Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Pics and the vets



We had to take Nin and Barney to the Vet's yesterday ~ Nin was having his injections ~ Barney came along for the ride ~ when Lyn took Nin in Barney just sat and cried and scrabbled to get out of his cage ~ I sat in the car while Lyn went inside ~ I love to sit and watch the people going in and out ~ there was a real variety of different Dogs ~ A Great Dane ~ an Old English Sheepdog ~ a Westie ~ Yorkshire terrier and lots of Cats ~ there was one the image of Gabi who lives with Linda in Sunny Washington

With all the beautiful weather we have been having Lyn has been working hard in the garden ~ but today it has clouded over and is quite cold  hence it is a nice day to stay indoors ~

The pictures are mostly in our Garden ~ the shop window is Digbys' of Holt ~ they specialise in Weddings ~ and is such a lovely display ~ the shop is in the Royal Arcade in Norwich ~ but their Main shop is in Holt in Norfolk a beautiful Old English Town well worth a visit ~






nightmaremom said...

Your flowers are lovely...  the colors are so pretty.  Got cold here yesterday too

jeadie05 said...

Yes didnt it turn cold ,? after the lovely days we have been having Ugh ,your garden is lovely and a visiting Partridge how nice Ally,the roses are beautiful ,and the wedding shop window ,is delightful ,I could spend some pennies in there ,my Grandsons wedding is  in just over a week ! Jan xx

ukgal36 said...

Loved the pics...i had forgotten all about Partridges!!

ora4uk said...

lovely pics Ally....and I enjoyed the "partridge"...nice that it can just wander about....wouldn't happen here in the states....that is for sure.....LOL...hugs to ya...Ora

astoriasand said...

Haaaaaaa the cheeky partridge.Still I am sure they know a lovely fine lady lives at this house and thats why they all visit Ally take it from me LOL!! I am slowly getting back to normal this morning plenty work has been done on the pooter and arn't I glad too.I would have hated to miss your posting.I love your journal so much.Plus looking around your wonderful Ally's Plot LOL!!Lynn is a wonderful daughter doing all she does and I envy you having your daughter on hand so much.It was wonderful to have mine around last week.The partridges here on the country lanes we pass each weekend will not move when we drive past them at all.They just waddle along as if we have all day to wait for them Haaaaaaaaa.Aww poor Barney wondering where NIN had gone.I bet he knew and thats why he was crying LOL!! He was probably thinking OUCH!! Poor NIN.It is rather cloudy here today Ally thus me inside too on here.The shop window looks beautiful.I will have to come to Norfolk this summer sometime for a day out..Take Care. Hope you are well. Loved the posting .God Bless Thanx for all your kind comments you send me in my journal.Kath

bbartle3 said...

On my screen your bright, sharp pix
came out better than any previous
photos: can't tell if it's my new (but
not top notch) computer, or your
posting of them. The pix were also larger
(for me on my screen) than ver before.

Yes, waching from the car while waiting,
stationary, can be fascinatng. For one thing,
I think most of us feel more vulnerable
walking along the sidewalk (different
word in UK I suspect) onstage so to speak,
than when seated, as audience.


acoward15 said...

That partridge could join the bunny. Game pie!

jlocorriere05 said...

The wedding shop window is beautiful Ally! I love poppies too, I used to like seeing them in the wheat field behind my house when I lived on the outskirts of Brighton. I hope Nin was good at the vets with all those big doggies! It was cold this morning but it's warmed up this afternoon here. Have a good week! Jeannette xx  

lsfp1960 said...

The flowers are lovely.  The roses, the red poppies and the columbine.   Don't you just love this time of the year?  Linda in Washington state

tendernoggle said...

The pictures of the flowers were sopretty...I loved the roses!!!
love ya,

plieck30 said...

I can almost smell the roses and the honeysuckle from here. I love to people and pet watch too. Paula

tellsg said...

You do have some lovely flowers in your garden Ally.  I keep meaning to get busy and buy some more plants but never seem to do so.  Not even a hanging basket ..... Hugs, Terry x

elainey2465 said...

Wish I had nice flowers in my garden - perhaps I should tend to it now Im free for a bit!! Laine xxxx

lindachapmanuk said...

I enjoyed your pics Ally. I could just smell those lovely roses...the entrance to the vet looked lovely too...poor Barney was worried about xx

oddb0dkins said...

Nice pictures Ally. Did you have partridge for dinner?
B. x

rayne1123 said...

love the pictures..hope nin was ok after his shots.  how do you put graphics in your journal now that they changed it?  i cant seem to figure it out

gaboatman said...

Poor Barney crying for Nin as he goes in for his shots.  I'm glad you were there to comfort him.  Great shots of the roses and the garden.  I can just picture you driving that tractor, Althea.  Is the partridge the village pet?  Do people feed the poor thing?  Interesting entry!

mariealicejoan said...

