Tuesday, 9 August 2005


I am skipping quite a lot of years today - as you can imagine when the end of the war eventually arrived  it was ""Celerbrations - Happiness - all sorts of mixed emotions - (wouldn't have to get up during the night to go down the shelter). Wouldn't have to black out the windows.....The men who were in the Forces would be coming home. 

 The actual first night of peace the Market Place was crowded with people enjoying themselves Singing and Dancing Drinking just having a good time - I was nearly 14 years old, and I remember that night an American Service Man climbed to the top of one of the lamp posts that stood near the Market Place -

 There were several lamp posts in a row along the front of the Market, they had a large circle at the top - which the young gentleman decided to sit on - but unfortunely he fell - unknown to me my future Husband was on the Market place that night and saw the very same thing.

We had another three years before we actually met - I wonder if I saw him that night-.... Isn't fate a funny thing.

The young man who fell from the lamp post only had a broken arm.  I heard that he had so much to drink that night - he probably floated down lol......




mtrib2 said...

That must have been quite a time to remember.  I was born in 1952 and watching TV shows with WW2 was my favorite type of entertainment.   I did not realize at the time what war was actually like.  It is a much more serious subject than I could ever have realized in my youth.   mark

labdancer51 said...

I was also born in 1952 and my Dad served in India and Burma in the 14th Army.   Since I was tiny he told me stories of those days, and though he never dwelt on the war, I came to realise just how deeply it had affected him.

Sandra xxxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

So glad the young man only suffered a broken arm!
Can only imagine what that night must have been like for everyone, a once in a lifetime feeling.  How strange that your future hubby was in the same crowd as you, years before you even met.  Kind of romantic in a way isn't it :o)
Sara   x