Sunday, 19 March 2006

Going to the Dogs



When we were young we didn't have a lot of money to go to many places ~ so we had to plan our outings as cheaply as possible ~


Norwich at this time had two Dog Tracks ~ one in Sprowston (not quite sure where) and one at the Boundry ~ Which I did know as it was just near where we lived at the time ~

The gates would be open for the last three races and we were allowed in free ~

Dick ~ Myself ~ Dicks sister Celia and Barry her husband would be waiting to be let in ~



It was all very exciting ~ and we would watch them lead the dogs round the track before the race ~ so you could pick which one to put your money on ~

As we were watching Celia was taken by this beautiful Black Greyhound walking towards us ~ his coat gleamed ~ he was a very handsome dog ~ and she was shouting with excitement this was the one she would put her money on ~

It's name "Capitalist Blackbird" ~

This dog sauntered over to where we were standing ~ right at the front of the barrier ~ and promptly cocked his leg up Celia's coat ~

Well of course that settled it for us and we all put some money on him ~


He came in last out of seven ~ but that didn't spoil the evening for us and we laughed all the way home ~

There must be a moral to this story ~ but I cant think of one ~




jeadie05 said...

A lovely story ,poor Celia.....'Capitalist Blackbird' disgaced himself twice then ,bet you still laugh at this when you get together ,and you never forgot his name lol ..........Jan xx

jaymact1 said...

I like that artists work Ally I remember when you put in a picture of A Time of Plenty and I look him up on the net. Have you tried Ebay to try and get a copy will have a look for you and let you know

lsfp1960 said...

You're getting might fancy with the graphics Ally. I love them !!  Cute story, isn't it fun to remember childhood memories..Linda

sdrogerson said...

there has to be moral in there somewhere ;)

bbartle3 said...

Along the lines of the USA feminist
chant, 'All men are dogs,' how about,
A too familiar dog will always come
in last?


elainey2465 said...

Yeah there must be a moral Ally - thats a funny story!! hee hee -naughty dog. Laine xxxxx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Ally,  Hehehe....I think I know the moral of the story.  Don`t stand to close to good looking dark strangers or you never know what might happen....lolol! :o)

Sandra xxxxxx

sdoscher458 said...

oh the dogs are fun, I used to live near Aqueduct Racetrack in NY and with my Dad's profession being horses I had a hard time down here the first time I went to the dog track....I kept calling the dogs horses! People looked at me very strangely...LOL...Sandi

plieck30 said...

Ah this is a funny story. I use to love to go on day trips with other widows to the dog races at Corpus Christi, Texas. I didn't know a thing about what I was doing so I would always pick the dog that I thought had the cutest name. I didn't win much that way but we sure had a lot of fun. Paula

grahamfarmga said...

There must be a real clever moral to this story. I wish I could think of one LOL

onemoretina said...

LOL.... This is a great story, Ally.  And I  wish I could figure out what that moral is, because I'm just sure there is one.  Hmmm...gonna have to think on this one a while.  Tina

mllevl said...

Ally you have the happy knack of taking me trips down memory lane.......when my ex retired from the police he took a job as security at White City Stadium and I would often go with him.  I was waiting for him in the bar one day feeling very conspicuous but trying to look cool. A punter came up to me and asked for my opinion on the winners at the next race. ( it must have been the brown leather military style coat I was wearing) I casually read out some names from the list of runners and riders and hey presto they all WON!!  He came back to me and bought me a drink .....pity i didn't have a clue how to put bet on for myself!! I wonder how much he won.!!

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Ally, we live quite near Romford dogs ~ it's always a great night out, a real laugh ~ I always pick the dogs whose names I like the sound of ....... I've won a few times so can't be bad LOL
take care, love Debbie ~x~

barebytes said...

There must be a moral to this story ~ but I cant think of one ~
Fond memories need no morals, they are just fun to remember at times. Hugs Lanny

djohn52 said...

Hi Ally!

I like labdancer51's moral to the story.  That hilarious!


nedmoh said...

Hi Ally that was so funny, bet you never forget your trip to the dogs!!.......Jeanx

mtrib2 said...

I believe the moral to the story is something to do with your money that the dog did on the coat.  lol  The name "White Buffalo" must have something to do with lore.    I enjoyed the artwork.   mark

jacksj989 said...

Lovely story here, it has reminded me of some of the things that have happended to me, when there was no money to be had, and I thank you for jogging my memory for not all the poor times were bad.

By for now,