My dog always hates to go to the Vets.  It's always a frustrating exercise getting her in to the car to make the trip.  Funny though we never have any problem getting her back in to it to go home!!!  I always love your shop window pictures and the others.  Beautiful flowers!

jeanno43 said...

Your flowers are beautiful.  I would love to live somewhere as rural as that. Fancy the entrance to the vets being like that.  Great photos.

sarajanesmiles said...

The entry to your vets it much much prettier than the entry to mine!!
Beautiful photo's Ally, wish I could smell those roses.
Sara   x

emabecmar said...

The flowers are beautiful. My favorite was the pink rose. ((((((hugs)))))))

blpltt said...

Lovely pictures, Ally.  It's becoming much rarer to see poppies in the wild.
Digby's window looked mouth-watering; I love old-fashioned confectioners - and their products !!
Bunny xx

faveanti said...

What lovely flowers Ally, and I do love to see poppies in the fields.  What beautiful weather was that then?  It's been horrid here for a week or more, cold and windy, and the weathermen can't seem to agree on when it might get any better.
love, Angie, xx

edwardssoapy said...

I always love your entries, Ally.  What a beautiful part of the country you live in!

Best wishes,
Leigh :o)"

cacklinrosie101 said...

You have the loveliest shops in the UK and beautiful flowers.  I really love the poppy field leading to the vet's.  You know, I don't think I've ever seen a partridge. first I thought it was a turkey but too pretty.  Love xx Chris

mtrib2 said...

It seems that though Nin was the one getting the shots it was Barney feeling the pain, lol !    What you call a Partridge I believe we call a Pheasant over here.    You wrote that it is lame?  It must survive well on people's bird seed leftovers as long as it does not run into a  dog or cat.     The rose's look beautiful as do the field of poppies!    Your garden tractor looks adequate to plow up your small garden and then some.    Thank you for remembering me on my Birthday!    I turned 55.    mark

sdoscher458 said...

Oh your pictures are lovely. The roses are magnificent. Wish we could grow them here like gets too hot here....SAndi

fasttrack58 said...

Glad all went well at the vet and enjoyed the stroll in the garden...
Have a great weekend!
Linda :)

wldconnie said...

What lovely roses! I do miss my garden. Love Conniex

lindapaterson177 said...

Loved the pics and you could almost smell the flowers! I love to browse in shops like the pic you posted. and we have poppies in our garden too.
have a great weekend Ally ....luv bella xx

springangel235 said...

Vet trips here are a must at times...mine hate it too.
I loved all the flowers...all so pretty.  Trying to get caught have a beautiful weekend...many hugs,

fowfies said...

The flowers are just breathtaking...all so beautiful and everything looks so lush and green. Y'all must be getting sufficient rain for everything to be so wonderful looking. We have had some rain, but still not enough. Tips vet visits are always so traumatic. She does as well as any dog can when they are going for that. Good thing its only once a year!

rachealcarol said...

You grow beautiful roses Ally, so perfect a shape.  I love to see flanders poppies growing free.  Hope Nin is feeling non the worse for the vet visit. Rache

andrewfrnd said...

Spent a lovely weekend in Holt many years ago. Thanks for your comments in my journal.

micojudyueda said...

Happy to hear you had nice day!!!

xxroxymamaxx said...

I love all the pics Ally!  Hope you are having a nice weekend.  love, Shelly

acoward15 said...

What have you been up to? You haven't made an entry for a while.

bbartle3 said...

< "What have you been up to? You haven't made an entry for a while. " >



Is there an echo in here?

Bea? You haven't made an entry in a while. I'm thirsty
and hungry. I stuubbed my toe. I've had moments of
depression.  There have been days since you posted
an Entry that even green leaves limped.

Should we send out a search party, folks?


susanebunn said...

Your roses are just beautiful!  I can almost smell them!

gravydogg55 said...


steviemoore83 said...

Hi Ally,

Just wanted to drop by and say hi! *hugs*

Hope you're well,

Lv Stevie

acoward15 said...

I know the weather has not been great, but surely it's time for some fresh pics from a recent experience! What have you been up to?

stupidsheetguy said...

Hi Ally, as usual, lovely photos. I thought it nice that the little bird cooperated and gave you a nice pose.
I like to get a bird's-eye view myself, and do a little people-watching when I get the chance. I have an opportunity tomorrow, as I have a doctor's appointment. I'll check in at the desk and go back outside :)

You take very good care of your dogs!


bbartle3 said...

Ally. How is that pronounced?
As in 'Arley' barber and the 30 thieves, or,
'down the alley is a cat'?
Damn, I called you Bea in a pevious
Comment. Sorry.

See? Ya've gotta come back Kwik
and keep us all in line.