Tuesday, 19 September 2006

me the idiot and Nin who wants his own way

The picture of the Coach house I put in because I thought it was really unusual and is a private house now ~


I was looking out of the kitchen window and noticed it was raining and as Lyn had laundry on the line went to fetch it in ~ but noticed it was only raining in part of the garden ~ how odd I thought ~

the rain was really heavy ~ anyway I managed to get the laundry off the line and into a basket ~ getting pretty wet myself ~ It wasn't until later on in the evening I mention what had happened and Lyn burst out laughing ~ what had really happened was the hose pipe that was fitted to the back of the Garage had sprung a leak and was pouring water out and it looked just like rain ~ what a fool am I not to have noticed it ~ but it did give my darling daughter a good laugh ~


On another note Nin and Barney always have their meal in the kitchen ~ but Nin now won't eat it in there and only want's to dine in the little sitting room ~

don't ask how we figured this out ~ other than when we picked up his dish he trotted down the corridor to this room ~ kept turning round to make sure we were following him ~and happily ate his meal in there ~ Barney came to have a look after he had eaten and stood waiting in case Nin left anything ~ which he didn't but Barney always has to lick the dish just in case ~

I just wonder who has got who trained lol ~  


salonrose123 said...

I must admit to having a wee chuckle at this, Ally....only raining in part of the garden!!
I think we can safely say that Nin's the boss of your house....he likes his comforts!
Ains xxx

yakima127 said...

Very funnyabout the leaking hose pipe!  And Nin's preference to dining alone in his room of choice is hilarious!  Jae

bethjunebug said...

Oh, that's funny.  Sounds like something that I would have done too. My husband calls me "Dizzy Lizzy".
Have a nice day.
your friend, Liz

rayne1123 said...

lol..thats to funny! my moms dog is just like that it has to be his way and he changes his mind alot also.  

jeadie05 said...

Oh Ally raining oh Ally ,.,.,what are you like I bet Lyn did laugh ,and yes Nin has you trained ,great chat today ,loved the picture of the coach house ,bet its nice inside ,.,.,.,Jan xx

stijoan said...

oh Ally!!!!!! Love Joanne

sdrogerson said...

Ally dear one.................was the sky blue at the time by any chance?
Life is one big surprise..........you ought not to be let out on your own!!#

jlocorriere05 said...

Ally that is so funny about the leaky hosepipe! Lol! I knew you were going mad when you sent me that email last night. Lol! Nin seems to have learnt a trick or two off Katinka, she'll only eat in the lounge on the floor. Nina has hers on the sofa! I have almost got Nina to eat on the window ledge, that seems OK to her as she can watch the birds as she eats! I think we're both very well trained by our pets! Lol! Jeannette  xx  

astoriasand said...

Haaaaaaa!! I knew there would be a laugh on here, when I read the title with Nins name in it.Nothing like a bit of privacy when eating meals, Nin obviously feels.LOL!! My Daughter had just rung as I was reading your entry,and she asked what the weather was like.I told her lovely, but raining in Norfolk.I was laughing my head off Ally.Then I told her why.What are you like????? almost as bad as me,but a lovely funny entry.Loved it.Take care.Hope you are well.
Astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

faveanti said...

Oh, Ally, I thought only I would mistake a leaky hosepipe for a downpour.  At least the washing kept dry.  What a laugh!  Dogs - I think we know who's got who trained don't we?  Us 2-legged friends never stood a chance really! - love, Angie, xx

blpltt said...

Oh lovely Nin !  I think I told you I am a sucker for JRs.  Thanks for your comment - Kit had a worm, rescued after the photo !  Bunny.

bbartle3 said...

Shoot, rain hitting half a garden can
happen! How else would rainbows be
seen? Maybe I've been misinformed.
I Flunked Botany twice. Ally, I think of
you as being contemplative, a nature
lover, and kind even to ants, which you
would never step on. (Did the Pope
slam Islam? I MUST read Satanic Verses,
by the Englishman who had to go into
hidding when Ayatola Komenie put a
price on his head. 'The Empire Strikes
Back' they have said about that Pakistani
writer. Ha ha ha ha ha ha .......)


funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Ally - LOL at you and the hosepipe!  that was soooo funny, then i had to tell Mum and started to laugh all over again!   Oh and by the way i like to eat my dinner in the little study too !!!!  
Luv Jayne x

sarajanesmiles said...

He he he, Ally you do make me smile ;o)
(I'm pretty sure it's Nin and Barney that have YOU trained, lol!)
Sara   x

ora4uk said...

Hi Ally....Nin has got you wrapped around his little paw for sure....LOL....and the rain???   what a hoot!!!  Hugs from KY..Ora

astra1547 said...


i wish i had seen that, it sounds funny...lol. the rain in one place and not anywhere else...lol.best wishes


tendernoggle said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW.....SO SWEET! I love it!!! Little Nin has you wrapped around his little paws! MY chihuahuas have me trained too!
love ya,

tendernoggle said...

I think the leaking hose/rain deal is sooooooo funny! I can just see you scrambling trying to get all the clothes in!!! lol lol
love ya,

icklemisssexpot said...

Hey never mind at least you saved her washing from getting a soaking whether be from rain or burst hosepipe :o)   Caff xxxxx

tillywooat62 said...

Oh Ally had to laugh at you with the hose pipe saga,
hmmmm somthing tlls me that Nin might have you trained to his way of thinking
take care Lynne xx

sdoscher458 said...

Oh LOL nin certainly does have you trained. That hose incident is funny...now down here I swear we can sit outside  and watch it rain right across the street 30 feet away, have it jump our house and move over one block....it's very weird sometimes.  Sandi http://journals.aol.com/sdoscher458/LifeIsFullOfSurprises

fasttrack58 said...

Such a funny entry.....  pets are very clever... lol...
Have a great week!
Linda :)

plieck30 said...

You have the cutest dogs! LOL at you and the rain. I mean leak. Sounds like something I would do. Paula

mtrib2 said...

That was a story I believe will be told again about your saving the laundry and getting wet from the hosepipe,   lol  .     Nin is wanting his own 'atmosphere' while dining perhaps.    The red vine folage on the 'Old Coach House' is something I have not seen before.    I noticed the sky lights it has and it must be nice inside as the outside is restored beautifully.   mark

dcmeyer420 said...

Hahahaha! Very funny rain incident and Nin training you. The coach house must an interesting place to live in. Here in the US, there is a fad going on about people buying barns and turning them into residences. Hugs.  

xxroxymamaxx said...

That's too funny about the hose springing a leak.  Rain indeed! : )  Your pups are adorable!  Big hugs and GBU, Shelly

stupidsheetguy said...

But, but, but...how can you refuse a cute little pup like that? I guess we're all "suckers" for somebody...

...and as far as the "leaking hose" situation, Ma'am, it sounds as though you and I have a lot more in common than we might know, lol.


wrigleyrachey said...

Hi Ally, cant download the pic of the coach house, but laughed at the way you thought it was raining, and love the dogs.Funny creatures aren't they, but so loving'

faircolleen said...

Thats funny Ally! I would have loved to see your face looking round for the rest of the rain!!!!

lindaggeorge said...

That's so funny but it can really happen.

Our house is set on a slope and from the road to the bottom of the garden is 300 feet. I often find it can be raining out the front but not in the back, or vice versa.


shauncurtis04 said...

ohhhhhh u did make me laugh with ur hosepipe story.... i could so picture it in my head lol... ur dogs sound such sweet things and inteligent too!.... i will be adding another entry soon...hope u'll take a look
                               Shaun xx