Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Busy Tuesday

Had a busy day yesterday...went shopping, I waited in the car while Lyn did the Supermarket shopping.

Then ended up in the Hairdressers, as Lyn had booked a trim.

I just happened to have my camera with me so thought I would take a picture of her.

She was just round the corner so camera at the ready - I walked in front of her - She shielded her face with her hands and said "No Mum - Oh no not like this"  

Her hair hung round her shoulders, No make up on, and I thought it was perfect..

So I snapped and had the photograph all snug inside my camera.

I loaded it - or should I say tried to load it into my computer and it was not there... Just one I had taken previously of the snow we had the other day..

Now I know Lyn never touched my camera - so where did my picture go...

Perhaps it's a good thing - as she did say she wouldn't talk to me again if I used it here in J-land.....She also said she would get her own back on me.....Now I shiver in my shoes, as she does not know the picture never registered....

And unless she ever reads this I'm not telling her.....

thank you Sara


sdrogerson said...

Bad person#!!! Like me ;-)

stijoan said...

my mum plays bad tricks on me!!! watch daughters will rebel!!!! joanne

jeadie05 said...

Youd better tell her otherwise ,she is going to catch you out and you being perfectly inocent ,it wouldnt be nice lol ...............Jan xx

nedmoh said...

You naughty girl trying to take a pic of Lyn when she wasnt ready.I dont like having my picture taken!I like your tag made by Sara she is clever.

jaymact1 said...

Oh your are bad doing that to your daughter you better watch out when in the shower for the next few days. LOve Joan.

grahamfarmga said...

I hate pictures of me and the kids are always wonting to take one LOL  I bet she checks to see if you posted it!

labdancer51 said...

Hehehe!  No, don`t tell her Ally and see if she checks?  lol  I wonder where the photo did go to?  Jim took a photo the other day and he couldn`t find that either...very odd!  :o)

Sandra xxxxx

kokoapuffy1 said...

LOL! Ally,
I agree with several of the comments, bet Lyn checks your journal. Sometimes my camera does the same thing, if I try to take a photo...and the camera isn't ready.  Cute Eeyore/signature graphic.  Hope you had a lovely day.   ~Deborah

sarajanesmiles said...

Ooh you meanie ;o)
Lyn will get her own back!!
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

Ah yes, the hairdressing story you didn`t tell Lyn! ;o)

Sandra xxxxx

jeanno43 said...

She so wanted not to appear, she magicked the picture away lol

cerise3333 said...

you coult e=register birds.

mtrib2 said...

Watch out for her taking a "Candid Camera" photo of you when your not looking.  Nice graphic.    mark

jacksj989 said...

I loved your comment about the photo that did not come out for it reminded me of something that happened to me a few years ago and I have yet to 'live it down.'

If I can think on, some time, I will put a longer version in my journal but, for now, I will share the short version with you and then you will not feel too bad about losing your photo.

For several years, I kept going to the top floor of a building where I worked, and  looked at an old chimney stack in the distance.  At that time, I used to do lots of before and after photographs.

A local person told me that the chimney was due to be demolished and I carried on going to have a look to see if the chimney had gone.

Later, a friend gave me a date and time of when the chimney was to come down and I prepared and prepared so that I would get the best shot on my cheap camera.

Lots of people gathered and my wife was kind enough to stand to one side of the spot where I was to take my photo.  As predicted, the people gathered where my wife stood and everything went well for me.

After a hooter went, to say that the chimney was going to be blown up, I managed to get in five shots before the whole thing fell to the ground.  

I was estatic until I tried to have the film processed for there was no film in the camera.  

As I say, I am still trying to 'live this one down' for I am the brunt of my families jokes everytime the subject comes up.

Thank you for bringing back the wonderful memories.

By for now,


happinessdreams said...

LOL. That's funny that pic just disappear. I do agree with most of the comments.