Sunday, 9 October 2005

Fishing trip and other things

Yet another picture of Barney - still on guard.

Update on Sloe Gin - it is now a lovely deep Red wine colour - can't wait till Christmas when it will be ready to drink..

When  we were children - my Dad would take us three youngest children with him on his fishing trips,  My young brother Ivor and my sister Joy.  We would have to catch the bus to Lenwade, as we didn't have a car.  When we arrived there Dad would set up his fishing gear, and tell us we must not make any noise, as the fish would not bite.   It was guaranteed as we sat there quietly a Robin would land on Dads maggots tub - and cheekily steal them - coming back time and again for more. Dad would sit for hours telling us about the wild life at the lake ..and pointing out all the different trees and flowers that were there..How I miss him...

In the years to come  Dick, and I spent most week-ends  going to  Great Yarmouth  where we would play bingo - eat doughnuts go on the big dipper and generally had a fab. time..... one Bingo win we choose as our prize was a childs fishing set - this led to a lifetime of coarse fishing as a hobby for my Husband. It started when we took Lyn our daughter who was then 8 years old  - we would go to Hellesdon Mill and spend the whole day there enjoying our new sport and obviously a Picnic.

This led to Dick wanting his own fishing gear, so off he would go to Tom Boltons and purchase everything a fisherman would need, this pleased my Dad as he now  had someone who could ferry him further afield on his fishing janunts - Hickling Broad - Ranworth Broads and of course all the rest of the broads, and Dick bought a boat so this was even better they could actually get into the middle and fish the choicest spots....You know where the BIG ones are hinding under the Lily pads..

One beautiful Sunny Sunday morning Dick and I went together, me armed with my deck chair, Sunday papers and a box of chocolates.  Dick laden with his fishing gear..  I settled down to have a nice sun bathe, but Dick had other ideas and had set up a rod up for me,  no way was I going to put a maggot on the hook, so he did it for me, and even cast out, I sat there for what seemed like ages - hoping that no way would any fish take my bait,  but alack and alas my float disappeared under the water, and the line sped away..I screamed to Dick, and he came running over - tellingme what to do,

When the fish I had caught came to the surface he was BIG, and I remember the excitement of it, I was actually  shaking...but what a feeling..Wow it's one I shall never forget !!!!.... I stood there anticipating releasing the hook from this massive fellow....the photograph of me posing with him, what I would look like in The Angling Times next issue.......When Woosh with one swish of his tail he was gone..No longer on my hook, but from then on I was Hooked - never realised fishing could be so exciting.

Have many many more fishing tales !!!!!!!! which I will share with you in the future...


Fishermans Prayer ;

God grant that I may catch a fish

So Big that even I

When speaking of it afterwards

Will have no need to lie..........


jeanno43 said...

It really was the one that got away then lol!  Never been fishing myself but I know it is very popular even amongst journallers.

jeadie05 said...

What a smashing entry,Ally,Iwill be sure to show Maurice this when he comes in,he will be interested in the locations you mention,I dont actually fish my self,but enjoy reading or knitting,though Ive been known to help land a big one holding the landing net ,and I make the tea!The sloe gin sounds good ,all that picking and pricking of sloes will have been worth it ,come Christmas .        Jan xx

nedmoh said...

How lovely that you caught something on your first go. Pete loves to fish, when he gets time.I go with him sometimes but just take a book and read, also have been known to fall asleep!!!!Its a beautiful morning here today, more like spring.I bet the sloe gin looks inviting!!!Jeanxx

gaboatman said...

A delightful tale, Ally.  Yes, for those uninitiated to the joys of fishing, it usually takes hooking into one fish to be hooked yourself for life on fishing.  A great entry and I'm looking forward to more of your fishing tales.  Good luck with your Sloe Gin.  I'm glad it should be ready to help celebrate the holidays.

sarajanesmiles said...

That does sound exciting!
I quite fancy having a fish, though I've never tried it.
Sara   x

onemoretina said...

Sounds like some wonderful times..... Tina

grahamfarmga said...

I rember fishing as a girl with my Dad.