Monday, 28 August 2006


I love to sit back and let my mind wander to the days long gone when I lived at home with my brothers and sisters ~ Our brothers were very protective of us girls ~ where ever we went in the City we would always come across one of them making sure they knew we were safe ~ we would meet up at a cafe' in Prince of Wales Road for a cup of tea before going home for Sunday Lunch

Sunday was very different then as everything was closed except the Museum ~ and the odd cafe ~ Thinking back to those days we had wonderful Christmas's Mum and Dad didn't have much cash to throw around but they did give us all the love we needed ~

when you think they had eight children but not one of us lacked the knowledge of knowing we were all loved ~ Dad was so patient with us all even when my brothers would borrow one of his shirts or his best jacket ~ or even his best pair of shoes ~ and Mum had a knack of being able to stop us dead with one of her looks if we did anything that didn't meet with her approval ~ I wish I had inherited that knack ~

my brother Tony who is 5 years older than me went to Heigham House School before Joy and me but he was terrible for playing traunt from school Mum would have to take him to the Front gate and see him in ~ but what Mum didn't know was the back entrance was always open and Tony would go in the front gate and immediately go to the back gate and leave the school premises ~

the funny thing was that he was the only one of us to attend the school reunions ~ which never ceased to make us laugh ~ I hope our teachers were pleased to see him as they very rarely got that privaledge during his school years ~

 going back to our Christmas's we used to join together these chains to decorate the ceiling of our house and had many happy nights getting ready for Christmas ~ Mum would bake mince pies sausage rolls and all the other goodies that made our christmas ~ but would have to lock them away from us kids as we would have eaten them all if they had been in the pantry ~

such happy memories I am glad to have the ability to remember them all and to remember my parents for the love and understanding they gave us I know my brothers and sisters would approve of me writing this as they were all like me very glad to have had such wonderful parents

Thursday, 24 August 2006

Visitor to the garden and Nin and Barney

We havn't had a visit from a racing pigeon before ~ this one was really handsome his body was pure white and his wings were Black and White ~ he did look exhausted ~ we were told he was a racing pigeon who just wanted a rest ~ well he came to the right garden to have a drink and feed and get his strength back ~

We were told if we could catch him his owners telephone number would be on his wing ~We did try  but he wasn't for being caught  ~ last we saw him he was flying away ~

Once again Barney and Nin had found something horrible to roll in ~ when they came indoors Barney jumped on my knee ~ being the loving little dog he is ~ but  the smell coming from him was awful ~ so Lyn caught him and  put him in the shower ~ well Nin decided he should go in as well and joined Barney in the shower unit ~ I at this point closed the bathroom door ~

Lyn Towel dried the pair of them but they decided they were not dry enough so continuted drying themselves on the rug and the bed (as once again I had left the door open) and anything else they could rub against  ~ Oh the joys of being guardian to two dogs ~

Monday, 21 August 2006


Thank you D for this lovely graphic D is on my sidebar

Happy 3rd Birthday to J~Land

Isn't it funny how some things can change your life ~ I lay awake last night as sleep wouldn't come ~ so I put my earpiece in and was listening to music ~ and I was thinking of JLand and the friends I had made since I logged on ~ and started my journal ~

At first I was dubious as to how much of my life anyone would be interested in ~ Or indeed how much of it I was prepared to divulge ~

When I think of Jland it is not the typing as I almost hear you speaking ~ I feel I know you so well ~ we laugh together ~ encourage each other when things arn't going well ~ and most of all care for each other ~ Listen/Read each other journals and make our comments ~


This is from an entry I made back in April this year ~ but it stands today and describes just how much I appreciate the friends I have made here ~ and now I can even hear the voices through YouTube wonderful thing technology ~

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

You shall go to the Ball

Thankyou Donna for your lovely Graphic ~ you can find Donna on my side bar

My Fairy godmother popped in and told me that I shall go to the Ball ~ but as usual I had nothing to wear ~ like Old Mother Hubbard my cupboard was bare ~  and as My Fairy Godmother had left her wand at home she couldnt wave it to create something special for me


So we had to go shopping


I found this dress what do you think !!!!



