Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Shopping ~ and bits

 Well it isn't raining this hard ~ but it is raining and it is cold ~ and the wind is blowing ~ in fact a perfect April day ~

Well it wouldn't surprize me to see penguins walk across the lawn  ~ should be the Easter Bunny but I think he's keeping warm down his burrow ~

Just have a quick taste of my Easter Bunny ~

Yesterday went to Kerry's Pine ~ I love to go shopping there they have all kinds of Knick~Knacks and could spend ages in there just browsing ~ "in fact we did"~ after buying a few odds and ends we crossed the road ~ and headed for what used to be the railway station ~ but is now a cafe ~ had a scone and a sausage roll and sat outside in the garden ~ yes it was a nice day yesterday ~ wherever  did the sunshine go ~


Havn't done much to~day a bit of grocery shopping posted a couple of packages ~ read lots of journals ~ Done a bit of dusting ~ Hovering ~ Ironing ~ cooking ~ you know the usual things that help pass the time ~ Tom came to see us and had lunch with him ~ It's his Birthday on the 13th April ~ have got a card and a pressie for him but we will take them round to him on his birthday ~

Well I think Barney wants to play with his ball ~ must keep him happy ~





jeadie05 said...

Happy b/day to Tom ,its my son inlaws on the 16th ,the dusting and other things that pass the time ,!!the PC is the biggest passer of time I know off lol ..........Jan xx

stijoan said...

hi ally! have you been and checked charlie for me yet lol? love scones! love Joanne

samnsmile5 said...

It's nice and sunny here today...but windy...always windy in the springtime in Texas!!
Happy Birthday to Tom!!   You have to tell me what a pressie is....sorry I don't know.  :)


samnsmile5 said...

Okay Ally....  I had to come back and comment!  Thanks for the clarification on what a pressie is!  I'm laughing here because I didn't even think that a "pressie" would be a "present"   DUH!  Yes, I'm feeling very blonde at the moment.  :)
Thanks for thehelp this morning!!


bbartle3 said...

"Scones" rang a bell; they do use that
word in Australia, or did up to 1949 when
I sailed away on the Aorangi, sister ship to
the Mariposa. Instead of "Pressie" the language-
deprived Yanks might just say "Something,"
as in 'I got him something for his birthday.'
"Pressie" implies affection, whereas "Something"
connotes wearisome obligation. Ha ha! Oh
how I dote upon the English.
  Today's paper, I'll have you know, reports
scientists at the lab where the polio vaccine was
developed (well, in the same group of buildings)
have announced that out brains DO continue to
make cells as we age. Folk wisdom had it that
our brains were in a crash dive beginning not long
after birth.


jaymact1 said...

Sound as if you had a lovely day yesterday sitting out with you scone etc. We had a rainy morning first thing but the sun came out and it was a bit warmer.  Where is Kerry's Pine sounds like my kind of shop love knick knacky places. Love Joan.

jeanno43 said...

How pretty your journal looks with all the graphics.  Yes, been raining here all afternoon .  Had lots of rain lately but I suppose it will do little towards the drought.


nedmoh said...

Happy Birthday to Tom for the 13th.Thank you for your kind wishes before we went away we had a good time .You have been busy with your chores.Love your graphics.....Jeanx

mllevl said...

Hahahhaha  great rainy graphic Ally and I love the penguins...very topical!!  Eve

rachealcarol said...

I love the graphic of Barney. You've dived into your Easter Bunny, tut!!! I assume it's headless now :)  It's rained all day here, a complete contrast to yesterday. Rache

labdancer51 said...

Hi Ally, Happy Birthday to Tom on the 13th, my nephew Ryan`s birthday is the 14th.  Flippin` wet and cold here today, more like Winter than Spring! :o)

Sandra xxxxx

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Ally ~ love your fun graphics today :-) And wishing Tom a very happy birthday for the 13th ~x~
hugs ~x Debbie x~

oddb0dkins said...

Hi Ally, seems your weather was much like ours today. Thankfully it didn't start raining till I'd finished work so that's a bonus. Easter is looking like it will be as wet and windy as usual.
Roll on June.
B. x

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope Tom has a lovely birthday on thursday. We've had sleet and gales today, what's up with the weather?? I thought Easter might be nice as it's later this year but can't see it warming up now. Jeannette xx

rayne1123 said...

i hope it warms up for you soon....

scaptainscreamer said...

Weather was awful here yesterday too - typical - always is during school holidays = more muddy clothes and more washing for me! Sounds like you had a pretty productive day to me! Happy birthday to Tom for the 13th he's an Aries like me, my birthday's 16th although as the years are flying by I prefer to forget that it'll make me a year older! x

plieck30 said...

Like all your cute graphics and the little girl eating chocolate. Thats how I eat it except not now. Had a nasty virus. Not wanting to eat anything Paula

barebytes said...

The rain is everywhere. Just did my shopping for the day and in the rain, funny how when all is done, the sun starts to come out hahaha My luck....Hugs Lanny

csandhollow said...

We must keep our little ones happy!

salemslot9 said...

my step-father's birthday is also April 13th
he is a big Pink Panther fan
I got him 4 Pink Panther drinking glasses from ebay
My father's birthday is April 15th (tax day)
he passed away a week before his birthday in 2001