Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Baby Rabbit

I felt I had to share Monday with you it was sad, but every thing in this life is not good and we have to face the bad when it happens ~

Lyn was out very early Monday Morning giving someone a lift to work who had to start before the buses ran ~

She came home in tears ~ saying she had hit a baby rabbit with the car and was sure it was not dead ~

I was still in my dressing gown so putting a big coat on ~ I went with her down the lane hoping we would not find anything ~ but of course we did ~

This poor little baby rabbit trying to crawl up onto the grass verge ~ we stopped the car and Lyn got out ~ we had put a box filled with straw into the boat of the car Lyn picked the poor little soul up and could see it was very badly injured ~ We know you should not interfere with Nature ~ but could not leave it to the elements ~ so we took it home and put it in the garage ~

I think we both hoped it would be dead when we went to have a look at it ~ but it was still alive ~ curled up in the corner of the box looking as bright as a button ~ but its back legs were very badly injured ~

we decided to take it to our vets ~ which we did ~ the Vet who saw Lyn was most understanding ~ and agreed that we could not leave it lying in the lane ~ it was something she could not have done ~ she said she would take it straight through and put it to sleep as the injuries were so bad ~

Lyn did offer to pay for this ~ but the Vet said that it was not necessary ~ as she was not prepared to see it suffer and actually thanked Lyn for her concern ~ we both left the surgery in tears ~

Living in the Country we see a lot of this ~ but when you are the cause it really hits you hard and when so many baby rabbits and other wild life are running about it seems however slowly you go it is so easy to hit them


astoriasand said...

OH!! dear Ally,
Sorry you had a sad day,This is just the kind of thing which I myself would have done,with the baby rabbit,or any other animal for that matter, and being a very sentimental person,I too would have been so upset,for a long while. So kind of the vet too,for offering his services free,so you both were good samaritans ,you will be truly rewarded.It is just a pity so may people in  this world today, are not of the same nature as ourselves.Hope today is a brighter one for you.
The sun is beaming down here,All things are bright and beautiful, as in the Hyme and the shrub roses across the road in the gardens, are all opening,so I feel brighter too.Nothing like nature it is beautiful.Take Care.

jaymact1 said...

Oh Ally what a sad day for you and Lyn I hate when something like that happens. LOve Joan.

jlocorriere05 said...

That's so sad Ally, I hate to see injured wildlife. I'm glad you and Lyn went back for it even though it had to be put down. It's far better than leaving it to die in pain or get eaten alive by a fox or something. Jeannette xx  

mllevl said...

Awww Ally how sad.. .as you say these things happen  yet how good of you and Lyn to care so much and how kind of the vet too. That little bunny injuries has brought out the goodness of people which in these times is good to hear..   Eve

sdrogerson said...

it is hard - been there several times........... the vet is always understanding

oddb0dkins said...

Such a shame Ally, but you did the only thing you could. Nice of the vet to be so understanding. B. x

msecz said...

bless you and Lyn and the wonderful vet.... we have little bunnies in our yard now and I just watch them eat all my flowers... haha  they are just so sweet and I have so many flowers they couldn't possible eat them all..... I hope. have a wonderful day both of you... you are wonderful caring women, Sandra

rayne1123 said...

that is so sad. you two are good people and the vet was wonderful.  accidents happen unfortunatley!  take care

plieck30 said...

You are two kind ladies. We see so much road kill going to the ranch. Its sad, but as you said we have to face the bad when it happens. Paula

helloimkara said...

That is so sad.  But what a carring thing to do as unfortunatley many people would have just drove on.


jeadie05 said...

Oh Ally how sad for Lynn and you ,but it couldnt be helped you know ,Thankgood ness the vet is so lovely too ...........Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Ally,  I know it was deadfully sad for you both, but the saving grace was you taking it to the vet.  We hit and killed a fox once and we were so upset that we never spoke of it for a long time.  

Sandra xxxxx

faircolleen said...

This entry says a lot about you both,what a kind thing to do.

lindachapmanuk said...

Ally, I feel so sorry for you and Lyn as well as the rabbit. You both did all you could  and so did the vet. At least he was comfortable and not scared.  Linda xx

grahamfarmga said...

It is sad. I have seen animals here on the farm so sick that I pray for God to let them die.

spikedc said...

How kind and careing you both must be X spike X

sexkitten198511 said...

Hi Ally

I would feel exactly the same in your shoes. I love aminmals to bit. Where i work there is thousands of rabbits in are grounds. They are always running in front of cars in the carpark. I'm dreading the day i hit one.

You and lyn are oviously very caring indervisual. If there were more of you in the world. It wold be a better place.

Take care

Sarah x

tillywooat62 said...

Thankyou for reading my journal,
Sorry to read about your daughters accident with the rabbit, hope you are both feeling better now.
I have just been reading about your grandaughters bithday, and noticed Barney, well he could be our jack russels twin, I will put some photos of her on my journal one day, so you will beable to see for yourself. if you pay it another visit

take care
Lynne xx

topchelseagirl said...

Oh Ally, so sorry to hear about Lyn's accident with the poor little bunny. It was so good of you two to go back and then take him to the vets - at least he was well cared for.
I hit and killed a squirrel in the Autumn and felt so guilty. I love animals.
Hope you two have a lovely weekend.

nedmoh said...

Hi Ally ,Lyn mustn't blame herself  these things happen ,she was very kind to take the rabbit to the vets....Jeanx

bbartle3 said...

Being sentimental about rabbits,
so help me God, almost sounds
sacriligious to this former Aussie.
Rabbits were taken to Australia
three hundred years ago by the
English and those damn rabbits have
been destroying the land ever since!!!!


mtrib2 said...

I think that was an act of true compassion for the smallest of creatures.    You can be happy knowing that you relieved it's suffering.    Most people would not have given it a second thought.      There is a problem with ferel cats in the neighborhood having litters of kittens.   A renter on the next road of my neighbors had 22 cats I was told.    She also had ferel cats coming to her apartment because of her many cats and she feed them.    Upon leaving she could only find 11 or so of her cats and left to her new residence.     My neighbor told me if she had just come back the next day she could have gotten more of her cats.    There were two kittens born in my barn structure.     I don't know what happened to them but I think a male cat may have killed them in a back part that would take me a day to remove everything to find.     So for awhile there were no more kittens.    Now there is a black and white one that I never saw before living under my deck.    The carpenter said it was "fat" so maybe it is getting food from my next door neighbor's cat's dish outside.    I just don't know.     I have been away from the computer as I am too tired and sore in the evenings and just have to lay down.       I will be reading your entries as I can.     I think your journal is one of the best that I read.      You know I will be thinking of you Ally.     Hugs,  Mark