Friday, 22 July 2005

Firfst entry

Really do not know what to tell you on my first entry - what would you be interested in - there are so many Journals to pick from I have read a lot of them - and they take some beating.  But let me take you back to when I was 40 - I had a test for cancer only went because my daughet was worried that she was going to have the test - so to keep her happy I said I would go with her.  Very confident that I was A OK. but as things turned out I was not A OK - my daughter was I am very glad to say. When I was called back to the hospital and told I had cancer I dont know what went through my mind - I only know one thing I was positive that I was not going to die - the thought never crossed my mind.   So within a fortnight  I was admitted to hospital (remember I did not tell my family what was really wrong with me) just womens problems is what I said.  Oh me of little faith- how I wish now I had confided my worries to them.  but I told myself it was to protect them from any worry.  Anyway I had the operation and after a couple of weeks was discharged - very weak and had a month at home very tiring - but in my mind I still knew I was not going to die- unable to do much - had a three month check up and found another lump - this time I had to have Radiotherpy 19 days straight off  small tattoo at the site of lump this was so the radio-ologist knew where to aim the rays that would make me better - and better I am now - this is over 20 years ago - but I can remember it as though it was yesterday - so anyone with Cancer take heart from me as they have improved their treatment since then and the chance of surviving is much better now.  But I am sure the state of mind you are in also helps - so  much to live for = so much you do not want to miss.


mtrib2 said...

Hello,  I am very glad that you are a survivor.  You are absolutely right, that we have so much to live for.   I see what you mean that you should have confided in your family, and not have forced yourself to carry your burden alone.   Sometimes our family is all we have,  through the good and the bad.  My father died one year ago with Luekemia.  He would have been 83 in several more days.  He was a survivor right up to the end, and he never gave up.   I loved my father dearly and hope to live by his example.  I do not have much to write about in my journal anymore,  but I just hang on.   I would be very pleased if you would visit it and view some of my artwork, and read some of my thoughts.  Very truly yours,  mark

fisherkristina said...

My husband had Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma six years ago.  He went into remission and no longer has the NHL.  A month and a half ago he was diagnosed with another cancer, Myelodysplasia (bone marrow cancer).  We were married this year on May 7 and he was diagnosed with the cancer on June 16.  They say that within a year or two he will have to have chemo and a bone marrow transplant.  It is hard for him and for me right now.  I am so glad that you are a survivor.


grahamfarmga said...

I hope you reach pepole with cancer. I'm  glade your well now. My MIL has secondery Bone cancer this is her 4th time. The frist 3 was breast cancer. You are inspireing.

labdancer51 said...

Hi Ally,   I thought I`d have a look at this entry as I had heard you were a survivor and I was interested.  It`s really heartening for others going through the same thing, thanks for sharing this with us.  :o)

Sandra xxxxx