Tuesday, 2 May 2006

New computer and bits

Here I sit in front of a New Computer ~ It took ages to transfer all my things over to this one (Or I should say it took Lyn ages as she did it for me)

My old Computer was running so slow I decided to get a new one and have given my beloved Laptop to the Children.... Tom is going to take it into the shop and get it overhauled ~

Today we had to go to Norwich and Aylsham to attend to some business and as usual we had a nice drive round the Countryside ~ Norfolk has some beautiful scenery and I love nothing more than just gazing out of the window at all the beautiful flowers and trees which are now in full bloom ~ Lovely when you are not driving and can watch what goes on around you ~

I took my little KA into the garage this morning to have the front brakes replaced it cost £154 which I didn't think was bad ~ as they were the original ones and as they were pretty worn really needed to be replaced ~

Love M the mechanic he is a very young 30 year old and works in shorts and t~shirt but always have these huge big boots on ~

Tom is doing enormously well with his new venture ~ he invested in a tipper truck and is doing sand and shingle delivery ~ and Gardening he has gained a couple of contracts one with his village hall doing the gardens ~ and one for a Firm in Norwich doing the gardens round their buildings ~ so he is very pleased with how things are going ~


PS : Cress cleared the Laptop herself and it is now running perfectly






labdancer51 said...

Hi Ally, I`ve noticed you`ve not been around the last few days, now I know, you have a new computer.  I`ll bet you notice the difference in the speed.  I could do with the lavender teddy in my car as I don`t like the usual air fresheners and he looks cute too.  I heard about more cases of bird flu in your area, all those poor chickens will be slaughtered.

Sandra xxxx

mllevl said...

Well done on new pc..good of Lynn to sort it out for you...send her to me please!!!  Eve

oddb0dkins said...

Hi Ally, I remember when I got my new computer, it seemed so fast I was reaching for a seatbelt, lol. Bet you notice the difference too.
If M. the mechanic was as nice as you think he is, he would have fixed your brakes for nothing.
If Tom gets any spare gravel he doesn't want can you send him round? I'm looking for about a ton of it. Thanks.

Enjoy your super fast pc.
B. x

bbartle3 said...

Gotta have good brakes. Had
my brakes fixed three times by
two different mechanics: The first
did nothing, absolutely zip; the other
put on $1 brake pads, which soon squealed,
so I had his father (who'd been on vacation)
put in Bendix brake pads on the front disc brakes.
From now on I plan to make certain the most
exxpensive parts are installed. One of those two
mechanics seems to have gone out of business
so I don't have to kill him after all. I think he was
a psychotic gypsy who got a thrill from theft.
Two older relatives hovered at each meeting,
I now realize, trying to monitor his mental problems.

You live in such a beautiful place! No crazies, not a one?


jeadie05 said...

Oh how lovely a new computer lucky girl ,clever girl Lynn getting every thing off the old and onto the new ,I'm so pleased the contracts are coming in for Tom ..........Jan xx

elainey2465 said...

Yeah good that your brakes are done - very important - hey I forgot to tell you Ally if you ever need a painter and decorator I know a good one in your area - my brother LOL!!! Let me know if you ever need his number!!! Laine xxxxx
p.s. dont know what prompted me to tell you that!! LOL xxxx

jeanno43 said...

I remember so well when I got my new computer.  Dean transferred everything for me but it was so exciting everything was so fast and I was tickled pink.  I did get a lavendar filled bear, have called him Larry lol.  Brakes are very important and it does seem a lot of money but you cannot put a price on safety.


funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Ally

Your mechanic sounds  a dish :o) (little girlie giggle) ......we invest a lot of money in our little cars don't we?   but its good to be and feel safe and afterall its only money !!!     Luv the pic of Rupert......i have Gina Ballerina in my car !!
So do you have another lap top?   Enjoy getting to know it :o)
Luv Jayne x

sdoscher458 said...

Have to hold you back if your computer races ahead of you now girl LOL.  I know the feeling when I got off my laptop and on to the new one it felt great. Good luck with it....Sandi

jlocorriere05 said...

