Wednesday, 27 September 2006

The Bug

No Nin isnt having a bath because he has been rolling in anything on the lawn ~ he was sitting on my knee and I was stroking him and came across a small lump just near his neck ~ I called Lyn to have a look and she said it was a Tic~ they are tiny little bugs that implant themselves into the skin of any animal and live by sucking it's blood ~ OMG I had been stroking a tic ~ unintentionally of course ~

Lyn is quite adept at removing these ~ She has had lots of experience as quite a few of her dogs in the past have picked them up ~ anyway she put her thumb and forefinger gripped it by her fingernails and pulled it out ~ I swear I heard that horrible little bug release it's grip ~ you have to be very careful that you remove the whole body including it's head as they can turn bad if you don't ~

To make sure it was clean Lyn put Nin in the bath tub and as you can see Barney wanted to join him he kept trying to climb into the tub and nearly made it twice ~ he just does not want to miss out on anything that Nin is having ~ even a bath lol ~

Nin still has this thing about wanting his meal in the little sitting room ~ and we cannot figure out why ~ I expect he has good reasons but just not telling us what they are ~








Monday, 25 September 2006


Good News Tom's Scan was fine ~ the hospital are writing to his GP recommending the Medication he will need ~ So everything in our household is back  almost to Normal ~ and Tom himself feels much better ~ Lyn said Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts for her son  and from me his Nanny ~ Ally

Saturday, 23 September 2006


Saturday 23rd September 16.15

Tom will be home by now ~They only have minimum staff on at weeekends so they send home as many as they can ~ I am glad to say that all the tests so far have been negative ~ he has to return to the hospital tomorrow Sunday for an injection to thin his blood ~ (They are treating him for a small clot of blood on his Lung)  just to be on the safe side ~ then he goes  back again on Monday for that Scan which they have as yet to do ~ Not sure if they will keep him in ~ I just want to thank everyone for their comments ~ unfortunately I accidently pushed the wrong button and deleted my last entry (Well you know what an idiot I am )  but to everyone who commented ~you know who you are ~ Thankyou   Ally x

I shall be back to reading Journals and commenting as from tomorrow all being well

Tuesday, 19 September 2006

me the idiot and Nin who wants his own way

The picture of the Coach house I put in because I thought it was really unusual and is a private house now ~


I was looking out of the kitchen window and noticed it was raining and as Lyn had laundry on the line went to fetch it in ~ but noticed it was only raining in part of the garden ~ how odd I thought ~

the rain was really heavy ~ anyway I managed to get the laundry off the line and into a basket ~ getting pretty wet myself ~ It wasn't until later on in the evening I mention what had happened and Lyn burst out laughing ~ what had really happened was the hose pipe that was fitted to the back of the Garage had sprung a leak and was pouring water out and it looked just like rain ~ what a fool am I not to have noticed it ~ but it did give my darling daughter a good laugh ~


On another note Nin and Barney always have their meal in the kitchen ~ but Nin now won't eat it in there and only want's to dine in the little sitting room ~

don't ask how we figured this out ~ other than when we picked up his dish he trotted down the corridor to this room ~ kept turning round to make sure we were following him ~and happily ate his meal in there ~ Barney came to have a look after he had eaten and stood waiting in case Nin left anything ~ which he didn't but Barney always has to lick the dish just in case ~

I just wonder who has got who trained lol ~  

Sunday, 17 September 2006

a pint down the pub

It has been a lovely day today the Sun shining and warm just  a perfect day ~ Lyn had to nip down the Road to post a letter and when she came home she said "come on Mum lets go out and have a drink" too nice an evening to stay indoors ~ so we went to The Parson Woodfordes Lyn has been there before but I never have ~ and it was such a friendly place so thought I would share it with you




Tuesday, 12 September 2006

nearly back to normal

It seems ages since I made an entry to my blog ~ things have been pretty busy around here ~ Tom and Cress enjoyed their few days away in Cornwall but missed the Children ~ I think during the School holidays they are so used to planning their days around the children ~ they found it hard just to plan for themselves ~ and they missed their little brood ~

Lyn came home Sunday to spend the day and brought Blue with her ~ he has aquired his name because he has one Blue eye ~  and one brown eye ~ he is a loveable little chap ~ and took over Barneys sofa and cushions and even took over the same spot to look out of the window to see what was going on in the garden ~

Jake and Sam came as well and  we all had Lunch together ~ it was lovely to have them if only for the day ~

Jake is brilliant on the computer and even made a Robot graphic for Leigh ~  they find it very easy to use the computer  and seem to be able to master almost anything   ~ I suppose having used the computer from day one at school they understand it so well ~ (and they took over both our computers)

This all took place over a week ago ~ I have been catching up on journals since we lost our alerts ~ and for the last couple of days have been reading the tributes to 9/11 ~ all  heartfelt and beautifully written ~

Back to finish reading journals hope I havn't missed any ~


Saturday, 2 September 2006

House sitting

The 31st of August was Tom and Cressie's Wedding anniversary ~ so they have gone off to Cornwall for a nice long week end ~

Lyn is looking after Sammie ~ Jake and "Blue" their dog ~ So is staying at their house ~

Amber and Abbie are staying with their other Nanny and Grandad ~

It will be the first time "T" and "C" have been away from the children for any amount of time ~ so the rest will do them both good ~ and they text us saying the weather was quite good ~

Received a post card yesterday from Linda in sunny Washington ~ thank you Linda that was a lovely surprise to receive it yesterday

The white band at the bottom I think is something the post office put on it and I couldn't remove it without spoiling the card so left it there ~