Saturday, 17 September 2005

Nin and Barney

What a week we have had- last Wednesday we had to take Nin to the vets as he had been out of sorts.  So we put the boys in cages in the car. and off we went.

We arrived at the vets and Lyn took Nin in - well Barney could not understand what he had done to be left in the car. So he howled - tried to dig his way out of his cage - did a dozen circles - then he noticed a dog sitting very peacefully in the car next to us.

So he decided to bark at it...Well he returned Barney's with the loudest Bark I have heard followed by a howl - Barney sat down and was quite for at least 5 minutes -

I was glad when Lyn came out prescription in hand and we went home.

Well tonight Saturday Barney was in pain and couldn't sit down and after lyn felt all around found his gland on his butt was very swoolen - rang the vet - Said they would see him as he was in pain so off  Lyn has taken him - quite a drive away from our usual Vets Surgery.

Well  Nin couldn't understand why he couldn't go. and sat near the door and Howled - keeps coming back to me then returning to the door - poor love - they do hate to be apart.   Lyn has been gone nearly an hour and a half and Nin is now sitting near the door waiting for him to return...Hurry home Lyn - then Nin will settle down for the night....And so can I  -  Ally


sarajanesmiles said...

Lol, doggy fun :o)
They look like a bundle of laughs Ally!
Sara   x

sarajanesmiles said...

Why are you feeling sad hon?
Hope everything is OK :o(
Sara   x

stijoan said...

don't be sad. i'm sending you a big hug. joanne

jeadie05 said...

POOR POOR NIN!I loved the story of the other dog out barking Barney! they really do miss each other dont they,or is it one sided?  Janxx

labdancer51 said...

Poor Barney... I do hope he will be okay and not too sore.  Bless him...

Sandra xxxx

mtrib2 said...

Will hope that Barney is going to get better.  My dog Salty is my forth dog.  He threw up a baby bird and a mouse on the kithcen floor that he found when I let him run yesterday.  He also went in the drainage lagoon and got his bathe.   mark

grahamfarmga said...

I do hope he gets to feeling better