Wednesday, 9 November 2005

A pig of a Shopping trip

I went to visit my Sister today - I normally go on Thursday - but as I am off out to-morrow I changed my day...On the way I nipped into the Supermarket.

 I decided to take a Trolley rather than a basket, As my shopping normally ends in me buying more than I went in for.

The trolley was fine, while it was empty, but as I added groceries into it - it decided it would go its own merry way.   I pushed it one way - but it wanted to go somewhere else.

I decided to pull it, rather than push it - but this didn't help - I think it was programmed to drag customers to the aisles - where the store had items they really wanted to get rid of.

I don't know how I ever passed my driving test - because I certainly would have failed if I had taken it in that trolley.

After fifteen minutes of struggling round the store, I decided enough was enough.. and made my way to the check out point. It steered me there - no trouble at all. (see after my money) I just  knew it was automaticaly programmed  to take the customer to certain points in the store.

I complained about the trolley to the checkout girl...(unlike me) but I had noticed other ladies having trouble with stacked trollies. mine wasn't stacked,  far from it...and I surely was having problems....Check out girl said they had quite a few complaints and were looking into getting them fixed.

I decided to carry my shopping to the car, as I dreaded the thought of trying to steer it through  to where the car was parked.

....Oh to have the good old days back when you went into a shop and were served at a counter   - Sugar weighed and put into a Paper bag. Good old mucky carrots and potatoes...Apples of different shapes and sizes - as nature intended them to be,  and the same for tomatoes - I guess in those days everything was organic.

It's make me wonder if one day we will be buying square tomatoes - so they fit into sandwichs properly..

Somehow I can't imagine those days coming back....and listen to me going on I shop every week at the Supermarkets.



grahamfarmga said...

Cute entry it made me smile. I think you maybe right about the carts going their own way.

jaymact1 said...

Hello Ally, Oh how I agree with you I have come out of the supermarket with a bad shoulder and back after being trailed around by one of these beasts.  When I worked in the supermarket we were trained to change them for the customers. Have noticed you cannot get loose small onions they are all prepacked these days.  Love Joan.

jeadie05 said...

Ithink they think organic is new, its what our Dads used to grow isnt it and manure with a good old fashioned pile of muck ,Iknow all about the shopping trolley saga lol ....................Jan xxPs Hope you had a good visit with your sister .

kokoapuffy1 said...

LOL! Never had that happen, but have used carts that have rrreally squeaky wheels.

sdoscher458 said...

Ally..on this side of the pond I just had the same problem..I pushed it went sideways, I shoved and it clanked! The wheels froze in place and would not budge. Maybe it's a worldwide revolt of the shopping carts...oh no.  I love your piggy graphic...can I copy it? I have a flying pig on mine you can copy.  Let me know....Sandi

lsfp1960 said...

Ally, I can't even imagine shopping at a counter, having sugar put in a paper bag, etc.  I guess things have been different here in the US for a long time.  Even as a little girl in the 1950's I don't remember that.  My pet peeve with shopping carts (besides the awful wheels that go in every direction but not at the same time) is the fact that sometimes they are so dirty.   I mean  "crusty, icky" dirty !!  I can't imagine why the stores don't have pressure washers, to clean them up from time to time.  

sarajanesmiles said...

I think you're right Ally, those shopping trolleys are programmed to take us to the expensive aisles, or the aisles with stuff they want to get rid of, and of course to the checkout!!  I shopped just the other day, had a trolley full, with a duvet and pillows and school trousers and a top I picked up.  The trolley froze just outside the entrance, and I had to carry everything the rest of the way to the car.  Not easy when it's all big and bulky!!
Sara   x

rachealcarol said...

Lolol mucky carrots.........those were the days. Rache xx

tillysweetchops said...

The trolleys these days are really clever so I wouldn't be surprised if they were programmed to steer you in a certain direction! I know for a fact that they are programmed to lock wheels if they are wheeled to far away from the store.


imperfectlyavg said...

Square tomatoes!  That sounds kinds of cool!  
Seriously, though, I understand "Supermarket Stress."  I really dread that weekly trip.  We have a chain near us called Wegman's which I think offers the closest to old-fashioned service and quality that I've ever seen.  Of course, I come out of there about a hundred dollars lighter in the pockets than I do over at the stressful place.  What can you do?

mtrib2 said...

Did my shopping for the week today.   It is 8 miles to town from where I live.  Salty got to go for a walk when I returned.   He get another walk soon.   mark

thinkingoutloud said...

Square tomatoes?

Now that's a thought =)

Thanx for visiting.
I have you marked.

Huggs n a good day-