Saturday, 25 November 2006

visiting Reepham


Tomorrow 26th November is my Darling Daughters Birthday ~ So Lyn I hope you have a wonderful day ~ you are the best Daughter a Mother could wish for ~ and thankyou for all the things you do for me and anyone else who needs your help ~ you are always there ready to listen and willing to help ~

Yesterday we went for a trip to Reepham a small Village near us and stopped at the Village store ~ there was a crowd of schoolboys out front all eating chips ~ the smell wafting from them was wonderful ~ I wondered where they had got them because I had never seen a Chippie all the times we have been there ~

I asked Lyn if she knew where it was because by this time I was starving ~ driving along looking down a narrow road to our left she suddenly remembered that it was down there ~ so we turned left and sure enough found the Chippie as you can see from the photograph

I got out of the car and found the front door which said "OPEN" on it and with trepidation I undid the door not knowing what it would be like inside ~ as from the outside it looked like a derelict rundown dump ~

So you can imagine my surprise to find a beautifully clean and hygienic shop ~ so instead of running out of the shop I placed my order ~ then couldn't get home quick enough to eat them ~

Saturday, 18 November 2006



I have been having a battle all week with file manager ~ he just will not let me in to edit pictures ~ I do not know as yet if I have been successful this time ~

But we will see when I save this entry ~ but I do have my doubts ~ come on aol please be good to me I have been ever so patient and really good this week ~

The pictures if ever they do appear are a day out in Norwich I had during the week ~ and it was really a lovely day which I did so want to share with you ~

We went into the Mall and it looked so lovely with the Christmas decorations being put up ~ and The arcade looked a picture with it's decorations ~

We drove to the outsirts of Norwich and parked the car at park and ride and took the bus into Norwich ~ which is really a good idea as the City is so busy and finding a parking space is almost impossible ~


Monday, 13 November 2006

Mish Mash


The Saturday before last went to visit my sister Joy ~ stopped in at Asda on the way to do a little shopping ~

On leaving the store I drove to the traffic lights ~ and glanced over the Road at the Garage where I bought my little "KA" (In fact I have bought all my cars from them)

I don't know why I drove into the garage as I had no intention of changing my car ~ but driving along a line of cars for sale my eye caught this one ~

and I just knew it had to be mine ~ So I went into the Office got the keys and had a look inside ~ it is a bit bigger than my little "KA" and has 4 doors plus power steering ~

The garage did all the work changing over my Tax disc ~ and even got me a better deal with the insurance company ~

When I got back home I told Lyn what I had done ~ and she laughed and said "You were only going out to buy some fruit"

We drove down there on the Sunday so she could take a look at it ~ and she like me thought it was lovely ~ so last Saturday we went to collect it and say goodbye to my little "KA" which had only done53 thousand miles in all the time I have had it ~ I really only used it to go back and forth to work ~ and Lyn does all the driving on our other outings ~

So I am now the proud owner of a Fiesta ~ Flight ~ colour Midnight Blue  named "Agy" and was given a beautiful bouquet on leaving ~

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Village Magazine



Lyn and I were on our way out to do a bit of shopping ~ First we had a letter to post so turned right out of our driveway ~ just a short distance down the lane we saw a lady with an armful of "The Village Magazine" ~


The lady was not the regular one who delivers these ~ and we wondered and hoped she would put it in the mail box at the front of the drive (which is big and Red) so we figured no way would she miss it ~



But we decided we would post the letter and just reverse and go back to check it out ~ which we did ~ looking in the mail box it was empty ~ at this point the said lady came out of our neighbours drive and gave us a funny kind of a look ~ we thought she was about to give us a magazine ~ but she went on her way ~


We got out of the car and went indoors ~ as you can see by the photographs she had posted it through the letterbox ~ and it was shredded ~ and Barney was standing guard over it  ~ just in case it moved ~



On inspection we could see blood stains here and there on the magazine ~ but came to the conclusion it was from Barney ~ think he may have cut his lip as he attacked the letter box from indoors ~ which is metal and bears his teeth marks ~


Cannot imagine someone actually fighting to get it through the letter box ~ with a dog having a go from inside ~ Just hope it was Barney's blood and not hers ~



Thursday, 2 November 2006

This and that



Do you remember the Dental appointment I had ~ that I was not going to think about until it was nearer the day ~ I had a phone call from the surgery telling me I had missed my appointment which was on November 1st ~ Honest I didn't do it on purpose ~ just that I hadn't turned my calendar over to the new month ~ Now I have to face it all over again ~ when it could now have been in my past ~

Halloween Night it was Raining ~ the Wind was howling through the trees ~ and it was bitterly cold ~just the night for ghosties and goblins ~ it was pitch dark except for the small light in the Porch at the front door ~ and a Pumpkin lit up in all it's glory on the doorstep ~ just waiting to welcome any wayward Spirits that passed by ~ Not forgetting the Bunch of Garlic which I am told is a necessity on such occasions ~to ward off any evil spirits that may try to call ~

But none came not even the little lad from last year ~ But I must say Lyn is extremely happy as she grasped the tray of Candy and runs off to her bedroom ~ probably to devour them all at her leisure ~



Possibly the last Rose of Summer ~ it is called "With Love" and is very special to me ~