Saturday, 18 March 2006





The Company I worked for had a very active Social Club ~ Evenings would be arranged where we would all get together ~  competitions were played  in lots of different  things  ~ Teams were set up for Darts  ~ Pool ~ Cricket ~ Football ~you name it there was always something going on ~  

"This was the company that entered us for the Raft Race "~ all the men are Qualified Engineers ~ and it was the apprentices who built the Raft ~ 

At the end of the year a Dinner dance would be arranged  ~ and we would all dress up and get ready to have a good time ~

Trophys had to be handed out and this was done after we had  eaten ~ and before the dancing started ~ this was always a long drawn out ceremony ~

Then of course there would be the Raffle draw ~ after all the  prizes were handed out ~ the disco would take over ~

Those who had won the Trophys were taken into another room to have their Photograph taken as a group ~ this would end up on the wall in the Canteen and would remain there until next years Dinner Dance ~






labdancer51 said...

Hi Ally,  that must have been a fun job to do.  Thanks for the photo. :o)

Sandra xxxx

jaymact1 said...

Have written this comment already but i pressed the wrong button now what did I say oh yes, that sounds like a very interesting job you would not be bored with that.  Are you in the picture I can't seem to pick you out. Love Joan.

jeadie05 said...

Is that you in the red dress? holding a trophy ,looking lovely as ever ,and proud as punch ...........Jan xx

lsfp1960 said...

It looks to me like a bunch of happy trophy winners.  And it sounds like an enjoyable evening. Love those "flashy" graphics...Linda in Washington state

sdoscher458 said...

ohhh pretty red dress. Years ago it was fun to work for some companies they still had some company spirit and promoted fun & games for company health. Companies today are very stupid and have not learned from the past.  Sandi

bbartle3 said...

Wow, that must have been taken with
a pretty classy camera. (Americans, you
know, envy the Brits their 'classiness') I say
that because there seems to be a minimum of
distortion with a wide angle lens. Or, it's a
studio shot and there is no fourth wall. Lol.
Splendid looking crowd, and some of them
probably sing too....


rachealcarol said...

What a talented bunch Ally, there's enough sheilds there to keep the silversmiths happy.  It's a brilliant photo, very colourful and clear.  They sound a great crowd. Rache

sdrogerson said...

social clubs, dinner dances - oh hell on earth as far as I am concerned ;)
Glad you  enjoyed them!

nedmoh said...

Glad you enjoyed the dinner dances ,you looked very pretty in red.......Jeanx

elainey2465 said...

Awww Ally I couldnt see the picture!!! Laine xxxx

mtrib2 said...

I couldn't view the photo.    It must bring back some great memories of those events.   mark