Wednesday, 3 August 2005

More musings

first I  must recap on my last entry - the bomb  that landed in our back yard did not explode  - it left a huge big crater and the Anderson shelter was blown away - but if it had exploded  I am sure our House and and all of us would not be here today.

Opposite our house was the Bethel Hospital and when the Americans joined in the war it was taken over by their personnel - and we made many friends Mum used to invite some over for Sunday tea (Cress and Bovril sandwiches) I wonder what they made of them.  but they did introduce us to Peanut butter and Jam sandwiches - a real treat for us kids.

During the war there was a blackout windows had to be blacked out so no light shone through them - we were lucky as our house had shutters and all we had to do was draw them across the windows and fasten with a wooden slat. then with the curtains drawn no light was shown.   Air raid wardens used to patrol the streets and if they could see a chink of light they would knock on the door telling the occupant. this was so enemy aircraft could not see  us from their planes.

Just about every night the Air Raid Siren would go off some night two or three times - during the day as well - when we were in School we had to go down the Air Raid shelters sometimes down there for a long time - the teachers used to get us all singing - Like party time again.

Walking home from school where houses had stood proud in the morning they were just rubble - and the smell was awful Musty and smokey.

I remember one night after a raid coming home to find the "Nunnery" which was over the other side of the road to the right of our house was on fire - it had been hit by incendiary bombs and was well and truly alight - from the bedroom windows we watched the firemen tackle the blaze, but in the morning it was a burnt out shell. The Nunnery then moved to another site.  Some weeks later us kids used to go play over there climbing over the ruins, we would be filthy by the time we got home, and  would  then get  a real telling off from Mum. for playing in such a dangerous place.  Thats all for now - Ally



jeanno43 said...

Will be waiting when you do lol xx

mtrib2 said...

Very compelling reading Ally.  You have painted such a vivid portrait of your childhood experiences.    mark

mtrib2 said...

sarajanesmiles said...

Mmmm, I like Bovril :o)
Cress and Bovril though, that's one I've never tried!
So lucky that bomb didn't go off, and all you lost was your Anderson shelter.
Sara   x