Sunday, 29 October 2006

Gifts gladly accepted


Joy already has three cat's ~ but Lucky was homeless as the people who owned her were moving home and couldn't take pets with them ~ Lucky is very full of herself and when let out in the Lounge she ran straight up the curtains and across the dresser ~ across the top of the Television ~ and up the curtains again ~ So now she has a little harness just for the time being until she calms down a bit ~

Now just look at those onions ~ Roy our only neighbour asked Lyn if she would like some ~ and of course she said yes ~ but did not know how big they were ~ we thought of making Onion rings but havn't got a pan big enough ~ then maybe pickling them but couldn't find a jar with a big enough opening to push them through ~ so we have decided to chop them up and freeze them ~ unless anyone else has a better idea ~ (Lyn did say she would make some apple and onion sauce which she has made in the past ~

The tray of candy is in case we have any callers Halloween night ~ last year we only had one small boy ~ all dressed up as a skeleton maybe he will come again ~ I hope so ~ if not I am sure Lyn will be able to finish them off ~ she seems to like lollipops ~

Thankyou for the witch Donna ~ you can find D's designs on my sidebar




Monday, 23 October 2006

this and that

Did my usual trip on Saturday to see my Sister Joy ~ it was really nice because some of my other relations were there as well ~ My Niece Carol and Nephews Ben and Paul ~ another nephew David and his wife Sue and my Nephew Tim and his wife Jannette  (Tim my hero who rescued me from the spider last week)

I must admit I looked very closly before going to the door this week didn't  want to demolish another spiders home ~

We went to the Garden centre and bought some bulbs ~ and Tom took Lyn to another centre to get the tree's you see in the pictures ~

I figure if you are going to plant trees in the garden it may as well be fruit bearing ones  ~ we did have shrubs in there before they were black and red currant bushes and they were huge ~ and took up a lot of  space ~ so now with the trees there we have planted all the bulbs between them ~ so hopefully they will look nice in the Spring Time ~

Driving home from Joy's on Saturday I was held up at every set of traffic lights and as I had the Camera on the Dash Board I decided I would take a picture at every stop ~ The first was at the Roman Catholic Church ~ I went to St Johns School it was called "Heigham House" in my time there but they renamed it at a later  date ~ the next one is in Heigham Street  where the back entrace to the school is ~ this is where my Brother Tony used to come out when my Mother left him at the front gate ~ thinking he was safely at school for the day ~ I was held up at two more traffic lights but then it was non stop and every traffic light was in my favour so didn't get a chance to finish my photo trip going home ~ didn't think it would be wise to just snap picture's while I was driving ~


I would like to congratulate everyone on being nominated for a VIVI  ~ it is so nice to see lots of my friends on those lists ~


Sunday, 15 October 2006

What I have been up to these last few days


 AOL absolutely won't let me add any pictures today ~ I have lost my entry 3 times already ~ I did manage to begin with to get pictures on then I edited them and was just about to push save and I got disconnected ~ Now I am back and have added the pictures ~ but it won't let me edit them now ~ but I will come back later in the mean time please help yourself to as many grapes as you can eat ~

 I decided to let Snoopy do the typing for me ~

Went to the dentist last Thursday ~ have got to have a filling ~ have two appointments for that in November ~ I will try not to think about it until the day comes ~


Friday went to Sheringham it was a plesant day with people in t~ shirts and shorts ~ just don't seem like October ~ it was very busy there ~ must be late holiday makers ~

Went to the egg farm on the way home (and the prices have gone up) only by 30pence but up never~the~less  they do cost more ~ but they are fresh and so much nicer than those from the Supermaret ~


On the way home we decided to go the the "Red Lion" for lunch ~ it has been quite a while since we did that so was really enjoyable ~ and it saved us having to cook ~

Took some photographs in Sheringham will post them when AOL lets me do so ~ (well aol has let me post the pictures but won't let me edit them) ~ but I wont give up I shall come back and let you know what they are all about ~ (Managed to edit pictures today:o)

   I feel like a Duck out of water LOL ~



Sunday, 8 October 2006

My visit to see Joy


I visited my Sister Joy yesterday ~ parked the car at the back entrance and undid the lock to the big gate ~ to the right of me is a Greenhouse ~ and to the left is a fancy brick wall ~

as I walked to the door I walked through a cobweb ~ as I entered the house trying to brush the web from my face I told Joy what I had done in case she wondered about the frantic antics I was doing ~

she said keep still you have the spider on the front of your jacket ~ in my panic to remove my jacket and the spider ~ the strap to my handbag got caught on my sleeve and the said jacket got stuck ~ but I had knocked the spider onto my leg ~

at this point my nephew entered the room and said "DONT PANIC"  "now would I panic" !!! it was after all only a spider ~ did I say only a spider it was huge and one of the horrible ones that seem to have two bodies and thick black hairy legs

~ Tim my nephew just brushed it on to his hand and took it outside ~ so there it is now trying to rebuild it's web that I so innocently demolished ~


Thank you Donna for the Web graphic ~ you can find Donna on my side bar ~

Monday, 2 October 2006

Obediant Barney

Does anyone watch 'Dog Borstal' on TV ~ I found it most entertaining to see wayward dogs trained to become obedient pets ~

I thought perhaps Barney should spend a day or two there but decided to train him at home instead ~ for as you may all know he barks at the Postman ~ next door neighbours Cat and Dog ~ the Vacuum cleaner ~ and anyone else who dares to step on any piece of our driveway

First we tried the Water Pistol method ~ so started the Dyson which Barney immediately attacked so squirted him in the face with water this was supposed to stop him ~ But did it "No of course not" he thought it was a game which he happily joined in first attacking the Dyson then chasing the water ~ we ended up with a very wet carpet ~ but a very happy Barney ~

We then tried the pebbles in a plastic bottle ~ we could only find a rather large washing up liquid bottle ~ went in the garden and put quite a few pebbles in the bottom ~ went indoors and once again started the Dyson ~ Barney made his attack and I shook the bottle ~ WELL Barney jumped back quite a way and looked really scared (Poor little love I felt really sorry for him) but it did work ~ he warily followed the Dyson but I just shook the bottle again telling him NO and he backed off into the safety of his bed ~ we have been doing this now for a couple of weeks ~

It has now got to the stage we only have to tell him NO with no need to shake that bottle ~ this works with the postman and the other things as well our next door neighbour who can now walk past our house and Barney no longer barks ~ if he starts to run to the window I just hold the bottle for him to see and he backs off ~

So you can understand perhaps why I just loved that TV programme which by the way I came across accidentaly ~