Glad you got your brakes fixed at a fair price. Lynn's clever transferring your stuff to your new computer, you'll be whizzing along now, are you having new brakes put on the computer too?!! Sounds like you'll need them! Well done Tom for getting those new contracts. Jeannette xx

plieck30 said...

Umm lavendar, I love it. I think of getting a new computer. Mine is so slow getting online I can read several pages in a book. Oh someday I'll break down and do it but I don't know what day. lol So happy for you, Paula

lsfp1960 said...

Glad to hear you got a new computer.  I actually got one too, a couple months ago.  Mine had very little space in it, and was very slow.  My daughter & son-in-law got a new one and gave me the one of theirs that they were replacing. It has 10 times more room and also has a CD burner and a DVD player. Now I'm just waiting to get the high speed, so things will move along a little faster.  It's coming to my area soon & is a combination of AOL & my local phone company.  But it hasn't expanded into my area yet.  I love lavendar...I have it growing everywhere, in the ground and in pots that I can move around.  Our climate seems very favorable for lavender.  In fact it almost grows like weeds here.  Linda in sunny Washington  

jaymact1 said...

Glad you have got everything transfered its a big job and I hope you enjoy your new one is it another laptop?.Looking out of the windscreen of Lyn's car it is so Norfolk. Won't be long for me now. Nest Wednesday we will more than likely be walking round Sherringing Market and then on for coffee and a toasted teacake across the road. |Lovely day up here hope you have the same. Love Joan.

sdrogerson said...

how about a photo of your new lappy? and some details?

nedmoh said...

Hi Ally ,pleased you got your brakes fixed for a reasonable price,nice to have a dishy mechanic ,his big boots have perhaps got steel toe caps for safety.I am glad Toms business is taking off ,good luck to him.What a clever daughter you have to sort out your new computer.Thanks for the parcel...........Jeanx

salonrose123 said...

Glad to hear your little KA is all better now!  Congrats on the new computer....my sister has a laptop and thinks it's best thing since sliced white!  Waves it under my nose every time I'm visiting. Jealous, me? Of course not, I'm perfectly happy with my huge-takes-up-almost-half-of-the-room-monstrosity!!

wldconnie said...

Glad to hear you have a new laptop. I remember when I got my new one as it is really exciting! New computer, new brakes..it is all happening! Love Conniex

sexkitten198511 said...

£154 thats a lot for front breaks mine will cost £40 on friday

rayne1123 said...

good luck with your new computer..

faircolleen said...

New computer? How NICE!! I would love a laptop . Aw, nice your lyn did it for you.

ora4uk said...

a new computer....don't you just love em...???  what kind did you get....???  I have a Dell and it is great....hugs from ky...Ora

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Ally........glad your little KA is safe again, and at a reasonable cost. And a new computer WOW ~ bet you'll have lots of fun with it! Glad to hear Tom is gaining contracts ~ I wish him lots of luck. btw love the lilac bear :-)
Take care, hugs Debbie ~xxx~

icklemisssexpot said...

Did u get another lappy or a desktop??? I'd love to get a lappy but not as a replacement...when i can afford a new one for K i'll nab her old one LOL...Brakes are expensive it whole shebang has to be replaced but very essential so the cost is relative...Mean what price £154 to be safe, it's cheap really...Anyways i don't like talking about brakes after my debacle in feb LOL...Glad to hear tom is doing well with his new business :o)  Caff xxx

rcfairy said...

Hi Ally, thanks for visiting my new blog.  Looking at your photo I can't believe that you have Great Grandchildren!
BTW, Tom might consider contacting local builders and re a contract to landscape the gardens of new homes once the brickies are finished  :O)


rjet33 said...

Glad you had such a nice day, Ally.  I want a new computer too.  Maybe one day....................


gaboatman said...

I'm sure the kids will lovehaving the use of your old laptop.  It was really nice of you to give it to them.  Good to hear Tom's business is doing so well.  Yes, it is nice to be the passenger once in a while so you can see the scenery go by.  It's realy nice when everything is in bloom.

happinessdreams said...

Hey Ally,
Happy Mother's Day!! I hope everything is going well with your new computer.