Friday, 5 May 2006

my six pack

Here is my six pack (As Jayne said never realised I had one of those) of course I read more than just six and all the Journals in my sidebar are awesome and I wouldn't miss reading one of them ~ here goes then

If you decide to do  six pack just add an entry into your journal name your six favs ~ then send a link of your journal to Joe ~ Journals editor

Here is my six pack
Jayne lives with her Mum who has terminal cancer ~ she writes of her life and her hobbies always interesting ~ 
Sandra writes of her first Grandchild Roman ~ her family and her beloved Black Labrador Jake always colourful and full of news ~
Jan writes about lots of different things Her family Her Hubby and their dog Scooby ~  memories of the past and things she is doing today ~ humourous and informative  she lives in the Fens in England ~
Joan has two journals one she writes about her Family ~ the other about Birdwatching which she loves ~ they live in Scotland ~
Barry is a postman ~ and his journal is a must ~ full of humour his DIY jobs and his family
Jeannette writes about her travels loaded with wonderful pictures of the places she has visited


msecz said...

I read 4 of your favorites and   can see why you picked the 4 I read.... now maybe I will have to try one or two more... thanks

jeanno43 said...

I also read four of them, four of the very best

debbiewebb4465 said...

This is a great idea Ally ! ~ The ones I don't already read I will certainly visit :-) Thank you. Have a great weekend.
love n hugs Debbie ~xxx~

labdancer51 said...

Hi Ally,  Thanks for your kind mention.  I read three of your six, (well four if I include myself but that`s just!) and I agree with you totally on your choices. :o)

Sandra xxxxx

faircolleen said...

I read all those great journals except Joans musings. . I will go and pay a visit.What a good idea the six pack is.

jeadie05 said...

Thank you for your mention dear I read all of those too ,and yours which is also a must ,with your remoniscences sp?!?,Lynn  ka Nin and Barney ,bless you .........Jan xx

deegleed said...

Hi ally.
Enjoyed your journal as usual.
Regards Dan.

djohn52 said...

My entry disappeared!  Try again!

I read 6 pack and I thought you were going to show us your abs! LOL I saw mine once....when I was sick!

I have more than six "favorites", and only a couple of who you mentioned.  I can't add anymore, I have no more blank spots left. Whine Whine!

Are you and Jan close enough to visit in person?


funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Ally

Awwww.... thanks for mentioning me to all your fellow bloggers.   Did you send this entry to Joe (the aol journal editor?) if not make sure you do.    And i agree with you - i also read more than six and it was difficult in choosing as there are a lot of talented writers out there in JLand :o)

Luv Jayne

elainey2465 said...

I know two of those!! Have a great weekend Ally - Love Laine xxxx

salonrose123 said...

I read Jan....will have to give the others a visit!

plieck30 said...

Out of the six I read Jan's and I always enjoy it. May try some of the others when I have time. Paula

jlocorriere05 said...

Thanks for including me Ally. I'd have a hard job to pick six, I have so many I hate to miss! Have a good weekend. Jeannette xx

rjet33 said...


You are always so sweet to visit me.  Sorry it has been so long since I have been around.  I love Jeannette's journal too.  I love being able to see the world through her eyes.  I miss getting to visit everyone's journals like I was doing because I stay so busy now.  Thanks for continuing to visit me.  Take care of yourself.

Blessings, Friend!

P.S.  Thanks also for visiting my son's journal too and lifting him up during this hard time in his life.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

oddb0dkins said...

Thanks Ally, I hope to get to read some of the others you mention too. B. x

nedmoh said...

Hi Ally theres three here I do read and the others I will now ,thanks.......Jeanx

journalseditor said...

Hi Ally -- just wanted to let you know that I'm featuring your six-pack picks in my blog; thanks for playing -- Joe

jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Ally, thanks for the mention. As you know I'm private but if anyone wants to read me they can email me and I'll put them on my list of readers. A good choice for your six pack! Jeannette xx