Saturday, 23 July 2005

More thoughts

I hope if anyone read my life - they will take heart from the fact you can have cancer and get over it - I had it twice - but am still here today and as I said before that was 20 years ago -  learning you have cancer can be a shock - but happiness when you finally are told you are clear - life takes on a different meaning - you look at every new day with thanks at still being here and able to enjoy your family and friends.  It took 10 years in all to get the OK - and during those 10 years I led as normal a life as I could, went to work as soon as I could and worked until I retired for the same company.  and am now enjoying a lazy life - and hope to have many more years doing just that.


moto100459112400 said...

tell us more

zosche973 said...

Oh, that's wonderful! Enjoy your deserve it! Diane Z