Friday, 9 September 2005

7 things to do

Forgot my 7 Celebrities :

1   -   Mario Lanza

2   -   Hugh Grant

3   -   Colin Firth 

4   -   Johnny Depp

5   -   Brad Pitt

6   -   Richard E Grant

7   -   Keanu Reeves                                                                                                    


jeadie05 said...

youve been giving this alot of thoughtAGREE WITH KNITTING , SEWING MACHINE,and not flying,but what about Sean Connery and Mel Gibson oooo!Jan xx

grahamfarmga said...

Brad Pitt would have to be frist on my list. LOL

sarajanesmiles said...

Sara   x

jeanno43 said...

Johnny Depp would be number one for me and Colin Firth would be number one for Becky!

itsonlyher33 said...

Johnny Depp - who needs anybody else!! He is SOOOOOOO sexy!!