays ~ Christmasses ~ brought back for me by  friends and  relatives from their holidays ~ but I just did not imagine there were so many of them and I havn't photographed them all not by far ~ there are still some scattered in different draws and box's ~ I must sort them all out and get rid of some ~ no one needs that many ~ perhaps I'll box some up and donate them to a charity shop ~

Back to more sensible things ~ Lyn was clearing the garage out and moved the Upright freezer underneath the little field mouse had built a nest and had a store of nuts not only that he had filled this jar with assorted seeds

Can only imagine how many trips he/she must have made to have gathered so many ~ you know us we returned the jar to a dark corner in the garage And as Joan pointed out we returned it on it's side so mousie could get in easily ~ had the Upright freezer ~ chest freezer and a television picked up from the garage and disposed of ~ but I am quite sure that field mouse will find another home in there somewhere ~ and it won't be in Lyn's walking shoes ~ she dosn't leave them in there anymore ~