Friday, 26 August 2005


With the war ending things were not to get back to normal for a long time - food was still rationed - although the street lights were turned back on which was absolutley wonderful - having spent almost 7 years going out in the dark by torch light.  with one tiny beam of light.

My friend Betty lived in a boarding house just opposite the park where all the stars who were appearing at the Theatre Royal used to lodge.  and she was very keen on the Theatre fancied hereself as a bit of a director, and would get all of us kids together and tried to teach us to dance - I think she was hoping to do a production at the Theatre Royal.  but us kids were pretty hopeless....So we never  became the stars she hoped we would be.

 On special nights in the park  (Saturday Night if I remember rightly)  they would get a band in the bandstand and have a dance night - this was really great - growing up in an austere England it was really great fun. remember dancing with my very first boyfriend name of Tony - I did meet him a few years later on a bus going to Norwich I had grown a good foot but he hadn't.  Talk about dreams being shattered - but being only 14 years old  I soon got over him. - But do still think of him with fond memories.

Will come back to this journal later bye for now....Ally



jeanno43 said...

Fascinating.  Funny I had a boyfriend called Tony who never grew either. Wonder if he had a bike lol.

sarajanesmiles said...

Those Saturday nights must have been fun :o)
Poor Tony though, I hope he found himself a nice - short - girl!
Sara   x

mtrib2 said...

Very good reading your journal of those very different days in your country.  People had to make do the best that they could.   Having alittle activity like like dancing for the kids had to be tremendous fun in a war torn environment.   Thank you for sharing your memories.  I have learned so much from your experience, that I never have read or heard about before now.    Have a good weekend Ally,   mark

dcmeyer420 said...

Hmmm... Young love. I can remember towering over the boys during my adolescence. It was not fun. I wished then that I am shorter but the same boys outgrew me in highschool...