My accessories

My handbag

The gold shoes I think !!!

I wanted this diamond necklace which only cost £1,500 pounds but as you know ~ who had left her wand at home so I couldn't have it

see you all there hope I can walk on those high heeled shoes


Sunday, 13 August 2006

odds and ends

Just  a short entry to let you know I am still around ~ the weather has been just awful Thursday the normal day I visit my sister Joy ~ Friday and Saturday it just rained and was windy and cold ~ so didn't venture out until today Sunday it has been a really nice day today ~

we went to Sheringham the other day as had to pick up papers from the accountants ~ they have a carnival there but had to cancel this year because of flooding due to heavy rainfall  ~ but understand it has gone ahead now ~ hence the buntings all the way up the high street ~

We very rarely have the front door open as you can see it leads straight out onto the lane and Barney would be chasing the horses that trot along there from time to time ~ so we don't take the chance with him ~

Hope you have all had a good weekend ~ and a good week lays ahead of you ~


Wednesday, 9 August 2006

pieces of this and that

Thankyou Donna ~ you can find Donna on my side bar

Last Wednesday we went to the Doctors surgery to collect a prescription but it had not arrived ~ so we returned Thursday but still not there so once again Friday went back it had arrived but they could not find it !! hung about a little while but said we would return later but would ring first to see if it had been found ~ when Lyn phoned later it had been found and was in the fridge ~ well of course where else would it be ~ "we keep Milk in ours lol "~ seriously though the prescription had to be kept in the fridge ~

Today we went to Fakenham ~ we went to the chocolate factory ~ this is a factory shop and we bought some coffee walnut twirls ~ chocolate lollipops ~ 5 water pistols "yes you did hear right" 5 water pistols ~ one each for the children and one for me ~ to protect myself with of course ~ 6 Marks and Spencer Mugs ~ never knew they had such a variety on sale in there and must not forget the hat I got that for Abbie she just adores hats ~ nearly as much as you do Barry lol

Had to show you Lyn's greenhouse and all the things she has growing in there ~ she pruned my grapevine early in the year and it has come along so well and is covered in bunches of grapes ~ just got to turn that lovely shade of purple ~ not sure what we will do with them all we did make wine last year ~ any suggestions !!!!


Thursday, 3 August 2006

The Collar necked Dove


One of Donna's "Celebrating 3 years" ~ Isn't it lovely ~ you can find Donna on my side bar

Since August 1st it has rained is windy and cold ~ I even put the heating on for an hour ~

so what have I been up to ~ not a lot since the rains came ~ Anna ~ Rob ~ and Leo certainly picked the right time for their visit ~

When we moved in here we had a gate put up between the Garden and the back door so Nin and Barney can't just run straight out  ~ as there is so much wild life about here we were a bit afraid that Barney would catch one of them ~ Nin isn't quite as bad but would help if Barney did ~ so before we let them into the Garden we make some noise to clear the birds and any other animal that may be lurking out there ~

Well the other day we did just that and let the boys out ~ Barney runs like a bat out of hell straight to the shrubbery which is quite thick at this time of the year ~ he was in there routing around ~ when he did emerge it was behind a Ringed CollarNecked Dove ~ or should I say the Dove was in front of Barney trying to get away from him ~ and as I said when Nin saw what was going on he went to join in the chase ~

At this point Lyn screamed for them to back off ~ and what is amazing he and Nin stopped dead in their tracks ~ The Dove got behind the Oil tank so we couldn't reach it to see if it was hurt ~ I got one end and Lyn got the other end but the bird just ran straight past Lyn and took off into wide blue yonder ~ I am told it would not have been able to fly if it had been hurt ~

Barney and Nin both still stood transfixed watching the bird take flight ~ although Barney did make one last dash when the bird was well out of his reach ~