Wednesday, 9 August 2006

pieces of this and that

Thankyou Donna ~ you can find Donna on my side bar

Last Wednesday we went to the Doctors surgery to collect a prescription but it had not arrived ~ so we returned Thursday but still not there so once again Friday went back it had arrived but they could not find it !! hung about a little while but said we would return later but would ring first to see if it had been found ~ when Lyn phoned later it had been found and was in the fridge ~ well of course where else would it be ~ "we keep Milk in ours lol "~ seriously though the prescription had to be kept in the fridge ~

Today we went to Fakenham ~ we went to the chocolate factory ~ this is a factory shop and we bought some coffee walnut twirls ~ chocolate lollipops ~ 5 water pistols "yes you did hear right" 5 water pistols ~ one each for the children and one for me ~ to protect myself with of course ~ 6 Marks and Spencer Mugs ~ never knew they had such a variety on sale in there and must not forget the hat I got that for Abbie she just adores hats ~ nearly as much as you do Barry lol

Had to show you Lyn's greenhouse and all the things she has growing in there ~ she pruned my grapevine early in the year and it has come along so well and is covered in bunches of grapes ~ just got to turn that lovely shade of purple ~ not sure what we will do with them all we did make wine last year ~ any suggestions !!!!



rayne1123 said...


aniracj said...

They go in the fridge after the prescriptions has been filled, not before, LOL!!! Sort of thing I would do, I have found my door keys in the freezer before now!!! love Joan

jeadie05 said...

Looks like you had a successful shopping day,some great stuff there ,bet Barry will be whinging for a hat now ,Lynns garden is really doing well ,do you remember 'The Good Life ' lol ..........Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Ally,  Your fruit is doing very well, you could make all kinds of wine this year.  Maybe you could call it Chateau Ally de!  I wouldn`t mind visiting the chocolate factory myself, though I`d probably buy everything in sight!  I`m glad you managed to get your prescription, mine often gets mixed up because at my surgery there are three other women with the same name as me! :o)

Sandra xxxx

astoriasand said...

2 lb of grapes.
1lb of apples.
4large tomatoes.
1 bunch of spring onions.
A Pooh Mug.
Any chocolate you have to spare.
1Water pistol for the hot days, to spray & cool myself with.
And a hat for my next fancy dress competition..
Thats my online shopping order for this evening Ally LOL!!
Boy what a day you had,how lovely.
I think You and Lynn should open a country lane stall, by the wayside.with your products. Haaaa!!
Take Care Astoriasand.

jaymact1 said...

You did have some very unusual shopping there Ally was wondeing what you were going to do with all those water pistols what a great idea to buy on for yourself. Real clever that.  Love Joan.

rachealcarol said...

Well done you two, the garden is a treat of delights.  Donna's graphic is very awwww, I love that.

As for the grapes Ally, wines good but if they're seedless, wizz them in the blender till all frothy, drizzle some lemon juice in, and mix in some fromarge frais or plain yogout then stick in the freezer for about 15 mins to go really cold, .......lovely and cooling on a hot day.

lolol@ water's been a while since I played with those. Rache

oddb0dkins said...

Now THAT'S a hat, lol. I'm so jealous.  I hope that prescription wasn't urgent!
Grapes - make more wine of course (I like a nice full bodied red please).
B. x

plieck30 said...

You are my kind of gal Ally. I would shoot a water pistol. Too bad we don't live close, huh? lol Paula

dcmeyer420 said...

The grapes look so good. How about making grape jelly and grape juice? Though as I am a wino and so are my friends, I won't have enough wine if I were you. LOL. The greenhouse veggies look great too.

pm71blackfen said...

Hi Ally,

Thank you for your comments on my site, as you know I am a VERY new beginner, perhaps one day I shall learn how to make it pretty with graphics and photos like yours!

I shall be looking forward to your entries from now on!


nightmaremom said...

Thanks Ally!  I hope your readers will join in the fun by stopping by the activity sites.  We need to spread the word.

jlocorriere05 said...

Water pistol?! You're getting as bad as Joan, she was doing handstands and skipping!! Lyn's greenhouse stuff looks great, good enough to eat. I don't drink so I'd just eat the grapes straight from the vine! Maybe with a little cheese. Grape and chicken sandwiches are good too! Jeannette xx  

stevietwain said... had a water pistol yourself?
That's soo cool! LOL!! I would PAY to have seen that..hehe!

Great entry hun,

Lv Stevie

bbartle3 said...

"...must not forget the hat I got that for Abbie she just adores hats ~ nearly as much as you do Barry lol"     - Ally

Don't wear a "hat" but I do have at least ten
baseball caps. My fav., primarily to keep the sun out
of my eyes while driving. In this account of your jaunts
you sound remarkably as I imagine Elizabeth II might
sound. Regal. Fecund. Light-hearted. Brava.


stijoan said...

the waterpistol sounds good fun Ally! did you buy me a chocy????? love Joanne

nedmoh said...

Hi Ally ,sounds like you had a fun shopping day,good for you having your own water pistol for protection!!!! Lyns green house looks full of good growing things  and the grapes look so big this year ,I'm sure you will put them to good use......Love Jeanxx

sdrogerson said...

water pistols...........sounds like fun~!!

Missed you at chat this morning..............

faveanti said...

Save me from Fakenham!!  I daren't go near chocolatey places.  I think you should make wine out of the grapes - what a lovely crop.  We once grew some courgettes in the garden and got loads of them but never again.  The plant was huge and took over a whole bed.  Ugly looking thing it was. - luv, Angie xx

ora4uk said...

Grapes...purple, red, and/or green....are specially good eaten...I love grapes...and yours sure do look healthy and gonna be good.....I love Marks and Spencer stores...will enjoy my time there next year....if all our plans come true....!!!! Hugs from KY...Ora

lindachapmanuk said...

enjoyed your pics ally, I love to see chickens free like that! And what a lovely shopping trip you had, did you save me a coffee walnut whirl by any chance! lol Linda xx

helloimkara said...

Oh all those candies sound wonderfull!  I wish I could join you for an outing, it just sounds like so much fun!

Kara :)

moodymyke7 said...

Dear Ally,
             Oh what a beautiful journal you have.  Thank you for commenting on my new one.
    How will I ever make mine as interesting as yours.  I cant think of the right things to say or how to say them.   After I finish reading your journals I will get an idea of how to go about this journal writing.    Thank you


fasttrack58 said...

Oh! All the goodies and veggies and chocolate too!!
We pulled out our tomato plant that was done and have now planted pumpkin seeds, will have to wait and see if we have pumpkins...
Have a great week!
Linda :)

astra1547 said...

Hi Ally...

Those chocs sound nice, like the scampi and chips you were teasing me with when we were chatting last week...Mmmm!
hope you have a good week a head of you and take care!


happinessdreams said...

i love the pictures! the fruit looks delish! I would love to see it in person.

mtrib2 said...

A good year in Lyn's garden and for grapes and apples.     The deer get all my apples as a female and 2 fawns visited my yard regularly.    mark