Tuesday, 26 July 2005

more musing

I am surprised that I have come back to my Blog as I am not one for keeping a Diary of any sort - I always start the new year with a new diary meaning to keep it filled in every day - but never do I have a pile of old diarys all empty - but if anything exciting happens in my life I will note it here

Saturday, 23 July 2005

More thoughts

I hope if anyone read my life - they will take heart from the fact you can have cancer and get over it - I had it twice - but am still here today and as I said before that was 20 years ago -  learning you have cancer can be a shock - but happiness when you finally are told you are clear - life takes on a different meaning - you look at every new day with thanks at still being here and able to enjoy your family and friends.  It took 10 years in all to get the OK - and during those 10 years I led as normal a life as I could, went to work as soon as I could and worked until I retired for the same company.  and am now enjoying a lazy life - and hope to have many more years doing just that.

Friday, 22 July 2005

Firfst entry

Really do not know what to tell you on my first entry - what would you be interested in - there are so many Journals to pick from I have read a lot of them - and they take some beating.  But let me take you back to when I was 40 - I had a test for cancer only went because my daughet was worried that she was going to have the test - so to keep her happy I said I would go with her.  Very confident that I was A OK. but as things turned out I was not A OK - my daughter was I am very glad to say. When I was called back to the hospital and told I had cancer I dont know what went through my mind - I only know one thing I was positive that I was not going to die - the thought never crossed my mind.   So within a fortnight  I was admitted to hospital (remember I did not tell my family what was really wrong with me) just womens problems is what I said.  Oh me of little faith- how I wish now I had confided my worries to them.  but I told myself it was to protect them from any worry.  Anyway I had the operation and after a couple of weeks was discharged - very weak and had a month at home very tiring - but in my mind I still knew I was not going to die- unable to do much - had a three month check up and found another lump - this time I had to have Radiotherpy 19 days straight off  small tattoo at the site of lump this was so the radio-ologist knew where to aim the rays that would make me better - and better I am now - this is over 20 years ago - but I can remember it as though it was yesterday - so anyone with Cancer take heart from me as they have improved their treatment since then and the chance of surviving is much better now.  But I am sure the state of mind you are in also helps - so  much to live for = so much you do not want to miss.