Monday, 28 July 2008



I am preparing to go visit my Sister Joy ~ we always spend some time together over the Summer Holidays ~ she lives in the heart of Norwich so there are lots of shops that we can visit ~ theatres and cinemas we can visit  so should be a fun packed week or so ~ 

When I went last year I could not contact my Blog so I hope this year I will be able to keep in contact ~ I will try :o)

But if not I will be back a week on Thursday  ~ I shall turn off my alerts but will get back as soon as I can ~ I know I shall miss you all ~


Monday, 21 July 2008

We did have our BBQ



Sunday the day we planned our BBQ  turned out to be a beautiful day ~ So the Children got to have a swim and it was nice to sit and enjoy the Sunshine ~

Thirteen of the villagers opened their gardens to the public ~ so I left the BBQ to go help my friend who had opened her Garden which is beautiful ~ this time I took the entrance fee's which was more interesting than folding raffle tickets :o)

The Village was packed with visitors many more than in past years ~ of course the lovely day helped ~ "C" my friend had baked cakes and scones the Kitchen table was full ~ and she was kept very busy serving the visitors ~

I have been told that over £2,000 was raised ~ so the Day was a good one and once again the Church benefits ~

When I arrived back home Lyn had cooked us all a Sunday Roast Dinner ~ Chicken with all the trimmings ~ Fresh Fruit and Icecream for sweet ~ there were Thirteen of us all together as a friend had brought a friend along with him ~ but it was a good day all in all ~


Tomorrow 22nd July my Journal will be 3 Years old ~ the time has just flown past ~ cannot imagine life without my Journal :o)~



Saturday, 12 July 2008

A bit of this and a bit of that


Yesterday I celebrated my Birthday ~ I had a great day ~ starting off first thing in the morning when I opened the door to the little sitting room which is where my computer lives It was pretty well crammed with Balloons ~ :o)

On one chair there were some Birthday Presents ~ as you can probably see I got lots of things for the Birds~ Seed ~ peanuts ~ fat balls ~ as they know I love to feed them ~ and Russell made me a new Bird table which they took too at once ~ (The birds that is :o) and some DVD's ~

Lyn took me out for a Birthday Lunch and Tom joined us it was really lovely ~

and I just want to thank you for sending me Birthday Cards both through Snail Mail and e~mail ~ I was very touched at such thoughtfulness ~

The day before my birthday when I woke I realised I could not hear very well ~ when I put the TV on it was very odd as it was like listening through a tunnell ~ I rang the Nurse who when I went to see her she said both my ears needed syringing ~ I have never ever had any trouble with my hearing ~ I have to put this Olive Oil down both ears for a week ~ then she said next Wednesday she would give me my hearing back ~ Lyn and the receptionist were laughing as I couldn't hear what she was telling me ~ so she wrote me a note ~ and handed it to me ~

Went to see My Sister Joy this morning and she said she had noticed for a couple of weeks I didn't answer her when she spoke to me ~ (But she forgave me:o) being as I had not heard the questions ~ 

We hopefully are having a BBQ tomorrow if the weather holds out ~ and even a swim if it is warm enough ~ But if it is a nasty day will be having a Roast Sunday Dinner ~ there will be 12 of us ~ so that should be a fun day ~







Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sparham Garden party



Last Saturday our friend Carol opened her garden to host the "Sparham Garden Party" It was such a lovely day the Sun shone non stop and just a cloud or two in the sky ~

There were lots of people turned up more than in  past years ~ probably the weather had a lot to do with the turnout ~there were games for the children and many other games for the grown ups ~ stalls of all kinds ~

We had a raffle and a home made cake stall ~ two old vintage cars where you had to guess the mileage they had done ~

I had the most important :o) task of folding the raffle ticket stubs and there were many of them as you can see from the basket nearly full to the top ~

We made a great sixteen hundred pounds for the Church funds so everyone was pleased that the day went so well

We were entertained by a brass band ~and the children did a Maypole dance to entertain us ~

I really enjoy these Village Fetes ~ it is a good way of meeting other Village people ~ call me old fashioned but I do enjoy these times ~ they all add to stored memories of such happy times ~