Friday, 7 October 2005

The elusive Peacock

1st picture is one of my Bunches of grapes - there are quite a few bunches on the vine.

picture 2 is Barney laying in wait in case the Hoover starts - He is ready to attack.

picture 3 is My daughter Lyn with Nin

Picture 4 is the Horse Trials Field in early morning mist - at the end of the road where I live. 

   I have been down the lane dozens of times on the look out for that now elusive Pimpernel Oh sorry I mean Peacock.  I did see him on one occassion but he darted off into the bushes before I could get my camera out. but I will get a picture of him - if it is the last thing I do.

The Horse Trial field is very busy especially at the week-ends

sometimes its a trial in its self trying to drive past the Horse boxes.  As they are so big...  But they are lovely to watch with their riders trotting proudly round the field.

We have lots of nature around us with the Muntjac Deers - and lots of squirrels scurrying around I expect they are collecting food for the winter,

We have a lovely dark coloured fox - which prowls the lane at night and sometimes we have the privilege of meeting him face to face as we drive home, the only problem being it's the same lane where that Elusive Peacock was last seen.....umm.... I wonder !!!!

But seriously the Nature in the Breckland area is abundant we have so many different species of Birds and now I've got myself a new digi. camera I will post some later....

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.....



jeanno43 said...

Oh, I hope not but a fox will take a Peacock . If not, I wonder what the poor bird is living on?  Sounds like a lovely area. I would so love to have muntjac deer around here, no chance, too built up now.  Are they eating grapes or wine-making ones?

rachealcarol said...

Way to go on the camera, I love photos.  You do have a lot of wild life round there, must be great to see the horse trials.  A talented grape grower too, they look delicious. Rache xx

jeadie05 said...

Those grapes look lovely do you eat them or make them into wine?if wine do you tread them with your toes?Lyn is a pretty girl  LOL at Barney with the hoover  Jan xx

lifeseensideways said...

Great photos ... Hoovers are such a provocation to dogs, I tell mine if he didn't shed hairs on the carpet I could keep the hoover out of his way. Meanwhile he still attacks it and wags his tail and grins when I turn it off ... he is sure he has vanquished it!

Good luck in your attempts to "shoot" the peacock.


sarajanesmiles said...

It sounds so beautiful where you live :o)
Had to smile at the pic of Barney laying in wait for the hoover, he he, what is it with dogs and hoovers?!  
Sara   x

nedmoh said...

Ally it looks a lovely area where you live, those grapes look good can you eat them?Laughed at Barney with the hoover, don't lets talk about hoovers thats what I should be doing. Have a good w/end   Jeanx

onemoretina said...

Love the pictures... you live in a beautiful place.  Keep posting them !  Tina

labdancer51 said...

hmm.. the peacock and the fox, the fox and the peacock...I wonder! Your Barnet is very brave attacking the hoover.  Jake is a complete wimp and is scared stiff of it!  :-)

Sandra xxxx

thelovetrain said...

Thanks for coming by and visiting with me. It's nice to make your acquaintance, Ally.

Looks Like Nin is about to do a hand-stand on the arm of your sofa... Hind feet are in the air. What an acrobatic pooch. [;)]

I adore nature, too. I've been into photography since my youth, and it's always been my favorite thing to photograph.

Stop by and see me again sometime, dear. Take care.

~Brian @---->---

grahamfarmga said...

I hope you get lots of wild life pictures for us to see.

grahamfarmga said...

Barney is so funny. My cats dont like the vaccum they run and hide.